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    As someone who bought into the game in the beginning, the switch to F2P meant I gained a 5k voucher. Only, so far the items I want to get cannot be purchased with vouchers. It's like "here's this gift card to buy new clothes, but it only works at ClownWorks or Goodwill. Cheers!"

    I'm a little bitter about this. I would love to buy some appearance stuff (eyes, ears/tail color, certain weapons/awesome clothes, new cat tail, etc.), but I have to shell out more money, even though I purchased the best game package and dumped a lot of money into a game that nearly went dead.
    It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't need to take out a small mortgage to purchase a single item (like, $20 for an item that only works on one character is beyond heavy handed). I spend $50 on Warframe and I can get several "outfits" that look pretty amazing. Here, I get only one, and I can't really choose beyond 3 colors -.-

    These are my bitter tears. Drink up. Oh, wait. Vouchers don't work on my tears either. ;(

    I would assume it's 24% of what you currently have. If that doesn't add up, then it's possibly 24% increase of base haste maybe? or doesn't count some of the other bonuses to haste you might have. It could also be a typo - a fault of localization.

    I haven't really played in a few months, mostly because I'm waiting for the new classes to come out. Well, and work and life has me somewhat limited on time. I can understand them wanting to wait the same amount of time to release new content, but if you're going to wait to release, you're going to have a player base that dwindles rapidly as they complete the few things available.

    This is the question almost all games have to deal with, how to keep people playing? Dungeons need to be fun, loot needs to be worth it, players need to have fun, etc. When there are lockout timers and restrictive "penalties" in place for simply playing the game (i.e. only get loot once, or can only run so many in a week, etc.), you're going to push people like me away, because when I play, I want to be able to play and do what I want in the game. But I'm also the type of person who will max out everything and keep playing to support friends and guild mates to max out everything so that we can run the big stuff and have fun with it. There needs to be incentives for playing. So far, I haven't seen any incentives here. I've seen more restrictions and pricing barriers (well pricing barriers are strictly on cosmetics, but that's another rant).

    I bought this game because my wife and I have been reading a ton of Chinese web novels lately and I thought this would be a fun game for us to play together. Except, GF threw the most generic script work at localization and there was (again, haven't played recently) a lot of bad spots where I lost story, or it was so obviously different that it was infuriating (I play in foreign languages, mostly because English VA tends to be bad imo). As a writer, I can spot lazy writing pretty easy. I don't get the feeling that localization loves their jobs or this game.

    I'd still be down to play it, but I'm going to play other games for now until the newer classes are out and more content is out, just so I don't get all into it, just to quit because there's nobody to run with, or whatever. Limiting content when you have it already available is just a bad business model imo. There's a lot of bad choices. Overpriced cosmetics are a huge letdown for me. Paying for cancer treatments means I have limited gaming funds, and I can buy a whole other game for the price of that dress/suit/weapon/etc. Having immense time limits on chat (can ask a question, but have to wait over a minute to ask for clarification or ask another question), because they couldn't get rid of spammers another way. Lack of blocking capabilities (I really wish companies would let me block one character and have it apply to their entire account! Problem solved for spammers).

    It's a game I enjoy, so I'm going to wait until I have more stuff to do, more options to play, more more more. Of course, they'll probably charge me for the extra classes when they come out, too... here's hoping it's not as overpriced as the cosmetics, or I'll just write this game off altogether.

    No matter what anyone says, you will never convince me that $50 for a single costume is a good deal. Never.

    I've stopped playing because I'm waiting for the new classes to release. They have them already, but they're holding off, I get that, I can wait. So I will wait, and hope the game doesn't die in the meantime.

    But then I see new cosmetics and it's all priced to keep people from buying it? Maybe they have this idea that people will only ever buy one cosmetic? Or maybe they think that getting more for it from far fewer people is worth more in the long run.

    But it's this mentality that pushes people away. If I was buying an actual outfit made of cloth, or even paper! I might be convinced. But this is a one time cost on their end to design it, then there is literally zero cost to sell them. And don't give me that "it costs money to host" because the game is hosting already, they're not paying for hosting extra costumes.

    Games where this has been successful? They tend to keep the cost down. I'd probably dump a few hundred dollars into cosmetics if I was paying $5 at a time. Warframe has taken me for a good $1500 at least! $5 at a time! But I won't spend $20+ on a costume. Not ever. I paid for my 2 costumes when I bought the collectors edition. I can't see myself spending another dime on this game until they have super sales on cosmetics.

