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    So this quest in Heavenly Ridge pass given by Mengbo shows up on my minimap but the character himself has no quest icon for me and i cant click on him. I tried sending in a support ticket but all they did was say ask on the forums. Is there some special condition that needs to be reached? Why is it showing up yellow on my map if i cant actually take the quest?

    Wow cn definitely has it even worse!

    but doesn’t mean I have to be happy that ours has it only a little less worse.

    bad design = bad design

    it just means that I’ll hold off obtaining the outfit only after grabbing the permanent items and if I have a surplus. It has suddenly become something I’m not going to strive or care for because I know it won’t last.

    I know nothing I say is going to change how things are but I hope Gameforge takes all the feedback into account for future events. And if they don’t then they don’t, that is their prerogative and I can only adapt by changing my own priorities ingame.

    Why in the world would the swimsuit only be around for 6 months…that makes no sense! I’m not going to waste my event currency on items that I can’t permanently unlock. I think that is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.

    I’m fine with it only being obtainable for a limited time as that is just how ingame events work but you shouldn’t invalidate our efforts by taking away items we earned through our participation.

    so at soooooome point we should be able to obtain the masked panda? I’m all for timed exclusivity like say they hold onto it for a year before putting it in the cash shop (or whatever the ingame store will be ) but it would be nice to have some confirmation. Is there any equivalent on the Chinese side?

    does the steam pass thing count as beta and will the masked panda mount be achievable?

    Was the only way to get this mount was to play during Beta? For those of us who weren't around then, Is there any way to get it after release? Will the SteamPass thing allow us to get it?