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    Good analysis from the sofa, haven't played but I judge. How does GW2 exist with a similar model ?


    And yes, I haven't played the game yet because it's still downloading, however right out the gate things are pretty obvious. It doesn't really matter how "good" the game is if there is no one playing it in a year because everyone got scared off due to poor server performance (by having thousands of players in the same area on one server), few updates to actual game content vs many cash shop updates, etc.

    I don't think the publisher will actively try to kill it if they can avoid it, but i've seen many of these types of games with the same models. Some are successful, like GW2, but many, many, MANY are not.

    Obviously I'm rooting for them because I have already prepurchased the game, but this is just.... couch observation, yes.