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    Came back to suggest more things to improve the dungeon and instance.

    1. Have a random dungeon queue function - instead of clicking each dungeon to queue why not add a function where you can queue all the dungeon that you haven't done yet for hard/or norm at the same time.
    2. Add a queue estimate time - allow players to know and have time to prepare for the dungeon/ instance instead of just giving them the info of how much time you were in queue... that information isn't that useful.
    3. Add information on how many people are in queue - give players an estimate how many people are actually queueing for the dungeon/ instance to avoid wasting time queueing when there isn't even anyone queueing at all.

    :love: keep up the good work

    I'm not trying to be funny in this post but I had initially plan to be a crafter in this game. In another certain mmorpg game, I was a culinarian, crafting food to provide for other players who needs them for raids. I wanted to roleplay as a chef because in real life I'm not that great when it comes to cooking.

    MMORPG should be generous when providing players with the opportunity to get resources to craft instead I feel like SOLO is trying to make it feel like some survival mmorpg game with scarce of resources. In SOLO, the respawn and limited resource nodes on each map, we can only get a few measly resource per hour or day so we can't craft what we want. Particular fishing, the fishing holes are terrible, you get 1 fish per hole and there only a handful of fishing hole per map too then it respawns randomly in an hour or so.

    It's 3am est now and I see people camping the map just to get fishes instead of actually playing the game. Even if i wanted to rely on the trading board to buy my resources... barely anyone is selling because most likely no one has enough to even sell them. I know you want people to stay in game longer but this isn't the right way to play a mmorpg making people just hop around the map hoping to be lucky enough to find a fishing hole to fish to get what they needed.


    • Not enough resource nodes on each map and the respawn times are too long
    • Fishing holes, don't give enough fishes per catch and only a handful of holes per map and respawn takes too long
    • people are camping the maps just to have the chance to find a fishing hole to fish in
    • Only a handful of people are able to get the resources especially for those who camp 24hrs day on certain maps


    • Increase the number of resources per catch or harvest
    • Allow nodes to repeatedly harvest or allow another to respawn somewhere random on the map after one has disappeared after being harvested
    • Provide more places or opportunities to get resources, such as add more drops from random monsters, have fish drop from fish monsters, have dungeons give more drops as loots.
    • when crafting food or potions, increase the number of product crafted each time instead of 1 potion or 1 dish each time.

    You might think that by increasing the nodes or respawn or number of resources given per harvest might collapse the economy but is it reasonable to only allow only a handful of people who camp the map 24hr a day to get all the resources? If you look at the trading board, you can see the same names repeatedly appearing on the trading board, because most likely only a handful of people are able to hoard certain resources while the other players don't have the time to camp on maps to compete against them. This kind of environment breeds financial inequality, the rich (most likely those that can camp maps all day long) get richer and the rest of the other players have to rely on luck maybe eventually be able to craft what we need.

    1. Alliance stashes should have the sort or split button - it would be easier if you can add the sort button in the alliance stashes just like in your own inventory and stash
    2. Alliance stashes should be renamable - instead of stash 1 stash 2, people should be able to rename the stashes to whatever you want so to have a better idea what's in that stash.
    3. Alliance mail or newsletter function - it would a nice use of the courier function in this game if the leader or deputy can mail members notes or newsletters updating them with info or news about the alliance.

    keep up the good work SOLO team! Lets make this game even better!


    Back again to add some more suggestions and feedback after playing both betas and playing the game since launch.

    1. Dungeons allow running - I'm not sure why they don't let you run in the dungeons but sometimes it's just too slow to walk to the rest of the team when you respawn from death. Would be very convenient to be able to run inside the dungeons.
    2. Dungeon queue cooldowns - you get punished for cancelling even if you didn't teleport to the dungeon yet... i sometimes do personal matchmaking for a dungeon then queue ready spawns and you noticed you're the only one so most likely it's one of those dungeons where the party already started or almost finished the dungeon so I cancel it because I wanted to do the whole dungeon and not the secret boss or the last boss but then I can't queue again because of the penalty is 4 minutes. You should give an option to be able to choose not to queue for already started dungeons.

    Keep up the good work.

    I'm back again for beta 2, loved beta 1 so much so i had to come back for more.

    1. Dungeon/ Instance queues - oh dear lord... I can't put it into words how bad this is. Here's what happened: I queued for a dungeon for a few minutes still nothing popped so I start a team recruitment. Someone joined my team recruitment. Then the role confirmation popped up. I clicked the role confirmation and was auto-teleported into the dungeon. The party in the dungeon didn't have the player that joined my team recruitment instead after awhile the player that joined the recruitment was messaging me in the party chat and asking where I was a few times. After completing the dungeon I was teleported out of the dungeon and was then in the party that initially had the player that joined my team recruitment. You can see the confusing and frustrating this situation was. Please fix this so that queues are stopped when you start a team recruitment or stop recruitment when the queue pops.
    2. More dungeon queues problems! - When putting team recruitment for normal or hard difficulty and putting them on auto join invitation instead of manual invitation... the system invites non-max players. I mean I got a lvl 13 join a frostbite normal difficulty team recruitment. The auto join invitation does not filter out players that are below level requirement.
    3. Leisure minigames can play only at schedule times? - I mean it's leisure so it should be done at your own free time but with a schedule then it's not really doing it at your own convenient and at your own free time. I understand if it's an event or tournament but just minigames that should be available at anytime you want to play it. It's basic feature for this game and should not be behind a time lock. It's like telling players, you can't use waypoint to somewhere unless it's a certain time or you can't private message a friend unless it's a certain time.

    Keep up the good work and I look forward to the release of this game :*

    The overall experience is very solid. The game ran smoothly and didn't really encounter any game breaking bugs.

    Suggestions and Feedback:

    1. The major problem is sometimes not being able to see your friends or party member when they are in the same map, i guess this is like an instance or session for bigger games but this is really annoying when your friend who is right beside you on the map but you can't see them. My friends had to relog a few times till they can see one another. Please fix this because this is a big issue for a mmorpg game and not be able to see your party members when they are on the same map and right beside you.
    2. The instant teleport is very useful but 90 minute cooldown is too long. Some people would prefer the fast way to go somewhere especially if an instance/ dungeon is about to start or teleport instance to meet up to a friend. People shouldn't have to wait 90 minutes just to instant teleport again, make it maybe 5 minutes cooldown time.
    3. Instance/ dungeon can be unlimited times a day for treasure chest from bosses. I mean who's going to do the dungeon again if you don't really get a reward from the bosses? Maybe for first time daily, you can add like a bonus exp or coins or 1 extra chest at the end but not being able to get reward from bosses because you did the dungeon already that day... it feels like you did the dungeon for nothing especially when the enemies don't drop any loot or give you exp at all.
    4. Loots in game... does it exist? open world enemies drop only like pet food and rags.... please make other stuff drop as loots too
    5. More than 1 person mount, would be nice to have a more than 1 seat mount where you can ride with your team members somewhere together instead of individually riding their own mounts to the spot.
    6. Better indication of whether the quests are side quest or main campaign... i was so confuse on which quests are part of the main quests.

    Loved the beta alot so I bought the collector edition. Keep up the good work SOLO team! :love: