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    Just so you all know, while the current Chinese version of the game has factions and faction zones, but our initial version of the game will not.

    Can you please clarify if GvGs are going to be in the game on release? And will faction vs. faction zones be available eventually with future patches?

    I know you asked Raederle the question but I will add my two sense regarding the faction stuff. It is my understanding that eventually the NA/EU release will eventually catch up to the CN / TW versions in content, including Faction vs. Faction zones and all of the other PvP types that we will not have right at the start.

    Unless they decide to discontinue a certain PvP type in CN / TW before the west catches up to the content. Then they probably will just not bring it over.

    I am just happy that I can continue to run the dungeons even without the maximum amount of rewards. This is especially helpful for people trying to run guilds so that they can help out their guild mates. No system is perfect that is for sure.

    Hey guys,

    I am interested in following people who are planning to stream, make videos, and share screenshots / fan art and other content throughout their social media channels for SOLO.

    I figure we could start a social media sharing thread on the forums for those interested in connecting with the SOLO community across social media channels.

    I will start us off

    Twitter =

    Twitch =

    YouTube = Blackboa Gaming - YouTube

    Blog = Blackboa – Medium

    Looking forward to connecting with you guys and gals, especially on twitter where I think SOLO content will blow up.

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    The Filthy Casuals Guild is being resurrected as part of the North American Release for Swords of Legends Online.


    The guild was first created during the beta periods of a PvP focused MMORPG called Albion Online. It made it to the launch and lasted for about 6 months, becoming one of the largest guilds in the game at the time and being in the top 10 in leader boards in most categories, including becoming one of the first guilds to own territory.


    Swords of Legends Online (SOLO) is a theme park MMORPG with a wuxia theme that will be releasing as a buy to play title in the West through the Gameforge publisher. It is a non pay to win game in its native region of China and will also be non pay to win in North America.


    a. No Casual Left Behind - this means that we work together as a team to help our guild grow so that we lift each other up

    b. Intolerance for Toxicity - we are a laid back group of mature gamers who do not tolerate a toxic culture or environment

    c. Competitively Casual - we do not force anything upon our members but when we do something, we do it well and competitively

    d. Teamwork makes the dream work - doing dungeons together, PvP instances, world bosses, and anything that comes up will set us apart as a cohesive unit

    e. Communication is Key - having access to our discord is important part of building a community and getting to know one another


    If you are interested in joining, please respond to this post and I will send you a private message with our discord. I am also a Forgemaster content creator so you will be able to catch me streaming the game as well so you can always ask to join then too.

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    Giving people the option is definitely good but I must admit, as I have gotten older my tolerance for open world PvP has changed. Since I enjoy smaller scale activities now a days, it feels like most games with open world PvP enabled turn into "whoever has the largest numbers win", so I am not too sad that this game won't have it aside from consensual duels.

    Hopefully the instanced PvP will be lit enough to keep us entertained :).

    Hi Gameforge Team,

    I know a lot of this information will likely be coming out in the coming days, weeks, months, but wanted to put out a forum thread regarding the topic of PvP. I know there are numerous PvP game modes over in China, some of which also include PvE objectives within them.

    Do we know what game modes are going to come to the West upon initial release? Over time I am sure most if not all of them will port over, but what specifically will be here come launch?

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    Hi All,

    I was wondering if there would be any daily /weekly limits on the number of dungeons raids and pvp encounters you can que up for and if there would also be any limits on loot you can get from these events?

    I was told there might be loot limits but you can que up as much as you want to help people out with these dungeons / raids.

    If someone knows the official answer would be helpful. Thank you!

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    Nice so will I. I plan to create a Guild most likely in NA assuming I enjoy the game when I get a chance to play it.

    I too am curious at end game. It appears to be a mix of PvP, Dungeons / Raids, World Bosses, Housing, and Cosmetic collecting.

    Should be fun though!

    Hey Guys,

    I wanted to share a YouTube video of a live stream we had today going over a lot of the exciting news about Swords of Legends Online that was announced today.

    In the video we went through the website, discussed the classes, read through the FAQ, and watched video's of other content creators who shared their thoughts on the game coming to the West as well as watched some gameplay from the China region.

    For those who wish to check it out, you can see the video here

    I hope to live stream the game as well during the Alpha and / or Beta phase on my channel here

    Looking forward to learning more about this exciting game with all of you soon!

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