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    I think so far, I like the game, and content is being released at a pace that I wouldn't deem exhausting, which in some ways is super nice....

    But I was also hoping for more extremes to come out this week.

    As it currently stands some people are, or just about, getting to the point where they are completely capped on gear, and this means that we're basically guaranteed to be 70 gear score when entering extremes.

    It also means that when the 90 raids drop, we'll be almost guaranteed to be 75 GS.

    This has an added side effect of making the game really really easy, or at the very least, easier.

    It would be nice to have some of the challenge brought back into the game by giving us the option to run raids we aren't necessarily fully geared for, making things a more difficult challenge with a potential reward of better gear (better in the sense that upgrading from a 60 piece to a 90 piece is better than upgrading a 75 piece to a 90 piece).

    At the current content release rate, anyone who actively plays will be full 75 GS, when 90 comes out.

    Anyone who actively plays will be full 90 GS, when 100GS comes out.

    Anyone who actively plays will be full 100GS, when 110GS comes out.
    And so on.

    If things stay the way they are now, people will literally spend an hour to 1 day learning a raid, at most, and then proceed to faceroll that raid over and over and over on a weekly basis until this game is all but completely boring.

    I would like to see a point where raids are actually a challenge, or a point where it would take a few days and attempts of learning the mechanics with effort in order to actually achieve something (Similar to how the hidden bosses felt in the beta, but maybe even more challenging than that).

    Right now it feels like we're basically being babied to max GS, and then let loose to faceroll the next stage of content. And then we just repeat.

    Will that ever change?

    I know a lot of casual players are very vocal about their opinion that this game is way too hard already, but I also want to voice the concerns of the semi-hardcore to hardcore players that at the current rate of content release this game is far too easy and will quickly become boring.

    The yemo secret boss has a soft enrage, a DPS check if you will, because of how many stacks of negative qi start to accumulate and the speed at which they start to accumulate, but don't even worry about being wrong at this point. I think everyone in this thread already knows and has accepted that you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.

    If you were expecting to pull 1k bonus DPS off of soulforce alone, I think you'll be sorely disappointed.

    I am not expecting to do some insane damage with a soulforce, of course not. But I was hoping that it is least a little bit more, right now that 1% damage is ... meh. WIth or without it - does not matter IMHO.

    I mean... I kind of think that's the point.

    It's just some extra utility. I think they can't make it that insane or healers and tanks would be taking them just to do a bonus 1k 2k even 3k DPS....

    Sometimes my friends hard ice procs on his healer and he's already doing an extra 300 DPS or something than the typical 0 a healer would normally be doing. If they were must haves I think people would constantly be using them to cheese.

    The idea is that they're a nice little bonus you can use to boost DPS, or something you can take to get a little bonus utility

    What level are you using? I know for the defensive, they trigger pretty often when off CD. They did update the Attack Soulforce gems to activate more (300%), but my guess, you will need to resocket it for it to take effect.

    I am using level 2 - Black Wave 2 and Hard Ice 2. I will give this a try, thanks for the suggestion Chromas.

    Update: So I resocketed the soulforces, again lvl 2, and here are the results:

    I did 7 minutes parse on a dummy. 1,35m total damage done, out of which Hard Ice 2 did 13K and Black Wave 2 did 5K.

    This does not look to work as intended to me. Or if it is, I do not see the point of those soulforces existing in the game, they are totally useless.

    It sounds like it did do more damage after resocketing?

    I don't think they're supposed to be some crazy game breaking amount of damage. I think it's just supposed to be a tiny bit of extra damage that's better than nothing. I.e. If you were expecting to pull 1k bonus DPS off of soulforce alone, I think you'll be sorely disappointed.

    Also the healing ones and the tank ones seem pretty nice, so it might just be soul force is more intended to benefit other classes and isn't primarily focused towards DPS.

    Also also, I believe the level of the gear you are socketing the soul force into affects the soul force level....
    so even if I have like break matrix level 10 or something supposedly doing like 50% more damage when the target is above 90% HP, if I put that in a GS60 earring that only supports soul forces up to level 2, I expect break matrix to only work as if it were level 2 giving like 10% more opener damage.

    With the current gear available in the game, only up to socket level 3 is supported. So that's all the more reason I wouldn't expect crazy insane damage to come from soulforcing anything.

    This +1000. I was just about to make the same exact post. That is prime UI real estate and every boss fight I'm having to strain to see cool downs and debuffs because I can't move that stupid dialogue box. Please make it moveable, or removable now!

