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    Sorry but it's not, make a choice and deal with and even u did a miss is that so expensive to pay for once to clear and respec good ones ?

    Is that so need to respec every time every moment ?

    i'm just asking about the benefits of that and if it would be great XD

    It was already hard to hit 600pt since a month or a bit more but now it's even hard.

    I was expecting something good happened with the last update but it's not really helpfull, still we can get 120 pt extra but not enough to not frustrate people.

    Now we do have 1000pt goal too wich is like impossible we can have 450ticket from Simple Dungeon,300 Hard 240 from normal raid, 100 from demon eleminiation and finaly 300 from pvp...

    total of 1390pt peer week

    Hard dungeon , normal raid got a high rate chance to found a flower however it's not 100% sure wich mean only 540 point max.

    Simple dongeon rate is really low, demon elimnation even more and pvp it's probably the most hard one.

    i think the weekly shouldn't reset without player agrement, it could be one good solution for now untill one beter comes out

    They just need to put more effort in advertissing, a game like that only hited 18k on realease something is wrong...

    Like i said in another post, still gameforge marketing isn't efficient to advertise there own games, it's not first one they miss and still not learned the lesson or main staff don't wanna invest more money into it.

    The price is already good , no need to decreasse a price for a B2P online game.

    And when it will work will the invest to have decent servers ? Will they split more Server on NA for exemple ?

    Playing with a ping higher than 150-200 on ur own server country is unfortunalty not an enjoyable experience.

    As long as they don't split 2 servers to provide a good latency for a lot of player in NA it will be a lost too.

    WIll they listen to us will they do something who knows for now we just play and hope it will get better.

    The speed update content is already good since we get updates each 2-4weeks. it's often for pve and less for pvp but pvp needs more like Unreal Engine, to get up maybe i'm wrong but Fps are droping to hard to really appreciate a dynamique combat fight game.

    Unfortunalty the problem is away, it's more about the " advertising" of the game, there's a lot of people who don't have a clue about the game.

    I'm not in gameforge Marketing departement but since Kingdom underfire 2 i noticed that the gameforge don't have a huge marketing strong experience about.

    And for NA unfortunalty the country is so big than it require more servers or better link network.

    Being in NA and having +150 latency isn't enjoyable, so at least it's more about marketing and technical issu.

    I do enjoy the game for now even it's not perfect but yeah everyone is aware about how long it goes.

    En règle general les gens regardent très le forum et si le recrutement est dur c'est la vie qui veut cela, les gens sont peu intéressé par les guildes. Ils sont habitués a utilisé l'outil de recherche d'equipe et l'outil de recrutement de joueur pour les evenements.

    Il y en aura pour rejoindre des guildes mais pas tant qu'on l'espère bon courage ! x)

    IIRC you are only guaranteed to receive loot if you do the first 3 raids (Jade Palace, Tempest and Horror). The loot amount guaranteed should be 2. (From those 3 raids)

    1 loot was still guaranteed only on jade palace but have to defeat all boss, for solo ones it has always be a low rate and often 0 loot.

    i do remember many weekls doing Jade palace/ Horror & Tempest and get only 1 loot from jade palace.


    They should make the Single boss raids drop more parchments so people are motivated to do them too.

    Crafting an item is powerfull and not, it boost for a while but doesn't gives u back any quality rate chance to get a quality lvl.

    So at least geting ur BIS and some quality on it it's even more than ever rng against salt.

    A quality lvl doesn't seems to be important but however sometimes ur cap it's just 1 or 2 beyond...

    Anyway they release a new mech to get coin and upgrade quality level however there's a well for the moment cauz we do have only 2 dungeon extrem mode but i don't even 5 dungeon with a chance to get 4-5 Quality upgrade peer week how long does it take to get ur +5 quality from 0 for each one? ôh just 3-4 month.

    For some people it doesn't mather for others it's a pain but it's beyond our thoughts.

    You can't define what it could be the best, gameforge & Solo Devs make decision and it will always divide gamers and it's not about a good sens.