    It's their prerogative. I won't bash others for shelling out the money either. But my wallet is sealed. It's bad enough I have to pay $15,000 for less than a can of soda's worth of immunotherapy drugs every three weeks to keep my wife's cancer at bay. That's money well spent. But I won't throw away money for nothing in large sums. Nickle and dime me to death! Don't try to take my whole piggy bank. I can't see it as being the better business model. There's a reason Dollar tree is a chain store. They sell garbage for a $1, and people eat it up!

    I'm weary of collecting my items until I'm certain I want to keep my characters as they are because of this issue. I'm not 100% on how it works, though I get that wardrobe items should be account-wide.I'm just cautious by nature and the "only usable by one character per account" pop-up made me paranoid lol

    I think you're misunderstanding my point. I'm not wanting this for raiding or dungeons. I want FPP for when just casually playing out and about. I'm not asking for a whole new interface for FPP, just letting me see hands/weapons moving while in FPP.

    Typically in mmos, when running fps, the player's character becomes transparent. In this sense, simply making it so the body is visible when I look down shouldn't be something that requires extensive resources. Based on my limited knowledge of programming (i.e. programming classes in college), something of this nature shouldn't be too difficult for a single person to enable.

    This game is beautiful and I just want another way of enjoying that beauty while I'm out running around doing quests. It's another way of building immersion.

    I've been playing MMOs for decades and something I've never understood was why we never get first person perspective.

    Bluntly, because it sucks.

    There isnt one game that has first person view that can mimic the peripheral vison of the human eye. As such, first person view is used as a "penalty mode" for the player, artificially limiting their access to visual information.

    Why would games like Overwatch and Doom be so successful if first person perspective wasn't fun for players?

    How is it a waste of resources to make the game more fun for more people? I've never understood this mindset. "People like this? Well **** them, we don't want their business!" What? Why is there housing? Why is there PvP? Why are there dungeons? People love this stuff. People obviously enjoy first person perspective games as well, so how is that a waste of resources?

    I've already acknowledged that I would be running dungeons in 3rd person, but I would also enjoy playing a FP perspective, especially in this kind of fantasy world. Hell, I could see players running in first person for the greater challenge it would offer in dungeons.

    Is it because *you* don't enjoy it that you feel this way? I hate pvp, but I wouldn't call it a waste of resources, since players obviously love it.

    As someone who absolutely loathes pk and pvp (mostly because I hate losing ;(), I'm a little worried about dealing with random toxic players.

    However, I've played games where you only have one life with open pvp and death meant you started over. I've also played games with open pvp with warrant systems and the ability to fully loot your enemies.

    I think this will be something the devs will have to consider for their game. If the game is fun and I'm not getting killed every day, then I'll probably keep playing. If it's just rampant slaughter because the U.S. is prone to violence and toxic masculinity, I'll move on.

    As for those saying that money not gained is not a loss, they clearly lack basic business understanding. If you run a business that gets little to no business, it's definitely a loss. If the game loses massive amounts of customers in the west, they're certainly not going to sink money into the western servers.

    Honestly, I think having pvp and pve servers is the better way to go. Let people choose. If there's no choice in the matter, then I hope the game is fun enough to be worth the extra headache of facing toxic players. :/

    I've been playing MMOs for decades and something I've never understood was why we never get first person perspective. Don't get me wrong, we often get the FPP, but it's just a blank screen, sometimes accompanied by attack motions, but never something like Doom or Cyberpunk, etc. where we can see the weapons in our hands or look down to see our bodies.

    This has often bugged me because the character is actively there, performing actions and movements and we can watch them in 3rd person. So why not just place the first person camera in a way that would allow us to see the body from a FPP?

    While I would probably spend most of my time in third person camera for boss fights and the like, I really think it would be a fun way to play the game and I think if an MMO was to do this sort of thing, it would garner a lot of attention from people who love FPP type games. If there are other MMOs that actually do this, I've never personally seen them, but I would love to see SOLO do this sort of thing!

    From a programming point of view, I'm not sure how difficult this would be, but I would imagine that leaving the body visible when zooming in would be mostly what it would take...

    Anyways, I just wanted to toss this out there to see if others were like me and would love to see this kind of view :D Who knows, maybe the devs would want to do this? It would certainly make raid combat a ton more fun and challenging :love: