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    Very well said, and I've also said this before. If you don't like pvp, just go play a pve only game, don't try to go change a game's pvp when you aren't even interested in it.

    Do you care about pvp? I'm talking about the people that don't like pvp and complain about being able to get pked. If they don't like it and want it changed then go play another game that is fully PVE or whatever. Don't come to a game and suggest to remove things just because they don't want to pvp.

    Then don't play a game with open world pvp. Simple as that.

    I agree with most of this. But I do disagree on the way you use "may be" when talking about the system working or not. People complaining about open world pvp have no place to complain and try to remove or fix it because they don't partake in it at all. If you're going to play an MMO I suggest you do your research and if you don't like a pvp aspect of it because you aren't into pvp, STAY AWAY FROM IT. It's that easy... It is selfish and no offense but extremely dumb to try and change a game to your standards just because you don't pvp or are bad at it.

    The reason you don't understand it is because you don't pvp enough and/or haven't played open world pvp games. But having the freedom to attack for example someone of an "enemy" guild in the open if you find them, or a person you have beef with, or even just a friend to scare them messing around. This are some of the reasons open world pking/pvp is fun, and being restricted to things in an open world game where you should feel free to do such things just takes a lot of the fun out of it.
    Even if there's faction, there could still be friction between players of the same faction which still makes pking a fun and wanted go to option.

    Rampage system should be less harsh, or stay as it is. It's already very punishing to turn PK on in this game. Also there are many safe zones like the main cities, or cloudrise if you don't want to find pvp, you can also buy a house and do dungeons safely from pvp. The fun part of open world is to enjoy whatever it has, and freedom. Attempting to remove something from a game just because YOU don't like is not how things work, that's why there are many games out there with no pvp at all that you can play, if this game needs anything is people that want to make it better, not worse, because it's already an amazing game.

    I like the PK system, I vote to keep. I think it is punishing enough

    I agree, it's way too punishing already for who ever tries to PK. It just feels like these carebears don't understand how harsh it is so they just start whining at the first sight of pvp. Idk why they don't stay in a PVE only game, go play roblox or something.

    Not sure why you keep saying that this game wasn't "advertised" to have open world pvp or whatever when this game has been out for years and if you do your research you clearly see the kind of pvp there is. This is a great game, there's no p2w, there is a healthy amount of things to do in every way. You're trying to complain about a feature you don't even want to use when a majority of people enjoy it.

    The fun is being able to be free to attack other players if you wanted to. It's not about having fun killing/attacking players who don't want to participate. If you don't want to participate in PVP, there are PVE games or areas you can play in. You not accepting there's a possibility of getting attacked by other players isn't anyone's issue but your own.

    You need to learn the meaning of griefing, because you clearly are over exaggerating. Open world pvp can be used in many ways, just because you get PKed doesn't mean it's automatically grief. Why do you come to such a great game and try to change it to your standards just because you don't like PVP? How would you like it if people started complaining about hard modes being too hard and asked for them to be dumbed down?

    I think the solution would be to make a PVE server so all the carebears can play in their own realm with no PVP. Because removing PVP mechanics from a game just because you don't enjoy them isn't fair for those that do. Go play another game if you are that scared of getting attacked by another player when you lose NOTHING from dying.

    The PK punishments are even harsh enough for people to not gain much from it anyway so why try to smash it even more? How would you like it if someone that isn't much interested in PVE said, "Please make hard dungeons easier, they are too hard and annoying to deal with"?

    If people don't like open world pvp, then they should go play a PVE game. It's annoying to complain and try to remove a mechanic from a game when you aren't interested in it. You aren't "forced" to pvp, you can just run away if someone happens to randomly pick you as a target out of 1000s of people playing in the open world. And this is a multiplayer game, if someone tries to kill you, just ask for help if you really are that bad at pvp or at getting away.
    You already don't lose anything when you die.

    If you don't want to learn a mechanic that is in the game just because you only want to play against AI, you should really go play another game that has no PVP mechanics, don't ruin a fun experience taking the freedom that is open world pvp just because you don't like it.