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    Community Managers are in charge of all members of their community and the connection between the community and Gameforge. Their tasks are to inform the community with all relevant information regarding the game or events, and to forward any concerns or needs. They are also responsible for the Forum/Discord team and provides them advices and assistances.

    Forum Administrator is responsible person for specific language section in our forum as well as discord language channels. He takes care of all forum adjustment and changes. He supervise work of whole forum and discord team as well as is responsible for the recruitment new team members. Forum administrators are responsible for any complaints for Super Moderators' decisions.

    Super Moderators are responsible for Moderators' work and resolving issues requiring more experience. They take active part in new team members training. In case of any dissatisfaction with Moderators' decision - that's the right person you should contact with.

    Forum Moderators are primary instance for maintaining order in forum. They make sure that each section and topic is as clear and aesthetically pleasing as possible. All their actions are intended to maintain order and ensure ease of browsing the forum. They manage the sections and threads and enforce the Forum Rules by the users. If you need help with the forum, this is the first instance you should turn to. If you need to contact them, you can do so directly via Private Message in the forum, Discord or the Support System.

    Trial Moderators are fresh moderators who are training to become regular Moderator. Their tasks are the same as for other Moderators.

    not sure how to upload a screenshot

    Currently our forum does not offer a possibility to attach files to posts in General Discussions. So you have to use external hosts for now or use Private Conversation where attachments are available.

    I will forward need of such feature to the team.

    will there be any options to mute or minimalize the none English language forums in the future?

    You can use "Forum On / Off" button for that. You can find it by going to "Forum" at the top of the page and then choose the first icon from these: Forum-On-Off.jpg

    Hello Bella,

    I hope you enjoy spending time in our forum and soon in our game.

    Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. huorong_clap