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    Hi. I have been playing since launch, but my anxiety disorders make it tough to just PUG. However, I play mostly 12:30pm Eastern to 7:30pm Eastern.
    I am looking for an alliance where I can feel comfortable getting my dungeons done, my blood ruvia, and if possible as an apprentice.

    I have a Reaper with gear level a little over 50, but I have very little experience healing and would like some help with that.

    I also have a Spearmaster that has just hit student 1, and I am more familiar with tanking from other mmorpgs.

    I hope to find an NA alliance that plays "second shift".

    Hi community!

    My friends and I bought the game and we now have some spare beta keys.

    Between us we have six.

    Drop a hello on this thread and I will send them by Conversation.
    Have fun in Beta 2 - I am looking forward to it.