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    Shenzhou’s immortal heroes aren’t always locked in combat with evil demons or freeing innocents from the clutches of nefarious villains. Sometimes they just need some R&R after all that being awesome! Most of them reside on spectacular islands in the clouds, and when they take the time to recuperate, then only the right attire will do!




    If you need to take a break with your heroes – to do some gardening, do up your residence or simply visit some friends – we have some great offers on the following costumes varieties available until 8th December!

    Costume Variations

    Make yourself at home with these gorgeous costumes for all body types:

    • Scent of Distant Blossom
    • Scent of Drunken Twilight
    • Fragrant Dew
    • Midnight’s Scent

    The costumes teach you the Hairpin emote which allows you to lovingly place a hairpin in another player’s hair. (Please note that the other player must agree and the hairpin is not permanent.)

    Do you need more choice? Then look out for more costumes your heroes can wear either at home or on their adventures (also for all body types):

    • Magnolia Song
    • Chrysanthemum Song
    • Black Carnation Song
    • Lotus Song

    These costumes teach you the Floating Lights emote which causes beautiful lanterns to appear.


    As the snowflakes sparkle and the stars twinkle, wrap yourself in the aura of a winter wonderland with some glorious costumes, magical accessories and frosty footsteps!



    Magical Offers

    Shimmer like a snowflake or shine like a star in our winter offers, with the following items discounted in the Crimson Coin Shop between 24th November and 1st December 2022:

    Costume Variations Wrap yourself in frosty robes and become a master of ice and snow!

    For men and women:

    • Frostlight Hegemony
    • Evenshine Hegemony
    • Dreamfire Hegemony
    • Winterstar Hegemony

    Let glittering snowflakes fall on you with the associated Snowstruck emote.

    For girls:

    • Cosmic Peach
    • Cosmic Crimson
    • Cosmic Cerulean
    • Cosmic Cobalt

    With the associated Prayer of the Eternal Stars emote, you cause a magical glittering firmament to appear behind you.


    • Thousand-Year Star Stream


    • Frost Raker


    The shop is filled with a gentle, scented breeze – pick up feather-light robes, feathery emotes and soft silver wings to soar into the heavens.



    Feather-Light Offers

    Let your soul soar with our great offers for airborne adventurers. Between 17th and 24th November 2022, the following items are discounted in the Crimson Coin Shop:

    Costume Variations Make appearance like a shimmering cloud with these silky costumes. Dress in white and light blue outfits and soar into the stormy heavens!

    • Light Blue Feather Outfit (Robe/Headgear)
    • White Feather Outfit (Robe/Headgear)

    Using the Traceless Feather emote, you can conjure up a feather with the aid of a mysterious crow, which after a moment on your hand, rises into the air and flies away.

    Mount Add magical Silver Wings to your back and fly away to new horizons!

    • Silver Wings


    Do you like elegant and playful costumes in bright and vivid colours? Then don’t miss our offers on fabulous costume sets and some sleek headgear from 10th November to 17th November (10 AM server time respectively)!





    • Snow Dream
    • Obsidian Dream
    • Crimson Dream
    • Azure Dream

    Valentine’s Day Mount

    The Crimson Delight is a Valentine’s Day swing for two. Take your loved one into Cloudrise’s dreamworld and surprise them with the Starry Firmament emote which conjures forth a romantic star-filled night. Could there be a better way to end the day in Shenzhou?


    While crystal-clear ice flowers adorn the windows and silver clouds of breath accompany you, a touch of winter drifts through our shop: let yourself be carried away into a magical polar night by frosty robes, an ice-blue cape and mysterious emotes.



    Frosty Offers

    Get started with our frosty offers for winter adventurers – from 3rd to 10th November 2022, the following items are discounted in the Crimson Coin Shop:

    Costume Variations With these delicate costumes you can make the dream of the eternal ice come true. Wrap up in these snow-white robes and set your inner compass to north!

    • Snowbird – Robe and Headgear

    The accompanying Dance to Heaven emote transforms you into a frosty, glistening phoenix for a short time.

    • Lotus Song – Robe and Headgear

    With the accompanying Floating Lights emote, you let sparkling lanterns rise up into the cold of the night sky.

    Festive Clothing Swing this cloak around your shoulders and feel a gentle breath of frost waft over you.

    • Ice Dragon Cloak


    A crimson moon hangs in the firmament, silhouetting the swarm of bats emerging from their cave, as the distant howl of a wolf sends shivers down your spine! As October draws to a close, Shenzhou’s immortal heroes sense the impending sinister atmosphere of Halloween’s approach! Do you want to give your friends and allies the fright of their lives? Then take advantage of our Halloween Sale, with everything below discounted until 3rd November!



