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    I am not proposing this or any specific idea.

    I am stating the fact that Rampage can be used to bypass Ignore and continue to harass someone.

    Ok, I see your point, I'm sorry.

    You are continuing to spread misinformation.

    Let me disagree. The information about Rampage mode has always been public. It's a pity that some official sources miss this data. However, I can clearly see that it is correctly written right on this forum and also CMs have said it once more during today's stream. PK is a thing in this game and you can't be 100% safe although it's not highly likely a lot of people are going to use this system due to harsh penalties.

    Just to avoid double-posting:

    This is my personal opinion about this topic and has nothing to do with my position as a SMod.

    Ok, so that's your personal opinion, I see. I guess I should create a ticket to ask support team about it. Anyway thanks for providing general idea.

    And game support has realistically no way to discern the difference between "legitimate" use of Rampage and the intent to harass another player.

    There's no legit or forbidden usage of Rampage mode. It just exists. You might get killed as many times as someone wants and support has nothing to do about it and it's perfectly fine. Your idea is to ban/block people because they use in-game feature. That's why I asked Zhirelia if they have any intention for it. You can see the answer by yourself.

    You're completely right. It's super confusing there, it looks like multiple sources spread different or incomplete information. I brought my point from here Take up Arms and Cross Swords! and official streams, so I was sure these guys were totally clear about PK.

    Are you sure? Show me on the FAQ Swords of Legends Online FAQ - News and Announcements - SOLO ( / Swords of Legends Online FAQ :: Swords of Legends Online General Discussions ( or the landing page Swords of Legends Online ( where it states in a "100% clear" fashion that there is PvP/PK that you cannot opt-out of.

    Furthermore, there was misinformation from a Community Manager in April. How many people might have taken that at face value and stopped researching? The implication (which I bolded below) is that all PvP will be opt-in.

    Take up Arms and Cross Swords!

    This is a thread from official news and announcements. I think it was written quite simply and clearly. Also I've seen couple of streams where they stated the same thing: "The game has PK system and it's not optional".
    I can't say anything about misinformation, you're right here. That's the question to this Community manager.

    Personal preference of the victim. Most likely.

    Let's go deeper into that rabbit hole, just don't take it to heart: I'd like to loot something from the corpse of a defeated enemy. Most likely xD. It seems logical if you call it a crime, so why not? I've already placed my virtual hands on someone's neck and I won. Then it sound fair to allow me to take some profit off the slain.

    Hey, listen, my idea is not even as crazy as your's about blowing computers :D Some games have it - it's a "full-loot" system.

    Im having flashbacks to the time i learned about a neutron star.

    How can you answer a question and then proceed to ask for the answer to the question you just "answered" previously? As you know, it would be very---odd, for them to ban you for a feature that they made. No rocket science is required here to know that you cant get banned for committing the in-game crime of killing another player in rampage mode.

    As long as you don't harness the player in the messages (such as hate-speech/sexual, graphic content) then I don't think you can get banned for a private message. But of course, I think the only players that will have to worry about harassment bans are the Pk'ers. That stuff is right up their preverbal alley. Criminals are as criminals does.

    I've already seen games where the support team may block or even ban you because of in-game crime. I've also seen games where you might get banned because you said someone that he does not play as intended (ie healer who refuses to heal or tank who refuses to tank or dps who presses only 1 button). That's why I'm asking this "stupid and obvious" question.

    Upd. I'm strongly against forbidden sexual content, hate-speeches in public chats and everything that violates ToS. That's for sure. But I want to be sure support will not take care of any in-game situations (including PK).

    You cannot deny it. Consequences of Rampage to the perpetrator are irrelevant. It is a loophole that shouldn't be allowed.

    You should not play MMORPGs at all if you are so afraid of contacts with other people.

    This game has PK system with pretty harsh penalties. Period. PK is 100% valid and legal action in this game. Gameforge has always been 100% clear about it's existance and mechanics. What else do you want?

    @Zhirelia could you tell me please if the support team has any intention or instruction to take care of PK or other completely in-game accidents? I'm not talking about cheats or RMT or giving access to account. Is it possible to get banned or blocked because you killed someone? Is it possible to get banned or blocked because you said something to someone via private messages or group chat? Is there any place when I can read through the official PoV of the Gameforge? Thanks in advance.