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    Hey, I'm Catchy (Rank 1 Assassin).

    I'm organizing bi-weekly PVP (3v3) tournaments that are going to be in a player draft format for all of those that might be interested. We currently have a tournament planned on 9/4 that's going to have 16 (48 players) teams competing for the community-funded prize pool of 150$.

    Arena legends such as (Rank 1 Zerk) Suntail, (Rank 1 Occu) Kasto, (Rank 1 Dissonance) Blink, and (Rank 1 Global) PizzaMan6173 are just a few of the participants that are going to be involved in this massive tournament. The tournament is going to be cast by legendary (Rank 1 Bladestorm) player Renzid himself along with his pals on

    Be sure to tune in and see if this might be something down your alley. (official tournament start time is 5PM PST, or 8PM EST on 9/4)

    What's cool about our format is that since it's a player-draft tournament, we can accommodate all skill levels (since lower-rated players will be given higher pick priorities - resulting in an even playing field across 16 teams) and it allows for players to play with constantly changing teammates and classes!

    If this sounds like something you might be interested in, come to our discord to check it out, and don't be afraid to ask me any questions.

    There is going to be a soft requirement of 2000 Rating though (gold).

    NOTE: EU players are cool with me if you can play under ping and have a character leveled in the NA server. (We have players from Austria/other cool places)

    Gameforge pls sponsor.