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    its just not allowed, according to our Terms of Use:

    3.2.5 It is not permissible to use the Gameforge Services via anonymization services or similar means capable of suppressing or concealing the real IP address or the origin of the user.

    And this btw, can get you banned.

    About the Servers, the beta already has the servers that are planned for launch. Because you only have that one Server you can see, but in the background you have many different servers who are handling the instances etc. so its only visible as one cluster/megaserver. (one cluster/megaserver per region of course)

    So my question to you is this.

    Is it the policy to ban everyone or anyone who uses a VPN, irrespective of the reason for the use of the VPN?

    So in short, you guys will ban all VPN users from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, South America, and many other regions.

    You'll probably notice two things about the above regions I mentioned and that is:

    1. We all have high ping to the current servers 180/200/250 etc. simply due to where we are situated in the world.

    2. We are all from supported regions(Game-wise) but due to the high ping are forced to use a VPN to stabilize and if we are lucky, to lower our ping to the game servers.

    Of course all the above will be irrelevant if a check on the original IP behind the VPN is done before the ban. If that is the case I presume they will notice it originates from a supported region and not ban the user/account ?

    I would like some clarification here please since to be brutally honest, I don't see any reason to purchase anything (costumes, mounts, etc.) on release if there is a high chance to be banned? :(

    But I would like to know:

    According to the statements here, I can hunt my killer.
    But what if he's been in jail for 6 hours and then comes out,
    is that still possible or is he innocent again?

    even if he was in jail he will still be on your nemesis list and you can hunt him down. being in jail and getting rid of bad qi, wont save a PKer from getting revenge killed.

    Ok after he gets revenged killed by the "victim" will the PK'er remain on the victim's nemesis list? So in short could that victim go repeat kill that PK'er with out bad qi coming into the equation ?;)

    "Edit" I presume revenge killing does not require you to enable PK mode ?

    Sorry about all the questions!

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to this thread, I only came back from work a little while ago.

    Thank you for the response Korin I actually tried all this and unfortunately, it did not work, I'm on Windows 10 btw.

    So before I came back to this thread I tried out all the advice in this thread, hoping something would click for me. Nothing worked.

    I was about to give up and a miracle happened!

    My daughter walked in and said, "Dad why don't you try a VPN?"

    Initially, I ignored this since my country(South Africa) was in one of the supported regions. I could see it in Steam as well as purchase it with my local currency.

    Plus I, of course, bought it directly from the Gameforge website so yeah there should be no problem been "Blocked".

    After a little more struggle I gave up and tried a VPN as a last resort. I loaded the VPN up and logged in to the launcher, pressed the install button.....

    Yeah it worked ?(

    I'm currently downloading with a free VPN(ProtonVPN) running in the background.

    Now if I quit the launcher and turn off the VPN and then load the launcher up and log back in, it does not work no matter how many times I press that install(yes it changes back to install even when it was actually downloading with the VPN) button. If I turn on the VPN and log back in, it actually resumes downloading before I can even press anything... lol

    To be honest I don't know what is going on :/

    All I can think of is maybe the launcher is not picking up all the approved regions/countries?

    Anyway, thank you for all the advice in the thread!

    I was going to attach my problem to the other two threads that are currently active but maybe creating a brand new thread, would hopefully draw more attention to this issue.

    So like Aetherblades and Vraekon's threads, I seem to have the same problem.

    Install does not seem to work in my case.

    Pressing Install simply brings the folder selection up and once I choose the folder(which has been created on a drive that has more than enough space) the window vanishes and once again displays the Install button. No matter how many times I repeat this it seems to just ignore my folder selection, the download never starts. There also is no error message displayed

    at all, it's as if I never pressed the install button:(

    Unfortunately, you probably will be forced into it on some occasions but if you think you're going to be easy prey, then you're forgetting some points. With no Pay2Win(currently)and no RNG gear upgrading(100% success), the likelihood that you will come across some random Pk'er who can one-shot you is nonexistent. Sure they may have more PvP skill than you but their gear(PvP)will not be a hundred times better than yours(PvE);)

    Anyway, In my opinion, I'm very happy to see they retained this feature in the game, I was worried they would attempt to remove it. This will make many people happy who were giving the game a skip due to the lack of open-world PvP.


    We won't have open world PVP. Instead, we'll have 1v1 duels where both characters have to accept in order to fight. We will also have arenas like 3v3 or 5v5. For more information, stay tuned to our news and streams! We'll be having one each just for PVP ^^


    Hi Raederle, sorry for the bother but could you please be so kind as to clarify the first part of your message. Are there no plans to bring any of the PVP expansions(OWPvP, faction, etc) to the western version? :(

    To be honest, I was initially turned off when I realized there was going to be no OWPvP in SOLO. After reading through the official Discord and reading through this thread, I've changed my mind, everything mentioned in this thread sounds just like what I'm looking for. Unfortunately, your message has me a bit concerned. I'm hoping the no open world PVP decision will be just temporary until the specific content that enables it, will be implemented in the western version :)

    I'm really looking forward to your PvP stream and on a side note, I'm really enjoying your class videos as well!:thumbup: