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    Excluding the stigma surrounding a loli character in western gaming (mainly MMOs), in my opinion it'd be wise to add them in sooner rather than later (at launch would be best) and here's some reasons why:

    - For starters, it comes as a gender type. This means it has it's own cosmetics, and that the clothing options will be locked if bought on the regular female/male we currently have. Meaning if you buy cloths for your female character, you will not be able to use them on the smaller body type as it's designated as it's own gender in-game. Anyone who wants to reroll to this character essentially has their cosmetics on an already female character can't use them here. Anyone who purchases cosmetics and decides they want to change to the new "gender" is in for a very rude awakening.

    - Interestingly enough the data for the body type along with her weapon as the fox class and katana class already exist in the game, even if partially. Check out merchants that sell gear/clothing. There is already stuff designated for her. If you enter the cash shop and go into gifting, you can switch to her body type and under the weapon cosmetics you can see both of her weapons. She technically already exists.

    - Opening up to pastel players. Honestly if you've played other MMOs you know that there are a lot of players that love pastel colors and the fox class is basically that. Lots of pastel and a blinding amount of pink. It'd open up the game to more types of players both in terms of gameplay and appeal.

    I get that it's going to have a heavy stigma associated with it, and frankly I don't care too much for it myself. However I do know people, my fiancee included, that is holding out for this both in terms of trying to enjoy the game they want and for purchasing cosmetics. They don't want to buy stuff that will ultimately not be used by them due to rerolling.

    I'm not asking to bring in all the current CN classes, content, etc... But having that character available from the start will allow people who chose to play that character access to cosmetics from the get go without having to regret purchasing on a different 'gender' and realizing it doesn't work between "girl" and "woman". It's one thing to add a new class, but adding a new gender option in a game like this is a big thing and it'd be best to get it out of the way now rather than down the road.