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    Multiple times, tried even installing that one manual install installer and updating it. Nothing worked.

    EDIT. I downloaded the installer for the fifth time and let it update the game, then I tried to change my install path to my old HDD where I used to keep my games. It worked immediately.

    I tried to install it to my SSD and it would crash the Client every time.

    So it seems that it has problems with SSDs.


    I have similar problem to many, when I try to install it gives the "unexpected exception" message. In the message it shows newer version of Gameforge Client than what mine (installed from the SOLO site) is. I can't find a way to update my Client.

    In the Error message it says "Gameforge Client Version:" BUT

    My Gameforge Client seems to be 2.1.32 0.4220 (from Settings->About page).

    Maybe this is a reason for the Error?