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    I got the same problem but I fixed it by myself

    Normally I use the mouse with my left hand so my primary button is the right one (when u have the mouse righthanded it’s usually the left one).
    Since solo switching the windows options to the false (primary to left, secondary to right) and isn’t offering an option to change it, i simply fixed it with my Mousesoftware.

    I created a Profil with switched prim/sec buttons and forcing the Profil to activate on solo start.
    No problems anymore.

    Maybe this could help anyone with the same problem

    Thansk for sharing this, I am going to try that :)

    Thanks for the reply, "good" to know that i am not only one, if you know what i mean :)

    Well, I really hope they look into so being left handed is not an issue for playing the game. I got use to it, but stills annoying tho.

    I think they might change it with hte next patch, now that we are 2 (Extreme sarcam lol)

    I really don't wan't any WoW stuff in here, please let's keep it the way it is and not copy from all other MMO's just because it works there.

    I hate this attitude so much. Let's just do away with raiding, dungeons, flying mounts and cosmetic transmog while we're at it. If all you took away from this post was "wow" you should probably read it again. Wow isn't the only game with max/high level trial characters, off the top of my head I can think of Everquest 2 and BDO giving high end trials as well.

    Not saying OP's idea is good or bad, but it's frustrating when someone can't even read the original sentence without thinking it's trying to bring a wow exclusive feature over.

    It's not a attiude it's a opinion, just like yours.

    Really, just look at what you just wrote to me......

    I have to agree with Rosy, let's not make it hard for us to report them, but let's make it hard for them to sell in game. Even the loading screens between regions warn us about it!

    For the last week, i seen a increase of goldsellers in game and I am bit worried how much more this will increase as the game get's more features like raids etc.

    There can be good and bad about that options, example is PVP abuse to call a party i think, Faction Vs Faction.

    Other then that, I think the idea have been up before by other players, not sure they will add the feature tho, as we are still very early in the after game launch :)

    But there could be some options that I don't know of ofc. that could be used, try to ask around in chat maybe or Discord?

    There is a log?

    I check mine, and no visit yet XD....well besides me lol. Give 2-3 months more then a lot more players have settle in the basic af the game and I believe we will see a lot more houses.

    I was just more concerned about them, trying to hack another players account and wanted GF to speak out about how it's handle.

    as far as i know, you can't really hack an account. Most accounttheft is done via accountsharing or low security measures like a password like this "abc123". And both of those, is on you if you do one of them.

    Or even Impersonating as an employee or so and ask for the data, but for this its also on you.. since we or any employee would never ask you for this info.

    Just to say, that anything can happen if the hackers want your account and if you fall for any of there smart tricks, but it is really nice to know how our account is safe in that way.

    I just really hope that it does not happen to anyone at all, but MMO's are in general a tacget for anyone to scam real money out with RMT.

    Thanks for the reply :)

    hmm. Sounds strange, because other steam players are in game. I can only suggest that you write a ticket to support for help.

    I wrote a ticket yesterday and got a answer today, so it work out fast for me. It was another question and not about the launcher tho.

    It didn't take a long time before we saw the first gold farmers in the chat, sadly enough.

    Maybe there can't do much harm besides trick some poor souls to get there account hacked.

    So it would be very nice to hear what GF will do about it.

    It's not really possible to "farm" gold - traditionally (aka killing mobs on hours)
    All the currency/income etc you get, is coming from achievments and quests (dailies, weeklies) so everything is regulated. one can only have X amount of money - physically possible within a certain amount of time. And a lot of things are actually account wide (such as collectible for example).
    At least thats from what I see, so I wonder how there even can be gold farmers/sellers, and not just straight up scammers? o.o

    Yes I know it's not possible like in other MMO's, it's just that everyone knows what a Goldfarmer is, kinda like the Universe language for them :)

    I was just more concerned about them, trying to hack another players account and wanted GF to speak out about how it's handle.

    I took some screenshots and will write a ticket soon. Thanks for the reply and information.