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    I'm just so happy that we can move the UI elements around, and hopefully we can also adjust the scaling of each element.

    I try to keep my UI settings and placement similar from game to game, when possible.

    Based on the last livestream, you will be able to resize the windows and move them where you want very easily

    So I've been following this game for a bit on I like wuxia games and movies, they are always so pretty with their aesthetics. From what I can see the characters are a lot better made and designed than Revelation (hosted by

    Are we going to have loli characters or be able make huge-head characters or skew the body proportions? I hope not, I don't mind the loli characters to a certain degree, but bobbleheads and super deforming characters are just unsightly to me. Their hairstyle meshes also looked they are taken from other games too, and poorly ported. I just hope this game has better character creation and graphics since it's B2P and not free like RO.

    If we get pets are they going to be spammy like they were in Aion? Like a cat just repets their animation on a loop instead of doing it once every few minutes and their noises had no cooldown either it was really annoying. I don't remember if Revelation had pets though.

    Character creation will allow for Male and Female. Loli should be coming at a later date with the other classes we wont have at launch
    The creator does not let you make crazy big headed characters, its very close to the Chinese thin style characters you would expect from a heavily Chinese inspired background.

    There are in my opinion a limited selection of hair style in the other versions, only time will tell if we will have more hairstyles in our version. The cash shop allows for a lot more customization if you are willing to drop some money on it though.

    The pet system is unknown to me but what i have been able to see in imagines, they look far superior to whatever aion has to offer.

    I dont think i know enough yet about you guys, need more info! :D

    Are you able to live together with someone or work together on to make a house that can be used by more than 1 person?

    You may give permission to friends so that they can work on your construction with minor restrictions. And they'll also have permission to interact with furnitures in your house.

    Does this include the ability to use the things you mentioned earlier?

    A cooktop.

    A fishing area.


    A spa.