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    Hi I'm an player seeking for a few answer, from staff, or even for players.
    Starting with CC.
    Is slow a CC? (for me it always been, but idk for this game)
    Because if it is, some of the cc imunity a bugged. Some classes even with the CC imunity skill are getting slowed, iced, and other skills that are working on imunity. (is not every class that it happen.)
    In my case I tested Summoner and Berseker and both had that problem, slows, and few other debuff were going through the cc imunity.
    In my case as a berseker the skill imunity is the Shared Demise.

    another discussion I would like to have, is if only me, or anyone else had a problem that items from boxes on hard started to repeat before you finish to complete all items. On my team (10PLayers) 2 of us that happened, all others got all items normally. (not enough boxes to repeat yet). but me and other friend got 2 items repeat, I got 2 weapons, and 2 gloves. when my friend got 2 necklaces and 2 belts.
    I don't know if this is really supposed to happen or is a bug, thats why I'm asking.

    For today that's it, I could talk about that skill from Spearmaster that hits 9k in pvp when players have less than 10k hp (NO OTHER SKILL GET EVEN CLOSE TO THAT DAMAGE) and is not even a crit damage:cursing:, but that stay for other day! :whistling:

    I work from 12PM till 11PM, I get home almost 12AM and leave like 11:15AM, and I only can play arround one to two hour pvp, I understand that isnt the best worktime exemple, but would be amazing if I could do that PVP between 8~11AM

    I kindly disagree, I understand what is your point with Rank, but I believe that should be 24/7, each player have different timeframe of playing, and restricting this would be insane, I believe not everyone should be avaible all the time, but like it is all PVP content are avaible at same time, and if you dont play on that timeframe you can't pvp.
    for those matches not be "spoiled" is easy, you lose more MMR than you win, that way easly they would stop to be on the same branch. Exemple you win between 15~30 MMR on a win and Lose between 25~40 on a lose.

    Hello, so this is some stuff I think should be add, or improve, or reworked a little.

    1- Channels
    Sometimes you enter a different channel from the players on your party and cant go togheter to kill monster (open map), and I couldnt find anywhere, or something like to move to the same channel. We went to "World boss" and each one was in one channel, and we couldn't find how go to the same.

    2 - Looked Shortcuts
    Some hotkeys can't be changed, like Left Click, and Right Click, Mouse 3, and Mouse 4, these where some that I could find, removing this block would be amazing, Just to can put those functions to other buttons.

    3 - Collections Item Cooldown
    There are so many collections items that can be used that is funny and adorable, my community loved it, but it has about 1hours cd, thats tooooooooo much, for exemple the "Scent Punch" that you sent a heart to someone, that could have like 30sec cooldown, and some others like that, 1hour is too much.

    4 - BRZ Money
    Our community probably talk a lot about this one, I believe this is the only game that came to steam that the Dollar is higher than the real price. For exemplo converting today U$D39,99 to REAL(BRZ MONEY) would be $214,75. Most of the game who release at Brazil too do a help for the community, for exemplo most of them use the convertion DOLLAR to BRAZILLIAN REAL 3x1, 1U$D = 1R$. That way brazillians can buy stuff and all that. To make a little sense for you if we buy it in Argentina it would be 176R$, 43R$ Cheaper.

    5 - Top Up Option
    It only show options in EUROS. Would be nice see others too.

    6 - PVP
    Dual Battle, and others PVP is only avaible for certain time, would be amazing to have one content at least that can be done 24/7.

    7 - Matchmaking
    Would be very nice if we could have mutliple matchmaking, because its kind of a pain choose one, than choose another, and sometimes others are doing for a different dungeon, or even have a option to matchmaking those u didnt do yet.

    Thank you guys, the game is amazing.
    But these few improvements would bring it to perfection.