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    If you play every day you will have more parchments than a player that just raids. You can buy one piece of gear each week if you get all of them.

    Also I don't see how a pity system rewards players that got lucky drops more. You loose your pity with the first drop you get so if someone gets a drop on the 1st boss they kill, the next 3 have no pity and then the next 4will build up pity again. The next guaranteed drop is on the 8th. To get more, they need to be lucky again and even then they loose the guaranteed drop on the 8th if they get something on the 5th.

    Without lucky drops you get one drop on the 4th and one on the 8th.

    To get more than that, you need to get 2 lucky drops within 4 bosses with pure RNG.

    If you are unlucky, you can actually game the system and aim for a specific drop by killing the bosses out of order to hit pity on the gear you want.

    Sure, you can find it here

    I'm not a tank in SOLO but I tanked in other games so I have some guesses.

    Skills that taunt mobs to instantly give you aggro often do this by setting your own aggro slightly above the highest in the group. This could explain some variance in the amount of aggro you get.
    Another option is to have the skill force the mob to face you for a short amount of time.
    In both cases stacking those skills is useless.

    Aggro is probably a percentage so 999 means you have 99.9% of the aggro. If a DD overpowers the boss with a burst combo, they might gain so much aggro in a short timeframe that they overtake yours. Aggro of DDs usually falls off faster or they have skills to reduce the aggro they produce.

    Similar for healers: in most games healers take a portion of the aggro of the one they are healing. Overhealing the tank or the whole party during a burst phase might result in them taking aggro.

    We actually don't get content that much faster than the original release at the moment. Maybe a week faster here and there. By the end of the year I expect us to be about a month ahead of the original schedule. Things might speed up later as we already have housing, faction war and other stuff.

    The pity is also just the absolute minimum drop and the two pity systems usually don't overlap 100%
    We currently have 8 bosses and will have 10 soon (for some reason I failed at math in my last post) so over a month you'd get 10-15 pieces of gear with that system even if you are unlucky.

    Also you are forgetting the parchment we get each week. If I include the two raids we are still missing, you can get 196 parchment 75 every week so you can buy another 4 pieces of gear per month. If you are really unlucky and get duplicate drops that you can't trade away during the raid, you can break them down for 60 parchments as well.

    Also, does anyone already know what tier of equipment the hard mode raid will drop? Because if they drop level 75 gear too, that'd be a bummer.

    Hard mode raids will drop lvl 90 gear. You can look it up in the wardrobe.

    The release date is also already in the game. Level 90 for the pet will unlock on september 23rd so the first hard raid will release either then or the week before. We have 5-6 weeks from now to gear up. If you run every raid and do all your dailies and weeklies, you will most likely have a gearscore of 75 and a pet with 1000 understanding by then (I'm currently a bit behind as I didn't raid the first week).

    The release schedule is actually pretty good considering that players who are fully geared for weeks will complain about not having higher level content to tackle.

    According to the wiki, the chinese version uses a pity system that guarantees you one piece of gear per 4 bosses within a tier. That way the worst case you run 6 bosses in a row without loot (if you get gear from the 1st and 8th boss).
    Also if you kill a boss 4 times (over 4 weeks) you will get a gear drop as well. This counts toward the one drop per 4 bosses rule though.

    This system may or may not be implemented here as well currently. The first week it wasn't in place as some ppl got no gear from the full 6 bosses but they changed something and it's reasonable to think they would take a solution that already exists.

    With two more one boss raids coming out in a few weeks, we will have 8 bosses then and that system would give you at least 2 pieces of gear over all raids.

    Dragonsong Battle is meant to be a big, short mass pvp war. This doesn't work if it's open 12+ hours.

    You don't have castle sieges or guild wars open all day long in other games as well.

    Maybe add a second 1 hour Dragonsong Battle to catch more players but having it open all day beaks the core of what the event is about.
    Dragonsong Battle isn't so much about the quest reward but the rewards you get from participating in the mass pvp. The quest is just there to bait players in.

    All other faction events go from 11 to 1 (11 to 11 on the weekend) and can be completed at your own pace - except for the dog because it needs other players in that zone to win the tug-of-war.

    I also support extending the window for those, like they did with 3v3. That way more players are able to complete them if they don't have time in the current 12-14 hour window.