    For now I kind of worked around it by setting my UI scale to 0.9 and then moving a bunch of stuff....

    it's made me realise I probably don't need as many of my icons to be as big as they are, and I can always just resize whatever I need to be bigger.

    The added bonus is that the subtitles are a lot smaller/lower on the screen....

    The downside is that I literally had to move everything after doing this... and some elements of the UI are like... just tinier in general which you might not like... (I thought it was useful though)

    Bold of you to trust and assume your own parses must be 100% optimal.
    Especially when you literally just said you main healer, who only goes DPS "sometimes".

    Higher Ilvl -> Higher perception/hitrate -> u get a shitload of free dmg.

    Did you ever consider that some of the 60 pieces/talismans you thought weren't BiS were actually BiS because of their boost to perception? Perhaps hitrate is a far more important stat than haste or mastery.

    iLvL doesn't inherently affect perception at all as far as I know. But perception on pieces and talismans does add to your perception.

    Technically depending on the raids difficulty you get the perception rate as if the bosses were student 1 or student 2 or student 3 I believe? But nothing about your iLvl inherently affects your "student1", "student2", "student3" actual level as far as I know.

    It has a reason why people recruit iceworld, ruins of nuwou Ilvl 70+ and not invite levle 65/66/67 people. cause people know its not possible with that ilevel.

    It's not because people "know it's not possible." It's because it's far easier for even the most mediocre of players to pull better damage with better gear. Not that it's impossible for people without this gear to pull that kind of damage, just that you'd have to assume they were better than the average player, and when you're pulling from a list of pubs without a static raid group or anything it's far less likely to happen. Again, still not impossible, just less and less likely.

    You're literally complaining about how hard the game is when you think the "incorrect" gear piece is the one with the stat actually giving you the highest damage buff/output. And somehow after you tell people this, you expect us to believe you know the mechanics or how to play your class perfectly.

    Somehow you're the only person with all the "best" gear, who knows how to play their class perfectly, who reviews hours and hours of raid footage, who can't dodge the unforgiving always guaranteed 1 shot raid mechanics that only seem to target you and your raid group and literally nobody else, who is the only person in all of SOLO with all the odds stacked against them, who somehow still plays completely perfectly in spite of all this but somehow still can't clear the raid.

    Maybe. Just maybe. You're not actually as good as you think you are.

    And maybe, just maybe this is a you problem. Not a difficulty problem.


    Copium is a portmanteau of the words "opium" and "cope" used to describe a fictional drug to help one deal with loss. It is frequently used in a meme featuring Pepe the Frog hooked to a oxygen tank labeled "copium."

    You heard them. Impossible.

    That's why literally nobody has cleared the raid.

    You can't possibly output 3.6k DPS in 60 gear or lower. Everyone quit the game now. Literally impossible.

    I imagine maybe this isn't a problem in the Chinese version because mabe there are no subtitles...

    but please... PLEASE... for the love of god, let us move this dialogue box.


    It is literally just glued to the UI in the worst possible place. Making a wonderful clunky mess of everything that would otherwise be my cool down bar.

    Even better in ruins there's some point where the guy spouts out like 3 full of lines of dialogue and it literally just covers everything.

    Is it possible at all to have an option to move this about?


    I noticed this in the shop today.

    There's like a thumbnail for a "not shorts" version of the swimsuit in the illustrated encyclopaedia. I'm told that our swimsuit currently matches the Taiwan swimsuit, but I am left to wonder if the Chinese version has the swimsuit in the picture.

    I'm also left wondering how many outfits with cheaply modeled shorts, don't have those shorts in the Chinese version as well.

    I'm pretty sure the original outfit I started this game about was maybe my mistake at this point and I all but gave up on it, but I'd still prefer as little to be censored/deviated as possible from the original version.


    If you are GS 70 Doing a raid that is "normal" at GS 55.

    Then you are playing at a "normal" difficulty you are 15 levels over levelled for.

    If you are GS 70, doing a raid that is "normal" at GS 65.

    Then you are playing at a "normal" difficulty you are 5 levels over levelled for.

    One is still going to be a lot harder because there is a difference between being 5 and 15 levels overlevelled for something.

    Does that make sense?

    I just wanted to mention one thing: While reading this thread, someone said "the 2 new Raids have been a fun challange".

    In my opinion, if a "Normal" activity is challanging, one is, for whatever reason, not on the level to do a normal activity casually/normally.

    "Hard" as well as "Extreme" is the point where it should pose a challange.

