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    To be honest, RNG is killing this game slowly. Everyone in my group has every Fortune buff you can find but there is still people getting 1 loot from the whole raid. At this point, I feel like Fortune is nothing more than a cosmetics buff. RNG in this game is one of the worst I have encountered, and with the fact how slow you guys pushing out new contents and there is nothing else to do after you clear all the raids in a day, everyone is leaving this game for New World and others. 1 week into hard raid and there is people already with 80 gear score, while people like me sitting at 76-77. My suggestion? Put in a system which detects how many drops players get after a successful raid, if it is less than x then send them a special gem stone thru their mail system so they can open to get a random gear from it.

    At this stage the game is very boring, new contents are not being released fast enough or not challenging enough. The devs need to understand once New World and Lost Ark get released, the player base for this game will drop very fast due to how slow the game introduces new content.