    If you can and want to participate in Dragonsong, you can do the other event shortly before or after it (they don't take more than 20 minutes to complete). You don't need to enter the faction zone twice that way. There is no reason to join a 12 hour long event the minute it starts.
    And if you can't join Dragonsong, just go in whenever you want.

    Oh and if for some reason you still need to enter twice, buy a faction mode reset. It's not that expensive if you only need it once or twice a week but enough that it hurts players who want to switch all the time.

    Es gibt bisher kein "Freunde werben" Programm.

    Du verlierst nur das Grundstück, welches dann von einem anderen Spieler gekauft werden kann. Aller Fortschritt und Gegenstände werden dir erstattet und, wenn du eine neue Insel erwirbst, wieder hergestellt. Sicherheitshalber würde ich jedoch die platzierten Gegenstände als Blaupause speichern, falls die automatische Wiederherstellung fehlschlägt.

    Man kann direkt mit Spielern handeln, Dinge mit der Post verschicken und ein Auktionshaus gibt es auch. Zudem hast du ein kleines Lager auf das alle deine Charaktere zugreifen können. Viele Gegenstände sind jedoch an einen Charakter gebunden.

    Dein Haus wird mit allen Charakteren geteilt. Du kannst mit jedem beliebigen deiner Charaktere alles in deinem Haus verwenden.

    Outfits aus dem Shop sind, bis auf wenige Ausnahmen, geschlechtsspezifisch. Accessoires sind für jeden Charakter verfügbar.

    Skillpunkte sind fix, du hast keine Wahl wie du sie verteilst. Viele Klassen haben nicht mal mehr als eine stufe in ihren Skills.

    Alles andere kannst du mehr oder minder einfach rückgängig machen.
    Für Astralessenz musst du zurück in deine Schulzone. Glyphen und Blessings kannst du jederzeit außerhalb des Kampfes ändern.

    Die Meldung kommt schon, wenn du nur einen Boss besiegt und die Belohnung dafür erhalten hast. Alle Bosse, die du noch nicht besiegt hast, droppen aber weiterhin. Du bekommst also nur keine Belohnung für dinge, die du wirklich schon erfolgreich gemacht hast.

    Du kannst sehen welche Belohnungen du schon erhalten hast indem du J drückst und dann das dritte Icon auf der linke Seite anklickst. Dort ist eine Übersicht über alle Dungeons. Wenn du mit der Maus über einen Dungeon gehst, siehst du bei jeder Belohnung einzeln einen roten Pfeil für nicht erhaltene und einen grünen Haken für erhaltene Belohnungen.

    While I can see the problem (I'm HC on EU and here Mysticism dominates the zone 90% of the time), there is no way to artificially balance factions because a member is not equal to an active member.

    If you equalize the number of players in a faction too much it will result in the faction that has fewer active players or more pve oriented players to be the underdog anyways.

    Also I have never had problems completing the dailies within 20 minutes or so even if we were only 5-8 HC in a zone with 40+ enemies. All of them (except the dog) provide ways for the loosing side to at least complete the quest. Standing inside that circle is probably the worst (slowest) way to get points unless you are able to defend the boss long enough to get the bonus for them surviving.

    Momentan noch nicht möglich zu beenden.

    An der stelle solltest du automatisch in die Spiegelwelt Jadepalast bei Nacht wechseln. Die "Server nicht aktiv" Meldung zeigt dass die entsprechende Zone wohl noch nicht freigeschaltet ist.

    some of the events are locked for me. I have a daily that requires to clear 4 heroic in grassland, but there are only 3 events available. The rest are locked.

    Do you have a screenshot? I have never seen them individually locked. You should unlock all of them once you complete the story quest in that zone and before that they are all locked.

    If you mean the icon has a question mark, then that's not locked but you just haven't completed it yet. You need to go there to see the type and reward on your map.

    After some research it seems that the Liberation Flag is supposed to unlock extra slots for the combination tool. It's confusing that it uses the same icon as the mentor buff.

    When I activated the 9th colour I got a quest in the realm that had the Riot of Colour as a reward.
    There may be other conditions you need to fulfill to get this quest though.

    Not really hard o get. 10 per day from Cloudrise Knight and 40 per week for the treasure hunt while a piece or armor costs like 30.

    And it's a one-time cost after which it is free to use forever. Other games may unlock stuff for free but require you to pay each time you apply the skin.