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    Since you've talked about both FFXIV and LoL, you should know how toxicity can be enabled easily by making statistics available. Heck, even FFXIV doesn't include a DPS meter and forbid using ACT to judge others: should SOLO do the same then, remove the DPS meter and let raid group wipe again and again because of one weight?

    From what I can read from your first and second paragraph, you propose to add statistics which would aid in filtering the already low playerbase. Doesn't that go against your "waiting simulator" issue though. This is like group recruitements looking for 85gs/6k DPS and wondering why they take forever to find people... In no way do I see your propositions solving the issue. It would certainly help some people in oneshotting dungeons and going back to sleep for the rest of the week though, contributing to the dwindling the population even more.

    "it should not be a customers job to think and implement solutions"

    And the solutions do exists, but are they worth it from a company point? To mitigate these issues may require to revamp the game itself (e.g. timegate, gear progression) on a game that already has its content set in stone (unless devs decide to change things for our version, lol). I'm all hear on a solution that would both make the customer and GF/WS happy.

    On another noter, "Oh and NA ppl who complain about high ping, need just to move closer." has the same problem (even Riot a multi-billion company can't be bothered to fix it for LoL).

    I mean... what do you expect them to do? Force people who are already done to do it again? Force people to use a role? Make DPS only raid/dungeons? Reduce the minimum amount of people per raid?

    Also, you're kinda gimping yourself by only playing one mastery out of the two that your class propose.

    Anyone else dreading what effect New World will have on the playerbase when it comes out next Tuesday? (Also, who releases on a Tuesday? Wouldnt a Friday release be best, so players can game out the entire weekend? )

    I don't know if you ever worked in development before, but as a rule of thumb: never ever push to production on a Friday. Unless you want to debug live on a Friday afternoon, or even worse during the weekend, Thursday is generally a safe day and leave you enough time to fix shit.

    On the topic, people have been talking repetitiveness but I'd say that it's the very essence of an MMORPG - most of the MMORPG that I've played, except 'sandbox', are a chore and require repeating the same task for hundred of hours. Unfortunately in the case of SOLO, the repetitiveness is boring with endgame content consisting of only raids that are available once a week for 2 months. And then you're rewarded with the same dungeon +1 mechs per boss (for 2 months again...).

    Honestly, like most people, I only do my weeklies on reset and connect once a day to do some dailies.

    Note: PvP is dead af (lol). Also excluding shit optimization.

    on Eu only 2 guilds cleared dahan already.

    Feels good to be amongst the two guilds who completed it then huorong_stare.

    Anyway, for the DPS requirements you have to remember that on the third phase Dahan takes more damage (25% iirc) and leaves puddle that increases your damage by 55% for one whole minute: 5.2k DPS is easily reachable if you know how to smash your keyboard.

    Anyway, here's something that might justify Dahan's "difficulty" huorong_weird.


    This is not an issue exclusive to the event, but an issue that has been in the game since beta (and maybe even before). The problems come when quest progression is updated. Rebooting the game generally fix (albeit shit fix) the issue.

    I'll agree on the second and third point: server issues and voice acting could have been better handled. However, I don't understand why you are blaming MS Azure. Many other games (not only MMORPG) are hosted on cloud services and meet no issues. Obviously you can throw more money at them, but lag is the issue and something that is not easily resolved. Like tell me, what are you supposed to do as a sysadmin when even MS fails at delivering proper latency.

    For the other points, you have cited many games that were/are backed by big companies and reputation. If we take the example of Lost Ark, the game was already popular and know of before coming to the West wheras SOLO was... unknown.

    Thing is you expect SOLO to be a revolution in the MMORPG market and become a behemoth like top games. But, reality is not often disappointing. Not all games can spend million in advertising and reach 100k+ concurent players. Nah, SOLO was already aimed at a niche market and GF well knew that. Even if you manage to get some footing, player retention is a huge issue that SOLO didn't manage to do (cf Steam).

    Note: I'm not defending GF. Servers are trash, localization is (or was?) trash. But blaming advertising when they aimed for a different market is dumb.

    N.B.: I didn't read the entire thread, but Cash shop price seems to loosely based on the original version?

    I also agree that currently tank is a snoozefest, and honestly don't know how it'll be in the future. Tanking is pretty much being a DPS with an aggro button to press at the start of the fight.

