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    Issues with the Gameforge Launcher should now be resolved (after Steam was back a couple minutes ago already). Everyone can get back to playing!

    I want to thank you for your patience, and wish you a good time in Shenzhou!

    Status update - making progress

    1. Gameforge Launcher: Can now select a server, but still not access it ( glass half full? ). Also still error messages upon launcher start.
    2. Steam Launcher: Can select server and access the game

    Small Update:

    Our Tech Team has identified the issue

    We're working together with our CDN provider to get this sorted out.

    Unfortunately no ETA yet for a resolution.

    Die Login Probleme mit dem Gameforge Client/Steam Launcher sind uns bekannt und das Tech Team Arbeit bereits an dem Problem damit wir uns alle wieder einloggen kümmern.

    Sobald es mehr Infos gibt informieren wir euch natürlich.

    We're aware of the ongoing issues with the Gameforge Client and Steam Launcher.

    The technical team is looking into the root cause of the errors being thrown, which currently block us all from accessing the SOLO servers.

    Once we have an update, we'll let you know