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    Based on my comparison for USD, paying with a preferred method on GF gets you 100coins bonus/10$ over the steam client, which translates to 10(smaller packs with worse coin to dollar ratios)% - 5%(bigger packs with better buck to coin ratios) bonus, which is likely intended since steam does take a significant cut. My bigger question would be if aside from this, will there possibly be any gameforge exclusives that steam users cannot get at all.

    It's just the bonus I'm wondering about actually, the base prices are the same for me in USD (though ive heard in euro its different) , if GF is intended to have bonus over steam, I'll just ditch my steam set and run with GF instead.

    Currently, purchasing coins ( for costumes) thru the different clients has a overall difference, im unsure if intended.

    Both clients 199.99 usd for 34500,coins, however the client launched seems thru gameforge launcher seems to have an additional bonus of 100coins/10$ if you pay using a "top payment method" that steam does not have.

    Is there any way for steam users to pay thru the same methods besides just steam wallet, or is this how its intended to be?

    I'd like to seek clarity if its intended to be the case, so I can plan accordingly on which platform to proceed with, as the difference in coins may quickly add up for me.

    Given that there are already differences, I too would like to avoided being blindsided like the OP.