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    just made a ticket also to refund. Couldn't even install the game with the client. Wasted 5 days trying to install and get it working. Probably going to be the same stuff next beta with the way they answer tickets and or support. First game i've ever refunded without even getting a chance to play it.

    I've tried everything gameforge client, unistall, reinstall, change file folder, changed pathway. Nothing works, game gets to 100% download and says unexpected error occurred with no information and makes me either delete the file in order to restart download or choose another file folder neither has worked. Restarted pc, did any and all updates. Runnin windows 10, never had issues downloading the game itself, it just fails at 100% and if I try to manually start the client through the folder i get a win dll.64 error. About to refund missed whole beta days and wasted my time trying to get this to work. Just gonna refund at this point never in 10 yrs of gaming has it been this difficult to install a damn game.