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    Hello! I'm Angie, I'm 31 and I'm in love with my husband Koji and our wife Ástrid! We have four cats, a bird, a rabbit and a snake. They're our babies! I am a huge gamer and geek, an artist, blogger, Witch, Heathen and Pagan. I am learning Japanese and Brazilian Portuguese and plan on studying Chinese in the future, especially so I can translate my favorite novels into English! I also find traditional Chinese music very beautiful.

    I have been into wuxia and xianxia for a while now and often play Age of Wushu. I love PvP but I also love RP, of which there was none. I heard of Swords of Legends Online through a friend and absolutely devoured everything I could about the game. I played in CB1 and CB2 and hit max level in the 2nd. I picked Spearmaster, which will also be my class at launch! My husband, wife and I have already pre-ordered the game and are planning our RP and clan, plus reading everything we can about our classes. My goal is to be both a good RPer and dominate in PvP.

    I help run a SoLO RP Discord community which you can find here: We'd love to have you!

    You can also find me on Twitter here: and my blog, which I update s l o w l y here:

    My Discord name is Angie#9447 and I welcome friends (...just... friends... please) to add me and talk to me about the game and our shared hobbies!