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    As mentioned by Reiha, this issue is not a bug. I will close this thread as this topic has closed.

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    I have merged the following threads together, as they are discussing the same topic about the bosses in the Xuanjiu Jade Palace having a bit more HP wise.

    • Raid Boss Scaling by Irrelevant

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    I have merged [LOOT RATE] Xiangjiu Jade Palace into "Broken Xuanjiu Jade Palace Raid Drop Rate" into this thread as it is the same topic so we can have all discussions on this topic centralised in one place. :)

    You can increase your chances of getting MORE loot from the dungeon by increasing your Fortune.

    You can see that in your Character menu by pressing "Show more stats" and selecting it from under Other Attributes.


    There are lots of ways to do this, but here is some notable ways which I remember off of the top of my head.

    Permanent for your character:

    • Collecting all of the Spirit Colours for the Achievement "Our World" (Y > Heroic > Record) and obtain the Riot of Colour. Gives +18 Fortune.
    • Purchase the Mask of Sadness and Joy from the Leisureland NPC in Cloudrise (Yaotian Palace). Gives +6 Fortune.

    Buffs which are temporary:

    • Using 3 Kois (obtained from Fishing Event) on someone before looting the dungeon. This also gives you a chance to get +1, +2 and +3 rolls on gear.
    • Completing your Jade Helper Scroll each week to receive the Pro Mentor Buff, lasts 7 days. Gives +28 Fortune.
    • Using Mentor Book, purchased from the Mentor NPC 'Tang Che' in Cloudrise (Yaotian Palace), lasts 7 days. Gives +10 Fortune.
    • On your daily check-in, you can roll an "Insight" buff which gives you a bonus of Fortune. You can reroll this by using Lucky Bells which you can purchase from the Attendance Vendor which is next to the Stash NPC in Cloudrise.(Lotus Terrace).

    I would like to clarify why this situation has occurred. Before the Raid was released, it was only possible to get 9/9 colours, those that completed the achievement before the Raid launched were able to get the Riot of Colours achievement and item + quest. Due to the Raid release, which adds Spirit Colour: Gold, you now need to also collect this item before the achievement can be completed.

    If there is still an issue with it not completing despite having all 10 colours, please let us know.


    As your issue is resolved, we will close the thread. If you have any topics you want to raise again in the future, please don't hesitate to check to see if the topic already exists, if it does not please create a new thread.

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    This thread has been closed as your query has been answered. If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to create a new thread or join in another discussion here on the forums. :)

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    Ah, I see. Next step will be working this out lol. Thank you both!

    Here are two good resources that should help you:

    It is also worth noting, that if the group leader has Captain's Assistant enabled for them, you will see their Captain's Assistant rather than yours. If you are just a group member, and the group leader does NOT have Captain's Assistant enabled, you will only see yours.

    Hey Kendahna,

    Each map (Baxian Plateau, Huaixiu Village and Shanghuai Grasslands) has new Heroics daily. All of these heroics can be completed by you daily, there is no limit for completion of them. It is a good way to making gold/silver. :)

    I hope that helps answer your question. New heroic quests appear at 6am server time (CEST for EU, EST for NA). it's not my computer, and it's not my tinnitus! it's a constant "in world" background noise. I've tried everything in sound options to turn it off but nothing works. I wonder if Cloudrise is in some sort of dome, and perhaps you could expect to hear a hum from whatever is keeping the dome there, but this is in the housing instance and open world....throughout the whole game and it's now driving me mad as silence with just the birds and lovely music would be amazing.

    Is the humming always happening, or is it only in specific locations in the world? Does it get louder in some location?

    If the answer is specific locations and yes, then it is most likely your Treasure Compass! Head to a Dragonstar (green teleport point) and Press CTRL Y and select Natural Scientist and grab the top option. This will turn it off, and the hum will go away!


    You can also turn the Treasure Compass sound off in the settings:


    I can just say without permanent edits, any guides and any serious posts are dead for this forum.

    For this case, I would like to add that I am more than happy to update any guides if someone needs a update or an edit. I am already doing this for a couple of guide creators already. You can just reach out to me using the Conversation system here on the forums, or by contacting me on the Discord server. :)


    As your issue has now been solved, we will close this thread. If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to check if there are topics already on the subject, or create a new thread at your own leisure!

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    As your issue has now been solved, we will close this thread. If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to check if there are topics already on the subject, or create a new thread at your own leisure!

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    Heyo, I have a question about this Cultivation Tutorial:
    Quest Screenshot

    I want to know how to unlock the heroic events?

    As you are level 33, I recommend doing your Biographies (little hand symbol on the bottom right). Once you have completed the Story quests in Baxian Plateau (where your heroic quest is located), you will be able to unlock the heroic quests and complete them at your own leisure.

    In short, you cannot complete your cultivation yet, you must attain a higher level to do so.

    Same for me.

    In game it would still let me set a Folder, but then it would give out an error of having no access to the compilation file?

    I tried setting r/w rights and all on the folders, but it did not help. So i can't think of anything else :(

    When I was using the Chinese version of the tool, I had to pull the files to my desktop. Could you try pulling the GujianMusicBox folder to your desktop and see if it fixes the issue?