    However, with how much healers can heal at the moment I'd doubt increasing damage would affect them (unless you're getting OSd)... I'd blame more the way the current boss were designed. The boss and the tank are basically training dummies... the mechanics are usually straightforward with the tank only having to stand still and use his defense ability when asked to do so (or just ignore and facetank, that also works).

    Edit: But hey! At least you're not getting insulted for being trash since you can't fail anything!

    1. Companion - The tooltip CD indicates the CD of the charges, not of the attack. However, there is indeed something wrong with this skill since it recharges and uses two charges at once.

    2. Healing Mist - Many skills in the game can be used without target.

    3. Spirit Dove - Probably intended with how the skill animation is.

    On another note,

    It will be teh same situation as happened with easy mode raids where they should have hard mode mechanics but since people do not udnerstand that, were shouting and they got ruined

    If the devs (and by that I mean the Chinese devs, I doubt GF can make any gameplay changes) removed these mechanics, then they deemed that the claims were worth considering for our version. Also, other versions like SEA, Vietnamese or Chinese steam are almost at the same progression as us, I'd like to know if they had it changed too.

    since thursday, i meet almost 100 different people that tried ruins and iceworld, and not just 1 time, 3-4 hours each day... i whispered some of them, they still not beaten them, me included.

    Weirdly enough, I also know hundred different people that downed it. Ice world doesn't even require some monstruous dps, it only requires people to read the manual and a few tries...

    if one person make a small mistake its autowipe..

    I don't know which raids you've been in, but so far no boss have been able to down a player for one mistake. Obviously, you can get wiped by missing mechanics (like in Ice World), but that is intended design: we don't want people to just skip them or cheese them after all...

    Since this topic is about Nuowu, the only things that can possibly kill someone are the random dark circles or the poison. For the former, it gives three whole seconds for you to dodge. For the second, it gives you around three seconds to move away or sixty seconds for the healers to dispel you. In the two times I did it (one with my guildies, one with randoms), people only died when they took two tornardoes or two dark zones at once.

    As for the DPS requirements, as I said in the other thread, if you can't do it 10 man for some reasons, try doing it with more people: it is easier dps wise. From a 4k dps check, it gets down to 3.2k with 19 people! (beware that for some reasons, 13 people requires 4.2k dps)

    And don't tell me that with 65 gear score you can't reach 3.2k dps...

    And if you really, really, really, can't down it. There are still elixirs and foods that give a non-negligent boost to your survivability and damage.


    2nd boss:NERF dmg: its a bit to much, that if one person(tank) doesnt know and play the mechanic perfectly the whole group haveing a super hard time.

    Well, yeah... that's the purpose of a mechanic. It gives you enough leeway for you to not get insta killed, but also not lenient enough to ignore it... A bullshìt mechanic would be something like Dahan lightnings dealing 80% of your health....

    Just fyi, if you think it is too hard, you might try doing with a group that has more than 10 people (it's a 20 man raid after all). You say that a 3.9k DPS is needed however, with 20 man (2 tanks, 4 healers, 14 dps), it falls to around 3.2k dps and that's leaving out the tanks that can deal more than 1k DPS themselves. While 3.2k dps is not easy for some people, it's not insurmountable by any means especially at 65gs.

    Also for Dahan DPS check, the hotfix happened because it was unintended changes (or so they claim), unanounced and out of the blue. If Dahan was released with a 3k DPS check instead, I doubt there would have been people complaining at all.

    It was laughable when I saw him/her getting aggressive at a post that was not really focused on asking the devs to speed up new content.

    Sorry but what? Should I quote your text to show you what kind of nonsense you're spewing? You're in luck, because I have some free time.

    I guess speculating bullshit is better than having a look at the roadmap that was released before the game release... And also, people speculate from the pet understanding level 90 that it'll be near the 9/23. (remember that XJP was released one week before level 75 parchments were made available)

    On another note since you really like talking without doing your researches, in China, XJP normal was released on 2018/09/06 while hard mode was released on 2018/10/11. As you can see, they had harder mode faster than us. However starting on 2018/10/25, one new boss raid was released every week for four weeks.

