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    That is amazing! Thank you!

    We are still working on translations, so this system should be more understandable.

    Would you happen to know if the cardgame is based on a real cardgame, and if so what is their name?

    Thank you very much for your input. However I do have to point out there are many reasons as for why this feature is asked for.

    You have the people like me that just remember to add in things way past an hour, because we are just not on this forum all the time and notice mistakes or missing info only when we see the post again.
    We have people like Ayia who have made amazing guides, but will have to keep updating information to keep them relevant.
    We have people like the Deioth and Lindely, who "reserved" posts because they want to add information to their guild thread later on.

    As for the issue you mentioned before, manipulating a thread, sure this is entirely possible, but the CM already confirmed there are edit logs and you lovely moderators would be able to deal with that. Toxic people will be toxic anyway, this edit function isn't what is stopping them.

    As for security security, I know that everyone uses their own system, but it's very unheard of in any other game forum to have an edit timer. So there must be good ways to go about this :)

    If there is any other reason why this is hard to do, I would kindly like to ask to hear said reason from our beloved Forum Wizzard themselves. As I feel like anyone would be able to respect and move on from the issue afterwards. I also feel that honesty, and conversation is a great way for a team to bond with their community.

    Please note that all of this is written with love <3

    I whole heartedly want to request this function as well. I do not see a single reason for the Forum Wizard to not change it, but would like to ask said wizard to inform us otherwise if there is.

    Right now all this 1 hour limit does is inconvenience your community, and giving your moderators extra work (which I know they don't mind, but I'm sure they got better things to do with their time).

    Mister Forum Wizard, I would kindly ask you consider changing the edit function or at least inform us why you decide not to.

    Hello Bella,

    I hope you enjoy spending time in our forum and soon in our game.

    Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. huorong_clap

    Hello Cami that is very sweet, will there be any options to mute or minimalize the none English language forums in the future?

    Hello everyone,

    I just wanted to share how excited I am to play this game with so many familiar, and so many new faces. I hope everyone has a great stay! <3