    Costume Variations

    Dress up in these unearthly robes and howl at the moon, or go quench your thirst for blood! One thing’s for certain: nobody will know whether you’re merely dressed up for a costume party, or have seriously become possessed by evil!

    For all body types:

    • Cruel Embrace of the Night
    • Cavalier Embrace of the Night
    • Cold-Blooded Embrace of the Night
    • Wistful Embrace of the Night




    How fashionably frightful! Try this antique blade on for size. But don’t worry, even though it looks like it’s firmly wedged between your ears, the headaches are saved for your friends, who’ll be mystified by how it got there!

    • Hook of Frost and Snow

    Weapon Skin

    Give your weapons that touch of the night with this skin:

    • Dragon’s Claw: Night Illumination


    Equipped with these foreboding footsteps, your immortal hero will leave a trail of crimson darkness, wrapped in a shower of bats!

    • Whispers in the Night – together with the item you also receive:
      • Little Devil Horns
      • Little Devil Wings
      • Little Devil Tail


    Enjoy a little lollipop magic! Dress up in some pastel shades, add a fluffy unicorn accessory, and share a sugar-sweet lollipop with your companions!

    Time for Treats

    Magical items are available to you in the shop from 20th October, 2022. Go take a look and pick up costumes as well as matching headgear in four different flavours. On purchasing one of the costume sets, you’ll receive a cuddly unicorn accessory on top.



    Costume Variations

    Dress up in these enchanting costumes and enter a world of sugar!

    • Blueberry Muffin
    • Powdered Peach
    • Creamy Mint
    • Sweet Cherry (only for women and girls)
    • Walnut Whirl (only for men)

    These costume sets teach you an emote which allow you to share a lollipop with another player. Simply summon the sugary treat out of a shower of sweets and hand it to your companion!



    Colour-coordinated headgear to the costumes rounds out your outfit. Don one of these sweet bonnets and make the world even sweeter!


    Dear Immortals,

    On October 20th, 2022, we will perform our weekly server maintenance.


    • EU region: from 05:45 CEST until approximately 11:00 CEST.
    • NA region: from 03:00 EDT until approximately 07:00 EDT.

    [What is being changed]

    • Standard maintenance of the servers.

    Stay up to date on any changes to the timetable by checking in on our forum, Steam, Discord and Twitter.

    The SOLO Team


    While it pays to always be on your guard, not every darkly clad warrior who crosses your path marches in the name of evil. Some of these sombre wanderers are in fact noble heroes with reputations for audacity. Who knows for whom they wield their blades? Maybe you are one of these mysterious marauders yourself, wandering the lands of Shenzhou wearing an impenetrable demeanour. If that’s the case, we’ve got the perfect offers for you over the coming days:




    Red Offers

    We start with some deep red selections for the most ardent warriors – between 13th October and 17th October you can find the following costume variations, accessories and a mount discounted in the Crimson Coin Shop:

    Costume Variations

    • Burgundy Feather Outfit
    • Blood Moon Rime


    • Divine Fire Phoenix Regalia


    • Blackflame Qilin


    Black/White Offers

    Obscure or enlightened? From 17th October to 20th October, inscrutable travellers can enjoy the following discounted offerings:

    Costume Variations

    • Black Feather Outfit
    • Frostnight Rime


    • Black Owl Divine Sash


    • Ice Moon Qilin


    Housing Items

    Are you world-weary and need to spend some time recuperating in your own residence? Then we’ve also got a few special offers for you! These decorative items are discounted in the Crimson Coin Shop from 13th October to 20th October:

    • Diorama: Fragrant Lamp
    • Diorama: Red Bed
    • Diorama: Warm Spring Night
    • Diorama: Flower Hall


    Dear Immortals,

    On October 13th, we will perform our weekly server maintenance.


    • EU region: from 05:45 AM CEST until approximately 06:30 AM CEST.
    • NA region: from 05:45 AM EDT until approximately 06:30 AM EDT.

    Stay up to date on any changes to the timetable by checking in on our forum, Steam, Discord and Twitter.

    The SOLO Team.


    Dear Immortals,

    On October 10th, 2022, we will perform a network maintenance.


    • EU region: from 06:00 CEST until approximately 09:00 CEST.
    • NA region: from 00:00 EDT until approximately 03:00 EDT.

    Stay up to date on any changes to the timetable by checking in on our forum, Steam, Discord and Twitter.

    The SOLO Team.


    If you’ve been paying attention to our shop updates over recent weeks, you’ll doubtless have noticed that the immortal heroes in Shenzhou have something of a predilection for the splendours of autumn. The season likewise plays a key role in this week’s shop update. Enjoy an adventurous autumn with our selection of costumes and accessories!