    Deal with or uninstall ?:/

    ça prend pas plus que 2 jours de remonter un nouveau perso, je ne vois vraiment pas trop l'intérêt d'une telle option sur le cash shop.

    Ce que je trouve aberrant en revanche c'est larng absurde sur le taux de chute qui est en adéquation avec la feuille de route des contenus. On nous sort plus de contenu plus difficile que nous n'arrivons à avoir de loot. Pour les plus malchanceux on se retrouve vite sur le carreau par la politique des joueurs qui réclament de plus en plus d'ilvl chaque semaine passantes même pour des contenus normaux... on assiste à un régime wow-like à ce sujet. C'est un vrai problème et une catastrophe.

    I didn't made that threat to hear ur complaint, make your on post in feedbacks linked to the good forum, wich is french.

    I'm waiting for an official information so please don't post anything else not relevent to my question thank you.

    I already used ticket on customer support and report in game to report them i'm waiting for any solution from gameforge.

    using P.K is quit risky if it's ur main character, ur lost a lot of honor wich means fortune loot/identify decreasse hard and if you get catched u go to jail wich mean listening to a monk speech for 8 hours or try to get faster away and have to play like 1-2hours to get out with working.

    Sometimes the justice is blind


    WereRabbits Recruiting (EU1)

    We are looking for all levels, only requirement is an age of 18+, and a working microphone.
    We have a good mix of players both new and old, from all over Europe.

    We look to expand our community, so we can form steady raids/weeklies and/or PvP groups.
    We all hang on discord, on daily basis almost someone online at all hours (even the crackhead ones)

    We can provide:

    – Experienced players

    – Competitive mindset

    ̶ A friendly like-minded community

    ̶ Organized and active Discord

    ̶ Extremely active in-game
    ̶ Drama free inside the Alliance/Guild
    ̶ Alliance realm
    ̶ Daily dungeons, HM, Raids, Events

    What we expect:

    ̶ English communication

    ̶ Wishing to compete in PvE and/or PvP content
    ̶ Discord + in-game activity
    ̶ Never give up

    – Improve !

    ̶ Being able to receive criticism and give feedback
    ̶ No toxicity

    This week wast the worst one even i just get 1 loot on the 2 first weeks.

    I get only 1 loot from jade palace, none from huaxiu village and tempest island even my fortune was high.

    One of my guild mate is salty so bad about his unluck, he's like i'm gonna quit.

    Can you improve tthe quality life of your loot rate please this is sick.


    Unfortunatly the open world map pvp is not decent at the moment, the server is lagging hard an battles aren't enjoyable, if the server can't handle that devs should probably think about to decreasse the number of player on each side.

    My ping is around 30-40 and fps drops around 30+fps during those battle but the lag server is so hard there's no way to play in that way.

    i hope a fix soon

    WereRabbits [EU1] are looking to recruit players who wish to compete in PvE and PvP content .

    A friendly community who have known and played together for years and played competitively on multiple games made their way to Swords of Legends.

    We can provide
    Experienced players –competitive mindset

    A friendly like-minded community– no bully, only banter

    Organized and active Discord – meme channel included.
    Drama free inside the Alliance/Guild
    Alliance realm, so we all can be neighbors huh

    What we expect


    English communication and a little brain

    Wishing to compete in PvE and PvP content

    Discord + in-game activity

    Never give up – Improve ! Being able to receive criticism and give feedback

    No toxicity

    i've done my faction's dailies in the valley,left and turn off the faction mode .

    I went to weichuan Highlands to do the world boss and get pissed cause my faction mode was [ON]....

    When someone hits you in faction mode you can receive any heal from a neutral healer....

    There's more mystics than heaven's children like 10 for 1 cause of your good balance... so it was a pain to do my world boss cause of that faction mode bug and coldown and no need to talk about the balance active people betwen the two factions i think it's late to fix that it reminds me AION in dreagnauts.... was always a 1 versus 5 or more there's no fun on this kind of pvp, losing sometimes it's not a probleme but right now it's not a fight or battle it's just genocide and toxicity environement...