    In our case starting with XJP normal mode, we had two new boss raids every other week. So what can we conclude from that little bit? We're on par with Chinese content release speed, albait in a different order (actually faster depending on XJP hard release date). So I expect them to balance XJP Hard in accordance. But yeah, they're "throttling" content. And every game at release does that. What did you expect? Them to release everything at once, get geared in two weeks and do nothing? Catch up three years of Chinese developement in one year?

    Source: gjol wiki

    I am not so sure about that, because even if the aggro addition and the percentual increase was not sufficient, the mob shouldn't turn to me (simply because the aggro level was not enough) and stay on the target.

    I'm sorry but what part of "forces the target to attack you when using a taunting skill" do you not understand?

    Since some people can't seem to understand something as basic as aggro, let me explain it with some few vids.

    As you can see, the aggro doesn't switch haphazardly and actually makes sense. And I tested with NPC that deal no damage.

    So stop relying on taunt at the beginning of the fight and start using your skills that build up aggro.


    Just today I have experienced a regular dungeon mob (not a boss and not a special no-aggro mob) that was impossible to taunt. I have taunted it twice, it turned to me as expected for a second and then immediately turned back to his previous target

    Seems to be working as intended (except two tanks). Also since you talked about RRR, some mobs in the dungeon are no-aggro even though not explicitly shown like in Yemo.

    Now everyone is dying in raids, coz the aggro is randomly goes to 60 from 180 etc.

    I'm sorry but that is just not true. Aggro doesn't jump randomly from 60 to 180 except if you're running two tanks and the other randomly use his taunt skills. The only time a tank can lose aggro is at the beginning of a fight, even then I've never seen a berserker lose aggro. Maybe try using your Drink Up skill instead of going to sleep like most tank do. And even if you were to lose aggro for some reasons, you still have the option to ask your team to hold on while you build up your aggro metter...


    As you can see in the following screenshots, there isn't a space after the colons when talking in chat using either EN or DE local. However, when switching the game to French, a space is added after the colons. To follow the common guidelines regarding spacing with punctuation, I propose to add that space in the English and German translation. Also, it looks better imo...

    Note: Client version is if needed


    I hope this is in accordance with the new guidelines that were posted :

    I only reported blatant typos in the story, and will not comment on neither the translation nor the lexical choice taken by the translators. I still reported dialogues that make little sense. The post is in chronological order.

    I also noted down two other "issues" with the localization:

    1. In the mission objective, the text is often either in the impérative form or infinitive form. This makes the translation not uniform and a convention should be taken. as you can see here, in the quick description you have "Interrogez le grand maître" while in the objective there's "Interroger Ying Mofeng".
    2. In the same way, captions aka the texts in gray (e.g. "He coughs.") sometimes end with a period but sometimes not. Again, both are fine, but a convention should be taken for uniformity.

    => I won't post the above issues since they are way too many.

    Introduction : Taihua Mountain

    Chapter 1 : Valley of a Hundred Grasses


    You might have missed it since it was only annouced on Discord, but I think this is what you're looking for. Again, I'm not 100% sure since skills and buffs often have different names in this game.


    I really hope we can get some adjustments, otherwise people will probably quickly get bored of not getting anything out of content they can do once a week.

    Which might surely be fine for the chinese version, given that it will take some time between new content for them. But we're catching up and getting new content and as such new gear every few weeks.

    And somehow, the Chinese had to suffer this system more time than we do since they have a longer release schedule...

    Joke aside, the next dungeon tier will probably require recommend a gear score of 65. Requirements Recommendations that most peeps will fulfill since you only need five pieces of gear of level 75. The game doesn't expect you to be full 75, nor BiS, and even less having completed the two sets (who would actually need the two complete sets anyway).

    Also, does anyone already know what tier of equipment the hard mode raid will drop? Because if they drop level 75 gear too, that'd be a bummer.

    Aparte: the game is already easy as it is, a little bit a difficulty would be appreciated, right?


    I could make the same analysis assuming 100% droprate on the big four. The end result would be that you'd get way overgeared. And unfortunately, I don't understand your point either. Are you protesting against drop rates? Or maybe projecting yourself in the future in the prospect of "having the same fix"? In that case, it still wouldn't make sense since you're comparing one boss to six boss.

    Edit since I read the previous post:

    Getting both level 75 sets will be extremly hard without crafting since some piece of gear are only droppable from only one instance.