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    its a simple risk vs reward system how hard is that to comprehend, but from the normal and harder instances having higher gear just plain trivialises content and this shows up the weakness of this game, so the solution is prevent loot from dropping thru time gated events....., but this is not wow or ffxiv, its just a themepark casual mmorpg, trying hard to prevent players progression....

    Why have a quest for a raid that locks you out whenever bosses are killed so when you failed the first time trying to ONE SHOT the sentry lantern, the game literally forces you to beg to get into a raid and try to ONE SHOT the Sentry Lantern, BUT the sucker punch is, it is not easy either as some classes can do it while others have problems, failing means either waiting for a fresh raid or wait for next reset, I mean really even QUEST are time gated to prevent completion.

    Fix this shit, we have enough of time gated events happening and making quest behavior this way adding more frustration stress.:cursing:

    But the other part of me is like... Did you ever consider trying to get enough people together to make your own 15 man premade?

    Not remotely worth the time or effort when you just want to knock out your pvp dailies. This isnt for rating or anything serious. The solution is quite easy and that is separating solo queue from pre-made groups.

    Okay. Here's my hot take.

    If you're just playing for fun and winning isn't worth the effort, then stop bitching. If you want to win, then go do it.

    do you read or just trying to look smart, point is everyone has to complete their daily for the day and winning is mostly the main please learn to read b4 shooting off rubbish....

    i am missing your points totally but your first statement, says gears are normalised to level 70, so what is the point in farming and upgrading pvp gears when u can equip any gear and it gets normalised to level 70.., but can you provide proof on that because when i wear pve gear at battlegrounds my dps drops and i literally cant kill anyone...

    Well honestly I'dont care about pvp, but the raids lockout and the RNG drops killing me, I wasted a tons of my time and energy to get one loot from 6 bosses, while others who can't even dodge, got 3, this is seriously horrible...

    This made me laugh so god damn hard....

    I mean come on man.... they have no control over that.
    Just roll better

    fact is they had control over how loot gets distributed, its a percentage and seems quite similar to how drill loot drops works and the raids are just a waiting game for the raid to gather more ppl and clear, the biggest problem is waiting since we are locked out of bosses we had cleared as a result with low player population this gets harder and harder as time goes, so yes game probably on its death bed as more players leave..

    the quest for the raid to kill the lamps i mean can we get better engllish translation that actually explains stuff in plain english and NOT google translation which doesnt translate the actual meaning, idk why spend money on english voice overs when the quality is SHIT when money could had been better spend getting the subtitles, skills, quest lines translated properly...

    @Gameforge, well u guys are just greedy, seems like a cash grap, well good luck on that!!!!

    On 3v3 you see the same ppl over and over again because you're similar rating.

    isnt that what i said since the number of players is low obviously u'll get queue with the same players, which means this can be easily exploited ....

    we are bleeding players, when I have a look at friends list, 80% of my friends do not login anymore or just logout when trying to find a group for raid, for a tank character to do that I mean its already hard for dps and healers but a tank....

    FFS fix the raid loot drops all it does is frustrate your player base with lengthy queues to get into a raid group and after that spending hrs wiping and dieing with little to no reward for their time spend..., with new world launching at end of the month this will decimate the player numbers, the time to act is now or it will be too late to save this game!!!!

    @Gameforge, please FFS fix the main issues with this game or it will be pretty much dead.

    1) Battlegrounds Daily, noone wants to waste their precious time being farmed by pre-mades, its cancer and makes game anti-fun, its not about finding or creating your own pre made, there are X number of dailies and with the new raids players cant spend hrs trying to get a good BG and get daily done.

    2) New raid, loot drops, again why make players spend hours trying to clear when the rewards i.e. loot boxes are next to no existence..., and locking players who has done the bosses doesnt help when players are leaving the game and new players cant clear the bosses again huge time sink which doesnt reward players except cause lots of frustrations.

    3) Faction wars, is unbalance and its such a lag fest, fps drops to SHIT when eveyone is casting their stuff, an optimisation problem and numbers problem too, how is getting zerged FUN.

    IDK but the game seems so shallow, even the 3v3 is pretty crap as we see the same ppl again and again which shows that the game population is pretty low...

    Game should focus on casual players not the hardcore or competitive players, the solution is to provide both casual and competitive gameplay but sadly this isnt the case.

    my 2 cents

    Once you get every unique piece you will start getting duplicates. Tough luck.

    Also, want =/= need.

    No, thre is a "bug" (or change i guess)... new since the last maintanance

    Some people will get Duplicates even when not fully equipped yet. No matter if its from boxes from the Inis, from Quest rewards or those crafted withc parchments

    yea thats what happened, stealthy change why did gameforge sneaked in these changes...

    @Gameforge, why am I getting duplicated items, did something changed, because in cbt1, cbt2 and prior to todays patch, the chances of getting the same gear u are wearing does not happen, why did i get the same necklace that I am wearing....

    this is so frustrating as we get a chance every week for 5 boss drops and we need to collect 2 sets of gears, can someone care to explain....:cursing:;(

    its unbalanced with pre-mades against solo queues, thats the problem its not winning or losing but the difference is pretty huge, just disable pre-mades or create another battleground for guild pre-mades problem fixed.

    Most players solo queue because of the dailies.

    The bigger issue are people who are shown with a PVP level 70 gearscore who don't die and oneshot other players new to PvP ^^. I still don't get it why some players are shown as gs 70 while others are 53 ^^. I still smell some kind of cheating or abusing game systems.

    the gs comes from the 3v3, which is another problem and the gs from the 3v3 is much higher than battleground, idk why but this is so unbalanced...

    dick waving kids would say GET GOOD, when they have an unfair advantage with gear, just saying.