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    Hello Guys, I hope all be fine!

    So, I got the same problem with the error and I did one thing that helped me to solver that.

    Lets for the steps:

    1 - With the gameforge launcher oppened identify correctly the folder that you selected to install the game.

    2 - Go until this folder and move the ''Swords of Legends Online'' folder for other place.

    3 - Restart the louncher.

    4 - Select the same folder that you did in the last time (certify that folder doesn't have any other in).

    5 - In the launcher, start the download of the game again.

    6 - When you see that the game started download again, you pause the game download.

    7 - Go until the folder where you are installing the game and you gonna see the ''Swords of Legends Online'' folder has created.

    8 - Delete this new folder.

    9 - Get the ''Swords of Legends Online'' folder that you moved to other place and move for the folder where the game has been installing.

    10 - Go to the launcher and change from Pause to Resume.

    If all the thing running correctly, you will see the launcher reading your last download and goes continue where you sttoped.

    I hope that it help you guys to turn download normally.

    God blass you!

    See you in the game

    by Behack_