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    I'm not calling for a refund but the right thing to do would be do a wipe and pick a new date and time to do name reserve. You won't do that because you are taking the lazy way out. It's not a surprise a shows how things will likely be handled in the future.


    Rampage is a tool for being an a$$hole to others. I would prefer an option to not have to deal with these a$$holes in game. A simple opt in/ opt out of Rampage. Let those who think it's great get their jollies playing with other like minded people, and let those who do not like it just opt out and enjoy what they like in the game. It seems the people who are most butt hurt about this are those not wanting others to have the option to opt out. If you think so many people love and want Rampage then very few people will opt out.

    That is what people opposed to Rampage are asking for an opt out option.

    I think allowing 5 people max to queue together is a good compromise. I have played other MMOs where the match may have 10-20/ side but the max that could queue would be a party 5 people. That lets people play with friends and doesn't make it where you face a 15 man premade on discord.

    The current system is 100% fine the way it is. The game is very middle ground in catering to both sides.

    • If you're for PK: actions have consequences. Yes you can PK, but you'll be punished for it. It's a fact, so accept it. Is it extreme? Maybe, but all the more reason for you to re-consider whether you'll bear the consequence before you PK someone. There is an open world faction vs faction in place already.
    • If you're against PK: you're not technically forced to PvP--you could run. Ultimately every player is given the choice and freedom to PK others, and it's not "your playground, your rules," and you'll have to accept it as is or just not play/venture outside.

    Even bored players wouldn't consider PK as first go-to, since spending that time doing other leisure activities in the game and not falling behind rankings is more important than spending 7 hours in jail for no reason. There's zero problems with this unless you're either a hardcore PK nut or an overly sensitive PvE-only nut.

    It simulates real-world scenario perfectly: there's no systematical way to prevent others from physically attacking or killing you; but there are laws in place to punish would-be and convicted murderers.

    You say it caters to both sides but it does not. To cater to both sides there would be the option to choose for both sides.

    And your post and most of the other Pro PK/open PVP always devolves into PVE players are "carebears", "bad players" and "overly sensitive". Insults are always an indication of a failed argument.

    That would be like me saying:

    All people who want PK are A$$holes who like nothing better that to $hit on others. They are failures in life and need to pick on others to make them think they have some worth.

    Does that make me that win the argument?

    No one here is changing anyone's mind on the subject of open PK/PVP.

    On and for the record I also think it is a bad idea to limit the instance PVP to set times, and to limit the teams in 3's/5's. I am all for and enjoy any PVP I have a choice to participate in. I am just opposed to being forced to be content for other players. I don't see any rules that force a PVP player or anyone for that matter to have to Tank or Heal me thru a instance or help me thru PVE dailies.

    With any luck GF will make some kind or response or poll to this since the rest is just all of us pissing in the wind. There will probably be a lot more posts/threads on this since it does seem to have stuck a nerve with the community. After reading and posting on this subject for 2 days I don't see anything new coming up, all of us are just re-stating the same things over and over again and trading insults/jabs. Too bad the game is not at launch then we would all have something better to do with our time.

    The reddit poll is completely irrelevant since it does not even have the option that started this thread. How about you make it simple:

    Do you want to have the option to opt out of being a target for Rampage (call it PK, PVP or tilling at windmills who cares) in SOLO?

    1. yes

    2. no

    That is what people are asking, not for separate servers, removal of all PVP in the game etc.

    The poll is nice but is missing the point. I am fine with the PK system staying in place, I just want the option to opt out of being content for other players. Some MMO's have PK and non PK servers, since that is not an option people here are asking that they can opt out. I would be fine with never doing the Rampage quest if that opted me out of being a target. There is no point in debating the pros and cons of the PK system as you have about as much chance of changing anyone's mind as you do debating religion or politics. I say to each his/her own. If you want to PK then you should only be able to do that with like minded people (those who also want to rampage) and those who don't want to do that should not have to. Forcing players to do something they do not find as fun is a sure fire way to loose players.

    I believe there should be an option to opt out of open world PK. Lets face it the only people who don't want that option available are the ones who want to grief and gank. There are a lot of flowery excuses, but that is all they are, and if there is a way to game the system they will find it. This game has plenty of organized PVP options with more to come. If the PK pisses too many people off and changes are not made they will leave. I doubt anyone has accurate numbers on pro PK vs no PK, but I have to think the pro is in the minority. In the end time will tell, and GF will do what they think will get/keep the most players so they make money. The first few months after launch are critical for an MMO to keep players.

    Is there a keybind beside double direction key (WASD) to trigger sprint movement. I am using a gamepad with a stick to do WASD. In the controller setup I see sprint keybind but not one for keyboard.