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    It does feel like the game is as they called it ''bleeding players''. People I know stopping with most or all dailies now. Its just too exhausting (over time) to keep doing all of them every day. Dont do them and you fall behind pretty hard.

    I imagine this is even worse for casual players that dont have the time to do 1-2 hours of dailies & weeklies each day.

    ''get lucky try fishing and treasure hunting'' you have to be really lucky indeed, as being a competitive fisher I havent seen one yet myself. There are only so many golden fishing holes to be found, after all. Especially when everyone is looking for them for the astral points linked to them. Speaking of competitive fishing: the majority of the usual top doesnt even bother to do the event anymore and it seems its due to losing interest for the game in general.

    Fishing is perhaps literally the only place where player count doesnt seem to decrease. Perhaps many players still mistakingly believe they can get equipment from the event.

    Just enjoy the game, take it at your own pace and don't get swept away by the sweaty bettys.

    Cant do that the way the daily and weekly load just keeps increasing and there is no way to do it with a little more time but on fewer days of the week.

    I don't really mind the cap increase as if you are lazy to do dailies you can buy a lot of parchments from ruvia/lantern/mentor/attendance shops and most important weeklies also drop them.

    Right now its already required to buy some parchments as there isnt enough to get them from cultivation. Which also means you cant miss days or you have to spend more gold and or be unable to buy them all.

    In addition the daily load for parchments is just getting too big.

    Calling people lazy is just ridiculous.

    Even I consider it a workload that is starting to get way to big, and I have a lot more time put into this game then most do.

    no offense but I'm really starting to think most tanks are just clueless on how to play this game or they just have no idea how their class works.
    idk if it counts as fps drops but my games started to freeze randomly for apparently no reason, anyone got this issue and fixed it? it does not happen often but when it does the game is stuck for like 2 whole seconds.

    There's been freezes lately for me as well. (past week? ish~) Didnt have those before at all.

    Hm well ...

    I need the following information:

    • Server
    • How many character are affected
    • Problem is permanent or sporadic
    • Member of an alliance

    Server: NA, EU (I play both)

    Amount of characters effected: up to 3 (its random)

    Permanent or sporadic: sporadic

    Member of alliance: both members of alliance, and solo character

    Offer the feedback to the devs, so if not already aware they can consider the issue the current system poses.

    Premades can and definately will often make BGs an unfun experience, even if you are on the winning side. I've been joined as solo player to premades and it felt like I was playing more solo (ironically) then if I were in a truly random group of people.

    Playing against a full or mostly full premade with a truly random group however, has been nothing but a pain. There's just no chance of winning regardless of what some might claim. I say this as someone that doesnt lack in battleground experience either. I've often been able to be the turning point in a match, but that is not possible when a single person can defend a flag.. knowing half their team is a shout and 10-15 seconds away.

    The tl;dr and takeaway point here is that premades being able to join BG's in the same queue as randoms makes bgs fun... only for premades. Considering that the Continents Daily is one of the only ways to get Class Prestige beyond 6 (for the pet) its certainly a problematic situation for randoms.

    There is good reason many games either prevent signing up with (large) groups, or have a seperate system in place, and I hope the devs realise that too at some point.

    For me the dungeon codex was fixed with the last update.

    Bug fixes can take a long time as they have to comunicate the details of the bug to the chinese devs first. Then the devs have to replicate the bug on their end to find out what's wrong and implement a fix to the western version of the game. All of this while they are still working on the original version of the game and provide patches for the other regional publishers.

    Dungeon Codex bug hasnt been fixed~

    The support is not understanding the issue, wow.
    Yeah, I reported it because it's a bug. Logout/login is not solving the issue.

    for some poeple it is actually. i just have that for example just outside dungeons. inside its still available

    Its ment to be available everywhere~ not working outside of dungeons is a bug. For me it will randomly not work for a character sometimes.

    The lanterns have 4K HP (at least in normal mode 10 men). With a wide ass blue zone that can't be missed. If at 55gs or higher you can't burst 4K HP while it is transforming, then maybe it is time to use your skills.

    Also even if it doesn't have 4K HP, you have a whole freaking 10-20 team with you. Why are you trying to "ONE SHOT" an enemy in a quest that is clearly aimed for group content, it is even written "GROUPE INSTANCE QUEST, PLEASE ENTER WITH OTHER CHARACTERS"?

    It has to be done in one hit~

    Iirc that is not the case with their names, just the characters themselves. (talking about characters that got deleted)

    WoW can also afford to release names slower or not at all as it has many, many servers (thus many opportunities to get a name) and has been active for closing in almost 2 decades.

    The OP suggests limiting it to low level, which is reasonable as it wouldnt effect invested characters.

    Do you have access to the data on how many managed to log in,

    Just judging by discord it was easy to note that most were unable to get in on the first round. The vast majority didnt. I was one of the lucky few. But if you want more: I left seconds after getting in the first time and tried to make characters on the other server, but couldnt enter either server again.

    Most people didnt get in untill the second round. (which was 2~ hours later so I assume a number of people already left to try at a later time)

    because of the "WIPE" spam on discord.

    There was a lot more spam with name posting, or ridiculing people that couldnt get in. :/

    My sentiment as well.

    Lol got mine kek

    Essential the response of many. It is a very distasteful reaction that makes me worry for the health of the community. :/

    Please be better then this. If you got the name you wanted, that should be all you need. No need to make fun of others less fortunate.

    Just to confirm: we decided against the wipe of the already reserved name.

    There is no 100% good solution, neither for users who managed to reserve the name nor to the ones who had the issues.

    That is only technically correct, and you know that. Allowing them (us, as I am one of them) to keep 1 name and wipe the rest would have been an extremely fair solution, and much fairer then the current solution.

    Wiping those that already got names would have also been much fairer, as those few got to pick 6 names whereas the rest got to pick none. Looking at that number: 6 vs 0, already makes it clear that it was not a fair solution to not wipe.

    I will still play the game and have fun regardless, and you guys have been a lot of fun and welcome before and still will be for me afterwards.

    But for me this is definately a demerit as you (GF) handled this situation extremely poorly, taking the calculated approach (including the second announcement that covered all bases) instead of the obvious right approach (decide statements to the contrary, there are obvious right approaches in this matter). In the future I will be less optimistic in expecting you'll handle a big event well, which will effect my expectations for the game a bit.

    The person (not me) most interested in fa(w)ning over the game and advertising or defending it, has been turned away and is now more interested in telling people how to refund..

    I hope the positive benefits of this outweight any negative effects it might have. The game needs more good advertisement.

    You dont seem to know who you are replying to, and what others have replied to you. You should read the posts again.

    Lower limits for FPS is very hard to measure in this game, as these are CPU bound in most cases and heavily vary depending on the nearby player count. There are much less players online at the same time in the demo then were active in the Beta.

    My fps lows were also higher during the Demo, as they were during Beta.

    However, I played beta through steam.

    please use common sense or some intelligence, how could steam even host servers when steam is just a sales platform..., all servers are hosted by gameforge and paid by gameforge... kids ....

    Steam requires servers to provide for their enormous storage of games and downloading capacity.

    They also have their own online game that I believe is very popular, and requires servers.

    Further in addition to this, other games have been known to use Steam's servers for their Multiplayer, like for example Monster Hunter World.

    I believe this is common knowledge.