    Thus: "Normal" should not be a challange for people on recommended gear. (it should also not be easy, just normal). Only "hard" should be a challange and extreme should be near undoable, unless everyone does a perfect run. Thus Hard should also not be undoable after 1 mistake (of one dying or something).

    I disagree.

    Not every game's definition of normal is fall asleep at the keyboard and still win the game. Most games would consider that "easy".

    When you play almost any game on "normal", there is still a certain amount of skill/effort required to achieve results. You usually can't just do whatever you want. The only real difference is how much leeway you are afforded in your mistakes, and the effort you as a player must make to overcome that skill gap.

    They redid the first boss in jade, which was pleasant to see/hear relative to the old one.

    The Horror of Huaixiu line though is more of an abomination than anything else I've heard in a while. "In the name of Turquoise Lantern you will perish!" She sounds like a magical girl/cheerleader right out of an anime and completely missing the context/tone of the entire fight or environment.

    I wonder what the process is for some of this voice work to get approved/implemented. I can't imagine that stuff like that passes through a lot of people before getting slapped into the game.

    The Chinese voice actress for the Lantern Wick is actually somewhat on the nasally side imo.... so idk for sure, but this may or may not be intentional.

    Its all about the label and what that label is suppossed to mean. If the "Normal" has always been kind of mild. You should keep it that way.

    I have done the new raids. Was it harder? Yes it was. Nowhere near impossible but not the difficulty I would put as "Normal".

    It's "normal" for that iLvl.

    Meaning if you were at a new and improved gear score compared to everything else... at that new gear score it should feel fairly "normal".

    You're used to a "normal" jade palace at a 55 gear score....

    where Ice world and Ruins are a "normal" at a 65 gear score....

    so if you were in full 60 gear you'd be comparing a "normal" you were 5 levels overlevelled for to a "normal" you were 5 levels underlevelled for.

    I will say that like... since I wrote this thread... there has been some localisation VA reworks and stuff and I was super pleased/impressed.

    So my current guess is that not everything is in it's final form, and GF is actually receptive and working on improvements :D

    Regardless of his damage. The average for the entire group is 3.68.

    Here's another run we did where everyone averaged 3.64k DPS on a 15 man group.


    Here's another clear. This one averages 3.87k DPS


    Not everyone has to pull ungodly DPS. Plenty of players can pull a reasonable amount of DPS in the typical "casual" group, and someone will usually end up doing enough to make up for it. In the most average of all cases everyone could pull 3.68k and you could clear it like that... or a couple people could pull 4k+ and some people could pull around 3k and you could still clear it like that.

    in Nuowu every single person needs to perform (debuff placement, stack removing, paddling between blue and dark clouds).


    Every person in this game should be more than capable of moving.

    Depending on how/where you tank it.... it's not that big of an issue or less of an issue. The tank can run the boss from one side to the other and people can follow it to cleanse with the tank, or you can tank it in the middle. I think it's a matter of adjusting for what type of group you're working with.

    Also with 10 people we managed to clear with an average DPS of 3.68 1j5T0q7.png

    And this is like... assuming the tank isn't actually doing any real damage (which people seem to forget is actually possible).

    I think it's funny that people are actually complaining about reaper instead of ice world, as I found it the far easier of the two raids between this and ice world. Overall though I found both raids a fun challenge. I think it also emphasises that big DPS numbers aren't more important than actually doing the mechanic, because no matter how big your number is, you'll die if you don't disengage to do the mechanic properly, and the DPS of a corpse is 0.

    I see many many people freaking out in both of these raids about meeting a DPS check they never even get to see, because they spend far more of their time wiping to mechanics trying to squeeze out an extra 200 DPS. I think if people slowed down and actually just relaxed and did what they were supposed to, cleanse stacks, break people out of ice, etc. they'd probably find these raids to be a lot easier than they think.

    In terms of balance.... I think every game I can think of has a difficulty curve. You start out learning to work the camera and move on to using skills, until some day you are clearing complex scenarios using the knowledge you have learned up to that point. I finally feel like we are getting to the point of using that knowledge. I genuinely live for the day I find a raid that my raid group cannot clear on the first try.

    One more thing.... Once upon a time, normals were hard. Now they are easy. Then hards were hard. Now they are easy. Then secret bosses were hard. Now they are easy. If more casual players find that these raids are too hard, and they don't want to learn to do the mechanics or upgrade their gear, or do their rotation properly, whatever, they can always wait until it gets easier.