    All of the items listed below are on offer until 13th October, so grab yours today and experience autumn in all its colourful glory!


    Costume Variations

    Adventurers appreciate clothing that is both practical and playful. Their outfits need look the business, without restricting their movements in any way, conjuring up just a soupçon of craziness – or at least derring-do! No surprise that these costume variations are just the ticket:

    For all body types:

    • Intrepid Explorer
    • River Navigator
    • Mountain Climber
    • Forest Pathfinder

    These costumes teach male characters an emote in which they play around with a sharp knife. Women on the other hand conjure up maps which float around them, while the girls cause a right mess by emptying items from their massive bags.




    Whatever adventures you’re hoping to go on this autumn, no hero can set off without packing a few stylish accessories, whether to blaze a trail and cement their own personal style, or just to wow their companions and other travellers. Whatever your tastes, there’s doubtless something here for you:


    • Engineer’s Mask
    • Engineering Visor
    • Song of the Antelope
    • Squirrels in the Pine Wind
    • Rippling Kite




    Clash Over Divine Waters – Hard Mode

    • Unlocks Thursday, October 06th
    • Group Size: 10 to 20 players
    • Will drop item level 270 gear amongst other items
    • Loot eligibility resets weekly (Thursdays, 6:00 server time)


    War Domain: Realm of Destroyed Evil – Extreme Mode

    • Unlock Sunday, October 09th
    • Group Size: 10 to 20 players
    • Drops Hero Tokens – Renxia Jade
    • Loot eligibility resets weekly (Sundays, 6:00 server time)

    Dragonstar Anniversary

    In celebration of the anniversary of the foundation of the Dragonstar Trade Hall, a tailor travelled over mountains and seas in search of an old friend to use his clothing as a model for a new outfit. On the eve of its creation, however, the illustrations were accidentally damaged by a biyouji.

    Help gather the Dragonstar Pieces and recreate the illustrations to obtain the outfits as a reward.


    Mysterious Parchments

    • The Book of Mysteries for item level 270 will unlock
    • When you receive Mysterious Parchment (current) as a reward, it will now convert as follows:
    • If you’ve unlocked item level 270 understanding, you get 8x Mysterious Parchment (270).
    • If you’ve unlocked item level 255 understanding, you get 10x Mysterious Parchment (255).
    • If you’ve unlocked item level 240 understanding, you get 14x Mysterious Parchment (240).
    • If you’re within the item level 225 understanding, you get 16x Mysterious Parchment (225).

    Prestige Shop Updates

    • Gusan Research Team Merchant now offers Level V Talisman Recipes (Belt)
    • Blood Ruvia Store now offers a Talisman V Recipe (Trousers)
    • Turquoise Lantern Store now offers a Talisman V Recipe (Robe)


    • The Phoenix Song Box VI amount in the Weekly Events “Turquoise Lantern Spirits (Boss)”, “Training against Demons” and “Raid Expedition” has been increased to 3.

    **Note: **

    We would like to inform you that the Epic update will require a bigger download than usual.


    Dear Immortals,

    On October 6th, 2022, we will perform our weekly server maintenance.


    • EU region: from 05:45 CEST until approximately 11:00 CEST.
    • NA region: from 03:00 EDT until approximately 07:00 EDT.

    [What is being changed]

    Stay up to date on any changes to the timetable by checking in on our forum, Steam, Discord and Twitter.

    The SOLO Team


    Are you preparing for your next expedition through the world of Shenzhou, but can’t find anything to wear?! Then pay a visit to the Crimson Coin Shop, where you’ll find two amazing costume varieties plus a suitable mount to whisk you swiftly to your next adventure.

    All of the items listed below are on offer until 6th October, so grab yours today and continue your immortal saga!

    Costume Variations

    These fine robes were inspired by Shenzhou’s aristocratic classes, and give your hero truly noble airs. But for all their embellishments, they won’t restrict your movements if you ever need to back up your words with a slash of your sword!


    For men and women:

    • Flat Seal (Romantic)
    • Flat Seal (Black)

    If wandering the wilderness like a solitary and mysterious warrior is more your style, then this costume will doubtless be top of your list. The fine materials will keep you protected from the elements, while the military design will make clear to all and sundry that you are not to be trifled with!


    For all body types:

    • Shimmering Purple
    • Shimmering Gold
    • Shimmering Black

    The costume teaches the Frostblade Song emote, where you draw two swords and cross them.

    Flying Mount


    Sometimes heroes need to find a more illustrious way to travel, one which takes them to their destinations swiftly and safely:

    • Phantom Crane