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    IIRC you are only guaranteed to receive loot if you do the first 3 raids (Jade Palace, Tempest and Horror). The loot amount guaranteed should be 2. (From those 3 raids)

    1 loot was still guaranteed only on jade palace but have to defeat all boss, for solo ones it has always be a low rate and often 0 loot.

    i do remember many weekls doing Jade palace/ Horror & Tempest and get only 1 loot from jade palace.


    They should make the Single boss raids drop more parchments so people are motivated to do them too.

    Crafting an item is powerfull and not, it boost for a while but doesn't gives u back any quality rate chance to get a quality lvl.

    So at least geting ur BIS and some quality on it it's even more than ever rng against salt.

    A quality lvl doesn't seems to be important but however sometimes ur cap it's just 1 or 2 beyond...

    Anyway they release a new mech to get coin and upgrade quality level however there's a well for the moment cauz we do have only 2 dungeon extrem mode but i don't even 5 dungeon with a chance to get 4-5 Quality upgrade peer week how long does it take to get ur +5 quality from 0 for each one? ôh just 3-4 month.

    For some people it doesn't mather for others it's a pain but it's beyond our thoughts.

    You can't define what it could be the best, gameforge & Solo Devs make decision and it will always divide gamers and it's not about a good sens.

    Deal with or uninstall ?:/

    ça prend pas plus que 2 jours de remonter un nouveau perso, je ne vois vraiment pas trop l'intérêt d'une telle option sur le cash shop.

    Ce que je trouve aberrant en revanche c'est larng absurde sur le taux de chute qui est en adéquation avec la feuille de route des contenus. On nous sort plus de contenu plus difficile que nous n'arrivons à avoir de loot. Pour les plus malchanceux on se retrouve vite sur le carreau par la politique des joueurs qui réclament de plus en plus d'ilvl chaque semaine passantes même pour des contenus normaux... on assiste à un régime wow-like à ce sujet. C'est un vrai problème et une catastrophe.

    I didn't made that threat to hear ur complaint, make your on post in feedbacks linked to the good forum, wich is french.

    I'm waiting for an official information so please don't post anything else not relevent to my question thank you.

    I already used ticket on customer support and report in game to report them i'm waiting for any solution from gameforge.

    using P.K is quit risky if it's ur main character, ur lost a lot of honor wich means fortune loot/identify decreasse hard and if you get catched u go to jail wich mean listening to a monk speech for 8 hours or try to get faster away and have to play like 1-2hours to get out with working.

    Sometimes the justice is blind


    WereRabbits Recruiting (EU1)

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    We have a good mix of players both new and old, from all over Europe.

    We look to expand our community, so we can form steady raids/weeklies and/or PvP groups.
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    This week wast the worst one even i just get 1 loot on the 2 first weeks.

    I get only 1 loot from jade palace, none from huaxiu village and tempest island even my fortune was high.

    One of my guild mate is salty so bad about his unluck, he's like i'm gonna quit.

    Can you improve tthe quality life of your loot rate please this is sick.


    Unfortunatly the open world map pvp is not decent at the moment, the server is lagging hard an battles aren't enjoyable, if the server can't handle that devs should probably think about to decreasse the number of player on each side.

    My ping is around 30-40 and fps drops around 30+fps during those battle but the lag server is so hard there's no way to play in that way.

    i hope a fix soon

    WereRabbits [EU1] are looking to recruit players who wish to compete in PvE and PvP content .

    A friendly community who have known and played together for years and played competitively on multiple games made their way to Swords of Legends.

    We can provide
    Experienced players –competitive mindset

    A friendly like-minded community– no bully, only banter

    Organized and active Discord – meme channel included.
    Drama free inside the Alliance/Guild
    Alliance realm, so we all can be neighbors huh

    What we expect


    English communication and a little brain

    Wishing to compete in PvE and PvP content

    Discord + in-game activity

    Never give up – Improve ! Being able to receive criticism and give feedback

    No toxicity

    i've done my faction's dailies in the valley,left and turn off the faction mode .

    I went to weichuan Highlands to do the world boss and get pissed cause my faction mode was [ON]....

    When someone hits you in faction mode you can receive any heal from a neutral healer....

    There's more mystics than heaven's children like 10 for 1 cause of your good balance... so it was a pain to do my world boss cause of that faction mode bug and coldown and no need to talk about the balance active people betwen the two factions i think it's late to fix that it reminds me AION in dreagnauts.... was always a 1 versus 5 or more there's no fun on this kind of pvp, losing sometimes it's not a probleme but right now it's not a fight or battle it's just genocide and toxicity environement...

    This week i didn't get any Fairy Fabric ressources, 6 Boss down with 2X character none looted.

    Why the game is broken at sometimes, i'm not in hurry to get talismans but it's seems horrible to collect this ressources, specialy when the rate is "loch ness legendary".

    Maybe a bug due to the new update mini - raids?

    I was already aware about that fortune thing after my unfortune during the first raid and was rising my honor every day for the 2nd raid week.

    Also i'ved completed the new mentor weekly and get +28 fortune.

    At least it was the same result than the last week, i felt scamed again, i can increase that fortune with your tips Muur thanx to you.

    Will it be enough ? cause i still don't get that system it's really weird and not enjoyable.

    As long as this reward system don't feed us enough i will never like it, 1 loot peer week is to low.

    How many time do you think we will need to get one gear or both of them if we are still playing 2 kind of build or spec ? Like Dps/heal, or Dps/tank ,....

    Still it will take ages, each week i feel farway from it.

    1 loot minimum peer week is definitly not enough for me, even i will maybe use the 75 frags but still waiting cauz they will be usefull to balance my gear and craft gear don't have a chance to get a higher quality than +0...

    So i'm asking to you to look again about that rate loot.


    ok nice of them , i think i'm a bit to much mad cauz of that rng thing, i did miss a loot.. and get it back from the mail box.

    But as much as i understand, the fix was supposed to fix the unbalance rate loot between the lowest player and the lucky one.

    It's sound more like a nerf that's why they need to clarify it.

    • Adjusted drops in the Xuanjiu Jade Palace to reduce differences in gear gem reception of each group member

    Last week i'ved completed the new raid and get only 1 poor loot during the raid i was a bit mad cause some in my group get 3 or 4 pieces....

    This week you made a small update to fix and add content, one was supposed to fix that problem...

    I get again only one loot fro this 2nd week raid from those six boss....

    i wished to get 2 loots, just 2 .... but only 1....

    So what was supposed the fix doing ? cause i was thinking about to get a bit more than one but with a cap or a lower chance for more.

    My question is, did you cap that raid for 1 loot and decreased high the loot rate for more ???

    Cause if you do that you are unhealthy, this a game not a casino grind game or something to Gamble.

    am i salty ? not so much just enough to write a feedback.