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    Good evening,

    I removed the picture because it is forbidden to denounce other players -

    regardless of whether the person in the picture is breaking the rules or not.

    But I can understand that this kind of conversation shown in the (removed) picture can be upsetting.

    Please report this to our support (ticket system) and it will be taken care of.

    Nevertheless, I would like to mention here again that Community Guidelines apply in our forum.

    Please leave political topics where they belong; in politics itself, in forums especially for politics, private conversations ...

    this forum, on the other hand, is not meant for that and is not suitable for it.

    Of course there are black sheep among us here and there.

    But we should not let ourselves be provoked by them and thereby discriminate against whole nations.

    As in the past, I'm going to close this thread.

    The reason is that it's more about keeping the majority of our Russian players who have nothing to do with it out of the game.

    - Closed -

    Thanks for reporting that it is working again.

    I hope, you still have fun with the game and wishing you even more fun :)

    As the problem vanished with the update, I will close this thread.

    - Closed -

    Möp ihrs,

    ich denke, dass jeder die Situation selbst gut kennt, wenn man einen schlechten Tag hat.
    Auch denke ich, dass allen bewusst war, dass das alles nicht böse gemeint war, sondern als Kritik verstanden werden sollte.

    Kritik ist gut und vor allem wünschenswert, denn wir wollen für dieses tolle Spiel einfach nur das Beste.

    Dann ist es manchmal schnell passiert; ein paar viele Emotionen sind beim Tippen mit in den Text gewandert ... passiert mal.

    Wenn ihr also mal Luft ablassen wollt, dann schreibt mich an; warnt mich nur vorher ;)

    Da ich den Startbeitrag zensiert habe, macht das den Thread irgendwie obsolet.

    Aufgrund dessen schließe ich den einfach.

    - Geschlossen -

    Actually you can get her, when doing the 4th quest of the quest line "Battle in Royal Court",

    where you need to run the Yemo City dungeon.

    As far as I know this quest (part) is not part of the main quest line?!

    Therefore, I also asked myself the same question, when I level up my second character.

    Can you confirm that you did it?

    Heyho Nimuya,

    kannst du dein Ping-Ergebnis bitte via Ticketsystem (Bereich 'Spiel' auswählen) einreichen?

    Das müsste mal in die Technik-Abteilung ... die schauen aber nicht hier ins Forum.




    yes, it is a bit strange that you still have to patch the game first, if not still repair it, in order to then be able to uninstall the game.

    But that's how it works, as of now. I'll see if I can pass this on as feedback.

    The patch will not only open the game to Russian players, but even more players from other countries.

    As for the financial side, let's let Gameforge worry about that ^^

    Again about the crisis:

    As I already wrote in another thread, we really understand that the need is there to talk about the issue.

    Do that, talk about it with friends, family, .... But please leave the forum alone with it.

    The worst thing about this could be that innocent people, fellow players, ... are discriminated against because of their nationality.

    We want to avoid that here as much as possible.

    But as you correctly guessed, I will close the thread.

    - Closed -


    There is a lot of suffering in the world right now.

    I can understand that some are calling for more sanctions that go beyond what has already been decided.

    Whether Gameforge will stick to its plan or not, we will then read in announcements.

    However, I would like to remind you that we are here in the SOLO forum, which thematically also deals with the game accordingly.

    You are welcome to continue discussing about the topic - in forums that are also designed for that purpose.

    But as already mentioned, this forum is not suitable for that, nor do we want it to be.

    For this reason, I would like to close the thread at this point.

    - Closed -

    We already have a thread about implementing a priority queue for those who bought the game.

    Therefore, I merged you thread into this one.

    The opening of 'Free to play' will be on March 3rd, a week later.

    You might missed it out, please have a look here as the reason is mentioned there:

    Product Manager Letter – Status of The Firestone Legacy

    I personally don't think that Gameforge will implement such kind of queue.

    It would be against the T&C that should ensure that everyone is treated equally.