    Furthermore, and I'm sure some people will think this is super elitist of me, but I think at a certain point, being a casual player means accepting that you aren't going to be the first person to clear all the new content on the first day it's released. You'll still get to clear it some day, but if you aren't willing to put in the effort to do so, why do you magically expect to be able to achieve what other people work so hard for?

    Why would anyone learn their class, or their rotation, or learn the mechanics, or learn how to heal, or learn how to do anything properly, if everything could be cleared without ever needing to put in the effort to do anything at all? I don't think they would. I don't parse for my own health. I don't raid for my own health. I don't practice healing for my own health (irl c;). I do it because I picked a class I enjoy playing and I like being successful and good at it, and that is the effort that is required of me to do so. Yeah this is a game and something people do for fun. It shouldn't be a job, but if you don't even want to practice or ever want to improve or you don't find getting better or raiding fun, then why are you even here? You could flip a coin with no effort required if you wanted a 100% RNG 50% chance to succeed.

    This information is good to have and fairly reasonable when you're all trying to clear a raid for the first time, but when you're just a person trying to help people clear the raid, it'd be nice to not affect the loot table, provided you've already received all the loot you are going to get.

    Like if I just happen to be a summoner who has cleared the raid, and I want to help other people who haven't cleared the raid yet, why should my classes loot pool be punished?

    GameForge went for the cheapest Microsoft Azure VM servers they could get....

    I believe this to be true. When I played the Steam 1 week beta on their servers I had 40-50 better ping and the number was much more constant compared to the 45-110 variance i get non stop from the Gameforge servers.

    same.. but what GF does ? blame the entire world isp .. and claim no issue whatsoever on their servers... i been playing MMOs for 20 years ive never ever seen any server with worse connection and pings... constant ping spikes that makes skills fail.. company that doesnt wnat to invest into the game .. and wonder why people quit... .. honestly it feels like a scam ... opening the game with such servers and not even offer refund.. too bad such a good game has such a bad publishers.


    A couple things to say about this.....

    As a North American player, in the North American region, which is one of the only two places this particular release of the game is legally marketed/licensed/published to, I would say a good 90% of the time (and probably more) I have exactly zero issues with moving, or hitting buttons, or doing anything.

    I rarely rubber band. Skills usually work. And I haven't seen any real issues that could conclusively be blamed on cheap servers.

    There's two glaring issues I have seen.

    One being faction PvP, which I don't really think is a server/ping thing, but more of an issue with the sheer number of people ("actors", as the Unreal Engine calls them) involved and their model updates and the fact that the even the modern Unreal engine struggles with this while this game just so happens to be using Unreal Engine 3.

    The other being skills occasionally getting a little weird, especially time based skills, things like summoner blessing, or reaper phantom reset, but I'm not entirely sure this is purely a server issue either. The highest I've seen my ping is like maybe in the 120's, and even with that kind of latency you should have about more than 8 times that time to get a single button press to the server to use that skill. I think there's probably another underlying state/timing issue here that isn't necessarily "cheap" server dependent either. There also seem to be a lot of issues with skills like this and certain animation locks, something that seems not related to the server at all.

    I find a lot of people sit here and bitch about the tiny number in the corner of their screen instead of just enjoying the other 98% of the game on their screen. Personally, I've turned the ping indicator off completely, and I rarely notice any interruptions in the quality of my actual game.

    The fact is over the course of an 8 minute bossfight, something that comes out to be about 480000 milliseconds long, your damage information/HP information/whatever getting to the server or back to you a mere 120 milliseconds later than when you actually did that action, is actually fairly negligible. Maybe, just maybe, you'll occasionally just barely miss an interrupt or a dodge or something but it's not like those windows are so unforgiving you can't just not fall asleep at the keyboard and actually do them in a reasonable amount of time.


    Not every glitch you see in this game is specifically related to cheap servers. You wouldn't fall down a hole, or get stuck on a rock and then blame the "cheap" server for it. I don't see why it's assumed that PvP issues must be cheap servers, or skill CD timings must be cheap servers either.

    Also.... I don't remember particularly amazing servers in the beta tbh.

    I specifically remember one day of the beta the spearmaster home world was literally unusable because of how much people were teleporting around. You could argue that you could just assume this was a beta issue, and for the most part I did, but I can also say that I've only ever seen server lag that bad since one other time post-release and it was in Baxian plateau. I also remember red poopy ping from day 1 and quickly figuring out that hiding other players made it fairly reasonable.

    i been playing MMOs for 20 years ive never ever seen any server with worse connection and pings

    If you are actually being serious with this statement, I find that extremely hard to believe.

    how about fixing the issues instead ? game was full in start tons of people bought the game.. people just left cause there are many issues not taken care of..

    lags/translation/premade in BG /squad abuse and deranking/ faction imbalance and so on..
    but then again GF will never get better servers cause they dont care.

