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    I think you need to get to student 1 which is basically beginner 37. When you reach that level you will get a new quest from one of the masters of your class. You will basically reach the next level in your cultivation which is student and they will also tell you about and unlock Astral Alchemy.

    Thank you so much for you help!


    I am currently a Fox mage at begginer lvl 30 and have a few astral essence points, but I have not learned 'Astral Alchemy' and therefore do not have access to shortcut N. What level does this feautre unlock or who am I suppose to talk to to start the quest, becuase I am on the lvl 26~ story quest and have 2 points avaible.

    Thank you ^.^

    I am using the camera mode when taking screenshots (so that the UI is removed), but my IGN is still visible in the right bottom corner. Will this disqualify my screenshot as it mentions that "private data ex. character name" should not be visible?