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    No that's not how that works. its not false marketing. Frankly I don't think you understand even remotely how that works. despite you saying that. and the rampage system isn't forced you have to activate it and the person who does risks suffering horrible horribly consquences for using it.

    This feels very misleading. They described open world PvP as not forced, but in reality it IS forced on players. This is wrong and needs to be changed.

    HOW? how do you think this? there is literally no "forced open world" pvp. there's faction PvP which you have to pick a faction then flag up or into and if you do its a choice that lasts six hours before you can choose to unflag and not be marked as a pvp target again. there's Rampage Mode which punishes the PKER alot Heavier with little to no reward for them to do it other than, "you took my spot!" or "you made me mad for this you die." where they get punched into jail for hours on end. I don't get this mentality. the games fine as it is

    NO, Terrible Idea Do you know what world of warcraft did with warmode? Did that work out well? answer not it did not it sucked and many people did not like it.

    I don't know what High dps, Medium dps, and Low dps looks like. But berserker is fine where It stands I feel. I think so long as you're able to clear hardmode dungeons and proc the secret boss there isn't a issue with dps. playing with a berserker named Maul and Being a berserker myself I can tell you that the charge build and phantom build are both viable and easily able to put out good numbers. Maul was able to pull around 2.5k to 3k out per second using the Phantom build when he perfected his rotation and in some cases on bosses able to dish out a whopping 4.5k to 5k damage per second. his gear score was 60. I was able to dish out around 1.71k to 2.5k as a charge Berserker Build at gear score 56. difference is Maul slotted out his gear with talismans and had enchanted his stuff up a fair bit meanwhile I ran without slotted talismans and was not perfect at figuring out a rotation to pull out and do I tried following a guide set up by a Chinese player I saw who stated the three important things for charge berserker is we don't really have a set rotation the most we can do is not let our chi overflow try to master the basic combo of Cloudripper into solar rider into left click 3 times into solar rider+ other combos such as animation canceling meteor shower into Return of The Wolf as well as keeping our charge percentage on our sword at around 40 to 67% before popping return of the wolf and killing without a trace to summon phantoms for phantom storm. so on and so forth. while I may not be perfect with this I did at least master some of the basic combos and picked up that when you proc things like wind Waker wine, You can just straight up get a instant charge of cloudripper and put that right into a combo of cloudripper, solar rider, cloud ripper solar rider, cloud ripper, if you want you can throw in some over lords for a big damage boost and some really meaty hits. so on and so forth. other then that. I feel it is too early for people to try and judge class balancing of the class off what they have played when people aren't 100% sure what combos and rotations they should be doing. berserker is a solid class that can put out good damage in the hands of capable players. allt he classes are mostly pretty well balanced for PvE and PvP and I feel to state "X isn't good because I struggled with it." is a unfair way to look at things.

    Interrupt Skils are used mostly in PvE. on some of the hardmode dungeons bosses will try and cast a skill that you must interrupt otherwise a negative consequence happens. for the Prison break dungeon in hardmode the Final boss must be stunned or interrupted or the whole party gets wiped instantly. for the first dungeon you visit the game. the hardmode version. if you don't use a skill to interrupt on the final boss when he says Pools of Dark Qi he fully regenerates his hit points. usually this effect will get played out with a sound effect as well as a tell when the boss throws something out that's interruptible. For PvP you use this to stop someone from casting a skill basically stopping them for a few seconds and putting the skill on cd so it can't be used. its important to do this to some classes to try and prevent them from hitting skills that ultimately do alot of damage or act as a strong crowd controls. .

    you people are ridiculous. the buy to play model for this game is fine. This game is Buy to Play done right. No ingame advantages for buying cosmetics, no pay to win (SO FAR and for three years in China. Its not had Pay2win Implemeneted.) Your time commitment, and skill pay off in the end and the battle pass that is shown and given here is purely cosmetic. AND THERE IS ALOT HERE WITH THE COSMETIC SYSTEM. Holy shit! when's the last time you saw a cosmetic item change how your animation looks slightly? there a sword in this game that turns the berserkers cloudripper into a animation where darkblue flames shroud the slicing attack over the wind element the animation has normally. The combat system is fluid and actually quite fast paced and enjoyable. WHAT MORE DO YOU PEOPLE WANT? GET OVER THE FACT Gameforge is publishing the game.. THEY ARE JUST THE PUBLISHERS NOT THE FREAKING GAME DEVELOPERS HOW MANY TIMES DOES THIS HAVE TO GET STATED!?!?!? are clearly quite out of touch with reality and how things work. the company is not obligated to give you a refund because of the actions of another player in a video game grow up.