    I think the fact is....

    People get bored.

    There's definitely a honeymoon phase with games like this... and for me it lasted for a really long time.... but eventually you kind of just get bored.

    I think the one guy hit the nail on the head when he said the game has structural issues that need to be fixed by designers and devs.

    This game is in a weird place where it doesn't appeal to hardcore MMO players, because you can't sit on it 12 hours a day and make progress. You are literally gated at every opportunity, either by something that can only be done daily, or weekly, or at certain hours, or by a straight up month long time restriction (cough cough... still can't buy 70 PvP gear for another month).

    But this game also doesn't appeal to casual MMO players either, because if you have to sleep all day and then work nights, you'll literally never get to PvP. If you have to work weekends or take care of the family, you'll never get to do gold of the four seas. You might never see a world boss, might never see a dragon song battle, and the list goes on.

    In many ways this game like... fundamentally screws its audience at both ends, and unless you're an upstanding young person in a authoritarian city state who happens to somehow work a completely normal functioning life, but also have the exact free time the game demands at the exact time slots it demands it, this game basically doesn't appeal to you.

    I don't know exactly what super specific person this game is actually marketed towards, but I'm slowly figuring out it's definitely not me. I'm getting sick of running the same 5 dungeons on a weekly basis, with only the mega easy mode versions of those dungeons available on a daily basis. And while part of me is glad that fresh dungeon content isn't being released at an exhausting pace, I'm also so very sick of being locked out of almost all of the games other available content, simply because I don't fit this made up ideal Chinese working man who also plays MMO's time schedule.

    I'd seriously hoped to see far more changes post-release enabling people to freely do this content on their own terms, but as far as I know, GF either isn't concerned about it or negotiating it, or the dev's flat out put their foot down, and this game will probably bleed a massive amount of players for it until there's more 24/7 sanctioned content to do.

    In the first 14 days this game was out, I'd put almost 200 hours into the game. I knew one person who had literally played for 260 hours. Even right now I have played this game 421.1 hours. This game has been out for 51 days. That's like 8.25 hours a day.

    I have literally play this game like it is my job, and even I am all but a few steps away from just being a raid logger.

    I can't PvP when I want.

    Even if I could PvP, some PvP gear can't even be bought until October.

    And Faction PvP is IMBA AF.

    This has literally killed me and 5 other friends I know entire drive to do anything PvP related.

    We don't even touch continents or visit the faction area anymore.

    And as far as PvE is concerned:

    Weeklies only come once a week.

    Hard modes only come once a week.

    Raids only come once a week.

    Normals are daily, but boring and stale.

    I can't even repeat a dungeon more than once a day for prestige, just to have literally anything to work towards or do.

    I love all the Ruvia and Turqiose stuff, but even now I'm close to being capped on our highest available ancestral level in it (level 4). And while you could grind it, it'd probably kill it for you or quickly make it extremely tedious.

    I can't do emerald clouds when I want.

    I can't do leisureland when I want.

    I can't do gold of the four seas when I want. (Though this is an event and I don't really want to, so I get it)

    It's just like...

    I literally log in.

    And I'm bored.

    And then I log out.

    And not all of this is just to complain for the sake of complaining. I'm just saying... maybe these are the reasons this game isn't for me. And it's quite possibly why a lot of other people have quickly and or slowly found out the game is not for them either.

    I mean... if you never PvP this will never be an issue.

    I think the faction imbalance feeds into this as well.... where it's like... the 40 to 1 faction is basically getting free max combat spirit every week by basically free farming the weaker faction, which in turn leads to better gear for the already winning faction, which in turn leads to even free-er farming the weaker faction, which in turn gives them an even bigger advantage, in a never ending cycle.

    PvP in this game is so IMBA it's at the point where I've completely given up on it, and unless something absolutely major changes, I probably wont be touching it again anytime soon.

    I've also heard PvP is barely alive in China so my guess is these issues have been existing for a long time and nobody PvP's because it isn't fun, and the game dev doesn't focus on PvP, because nobody PvP's.

    The good news though is that it seems the last few patches they have made PvP changes, hopefully in an attempt to sort some things out and rekindle interest, so maybe... just maybe.... PvP might be worth looking into once more if those changes ever make their way over here.