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    According to the battle tutorial casting 2 times Racing Fire is supposed to trigger a fast cast Flame Curse.

    Or a) this not shown in the cast bar, or b) this is not working properly. Or c, both apply to these spells.

    Targeting in general keeps shooting dead targets in PvE and PvP.

    Even if you switch target and get too close to dead one, its switches back again. Very annoying in PvP.

    Another example is 2nd boss in Yumo. Even if you switch target, you start targeting the boss again.

    Just reach student 1 on your alt. That will open up the residence area. So you can enter your residence.

    After reaching student 1 on your alt, visit the portal to the housing zone. That will trigger the initial housing quest.

    All your alts are able to work on the same house. Dealt with the same issue. ;)

    One annoying thing I've found is that imprints don't go across the whole account, you have to buy them again if you want them for another character.

    Imprints are something else than cash shop items. Imprints are gearsets you collect in game. For those you 'pay' to wear them, for as far as I know. These items need to be collected per character and some are class only gearsets.

    Simple solution:

    Trigger certain events at the moment you log in. With the same time frame to achieve them. Event X gets Y hours, you get Y hours after you log in. Problem solved. Might not be perfect, but all can run the events.

    This minus the PvP stuff, due to bots. Would be too easy too run them all night long.

    Its optional for us to report it, in my honest opinion. Even though I do.

    Its not optional for GF to do nothing about it. For that you have moderators. Should be very well possible to mark certain things being said in the chat and act accordingly. Being an ex Multi Hunter (Game Admin) from another game, I am pretty sure you can see just about everything and anything happening in the game. This includes large amounts of gold being transferred across accounts.

    Its up GF to fix it. Or bare the consequence of people just leaving.

    Entering Zhongnan Foothills:

    First quest giver, think her name is Yangi, has a testosterone issue... or she having a bad cold or something.

    Female quest giver with a male voice. Scary stuff, if you ask me.

    every problems encountered immediately this community will be up in arms to ask for their pound of flesh...,

    There is nothing more important than character names to a great many people. Dont try to brush this off lightly as if it were nothing more than a server outage.

    Part of you needs to understand that server can only handle a limited amount of login attempts per minute. It's equivalent to, let's say, a DDos attack, which breaks a server. This is not just a GameForge fault, and just as much, a bunch of impatient people's fault.

    The key for me was to just keep spamming the login until it worked. Restarted multiple times, didn't change anything and just kept spamming. Took an hour or so.

    Good thing I don't go with really common pop culture names.

    Looks like its overall more stable now. A few friends of mine still have issues after trying everything but most were able to reserve a few names.

    Your way of doing this is a prime example why a server tells you f off. If all did the same thing I am not surprised at all this happened. You know many are trying to get their name as first. Spamming the login button is almost the same as a DDos attack, when 100's are doing this at the same time. Expect the same thing on launch day, when everyone is trying to get out of the starting zones asap.

    Sometimes you just have to show a bit of patience...

    1) restart your game client
    2) start up the game
    3) wait for a minute or so, don't select the server yet
    4) select the server after a minute or 2
    5) try to login on the server

    Worked for me. Might work for you.

    (I am on a fresh install of the game...)

    I wasn't complaining. xD

    All I can say is that login in ain't possible.

    Error message (but already known, I expect...):

    Your GameForge login ticket is invalid or has expired. Account authentication has failed. Please try again later.