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    Well, it can't be solid numbers gained every time whenever you taunt. Because whenever you taunt while someone is at 80-100%, it essentially doubles your aggro on the threat monitor. Either that, or it halves everyone's aggro except yours. It's one or the other.

    Aggro on ads is a lot harder to deal with. AoE aggro is harder to come by, and you can't control what every mob in the group's aggro is at. You can't keep an eye on the threat of multiple targets either. In retrospect, boss aggro is relatively easy to hold past the first 10 seconds (where it might get insta-stolen).

    Elenoe, were both belts from Fei Chi (4th Jade Palace Boss) or one from Fei Chi and the other from Turtle?

    I think bosses have their own specific gear drops. So if you get a drop on the 4th boss again, you will probably get a dupe again. For what it's worth. You can feed the lvl 75 gear drop to your pet and people have said you get some parchment back. But it's limited to 1 per week.

    Are you playing with the threat monitor on so you can watch the threat percentage at all times?

    There seems to be a building value. As the fight with a boss goes on, it's harder and harder for DPS to take aggro from you. It's not uncommon when relying mostly on taunts to lose aggro at the very start of the fight because DPS's start bursting with their opening rotation. Any time you taunt while someone is within 20% aggro range of you or greater, I think you double your total threat level towards the boss or something. Double of the total value that has been building up throughout the fight. So if it took 10 seconds for the DPS to catch up to you, next time it will take 20 seconds. And the next time it will take 40. At least, I feel like it acts this way.

    It's just super frustrating and depressing, spending so much time and money for NOTHING. It's not about getting geared "fast" but about getting something in return for time and money.

    First time gives you astral xp enough for almost a level (90 xp). Can't say I got anything from them either. I rolled on a pet soul form, but I didn't get it.

    I think the most beneficial thing a person can do in this scenario is run with a static or semi-static group. That way, your individual luck will eventually not matter. If half the people have the pet because you've done the raid with them for 5 weeks now, that increases your chances by 100% for winning the next roll. If some lucky peeps are reaching gl 75, they can trade gear box to the other people participating in the raids who aren't at gl 75 yet. They'd never do that for randoms mind you. But for guild mates I wouldn't rule out the act.

    Honestly, with the amount of people I see doing it. I doubt the reports are doing anything long term (maybe a timed ban at most). I can't complain too much because the only thing I desire out of 3v3 is the promise of an occasional or rare fun match and red maple seals.

    I don't think the amount is the particular problem. A person who is decent should be able to earn the 60. If you are asking should a person be able to do the quest goal progress in multiple attempts then I'm not against the idea exactly. I'm just surprised people would think it's that necessary. Usually 40-60% of the lobby can accomplish the score threshold.

    I won't cover Yilang since that's what the video looks to be about. Li Lingshaung can be earned from the storyline. You earn her at some point in the Zhongam Foothills story questline in the nine dragon mere area.

    Wu mang is a bit more optional. You need to do the rest of the main questline all the way up too Raging River Ruins. You should earn him right before you get the Raging River's quest.

    With that being said, you can only use 2 bots at a time in a dungeon. So, Wu Mang isn't all that useful.

    I dont either considering they expected people to wait until 8 am the following day during the name reservation fiasco the last time the server was out.

    Highly questionable business practice to not have support 24 hours.

    Well, you aren't not wrong yeah. There should always be one person on the job for an online game.

    The production chart says all PVP activities are supposed to give Amulet Coins (Heaven). But I've been getting Earth coins constantly from Garden of the Blades. The disparity between my earth and heaven coins just keeps growing because PVP rewards seem to be bugged into giving the wrong kind of coin.

    If you do all the 6 bosses, and you re-join with mentor buff, do you get another chance to get item drops or no?

    You aren't allowed to earn the loot of each boss more than once per week. You aren't involved in rolls either unless loot was earnable.

    I've learned a bit more about gold resource nodes and blues since the reset. I think Blues have a limit before they just stop loading in on your screen. Something like 10-20. It may vary depending on the area. After I got 10 or so tumbleweed spawns, I stopped seeing them in their usual locations where I know they can be on the weichaun highlands map. I usually get around 10 each week. I think this explains why someone claimed they harvested a blue in the same spot twice over a certain course of time. I usually go the whole map a once over until I stop seeing blues.

    Initially, I thought golds behaved this way, and maybe they do to some extent because I know my fellow tester couldn't see a gold node I could. But who knows why anymore, it could be an unrelated factor, like them having 0 fortune. I say this because I had earned something like 70+ gold resource nodes over the course of a few hours right after Thursday maintenance. I checked the same 10 or so spawn locations and just kept getting rattan crystal and dust hearts over and over again. I even came back later that day and farmed these points just a bit more to see if they still worked. And they did.

    What's more, I think spawn locations work more like a branch. One of several locations is possible for a resource node, it picks one. So when a node refreshes, it may not be the exact location, but a nearby one in the branch chosen instead. This is just a hypothesis though.

    Damage mitigation works far too weirdly. Giving much higher mitigation than the percentages would suggest I think. 70% on the spearmaster feels more like an 80% or 90% for example. Maybe that's from other stats at play that are stacking on top after the mitigation. The only thing that can kill me while a 70% mitigation is up is literally around 50+ players hitting me at once during faction pvp.

    And yes, the gear is normalized. It's actually the same problem I've heard Lost Ark's PVP has. That it's "normalized" and not "equalized" instead. You can turn everyone's ilvl 50 gear into 70, but only some of us will have jade stone II's implemented or 3-8 upgrades worth of bonuses (55 and 65 gear could for example get fortune 3 and 5 upgrades if someone were lucky). I don't think the normalizing accounts for these things. Nor do they if you have pieces that don't give the best stat priority for your build, scaling it up isn't going to help you as much as that other guy who has a piece of gear that is giving all the stat priorities he needs.

    Edit: Also, the people with ilvls of 71+ I can't even begin to explain. But I do rarely see them in BGs.