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    Never been a fan of [REMOVED] races/classes, but at least the outfits aren't sexualized so that's a major plus.

    New, here what has been removed?

    Tell me women's costumes for an adult and loli alone, or do you need to buy separately?

    Child is considered a body type so yes you will need seperate cosmetics. There are 6 classes that are male/female, 1 that is all 3 types, 1 that is male only, and 2 that are child only.

    Which classes are which here?

    Male/Female: Reaper, Summoner, Berserker, Bard, Spearmaster, SpellSword

    Male Only: Warrior

    All 3: Archer

    Child only: Foxmage, Lingying

    Personally playing bard I have to say my que times in CBT 1 were faster as a healer, then in CBT 2 my que times were faster as a dps. When I played spearmaster in CBT 1 and CBT 2 my tank times were lightning fast compared to my dps ques. At least beta wise it seems we lacked tank ques in the afternoon/evening. I play NA, my timezone is EST. I hope this information was helpful.


    July 9th feels like it's forever away, but we've survived this long! I still remember watching the first stream on youtube and thinking "Wow this game looks great!" When I learned there was also no pay to win in CN, and we also were not getting any my hype was at an all time high. The betas showed me a quality polished game. The pve and pvp was both really fun! I look forward to seeing the roadmap soon.

    We're building a super awesome community. Everyone interacts with one another really well! We have plenty of casual and hardcore players allowing us to take on all forms of content. I stumbled in awhile back, and now it's all forward looking. Happy to be here with everyone and our growth has been really great!

    Releasing races or classes after launch is legitimately scummy. I'm a one character kind of guy.

    At least in this case, you know beforehand and are free to wait until they get released x:

    Drip feeding things that are already released benefits no one but [REMOVED].

    To be honest with you I prefer things this way I get to experience this game from start to finish rather than Ignoring the vast majority of content since we have everything. Sure it will be irrelevant later, but it's relevant now it's a fresh experience now. I can understand the frustration though as I would like to play the other classes right away, but honestly I'm just looking forward to trying out everything this game has to offer from the little things to the highest difficulty content.

    Edit: I just wanted to say good luck to you and whatever it is you decide to play in the future, and if you'll try this game out later when we catch up I'm sure you'll have plenty of fun. huorong_heart

    I'll pk you with love and heals huorong_heart

    For me personally I didn't have any issues with this game and as far as MMOs go this is one of the better looking ones. I'm content to wait for the UE4 update as what I have now is playable enough. I don't notice any significant issues, and if I ever do I can always lower the amount of animations on screen and it's fixed. I play on ultra with most things turned to max and I get roughly 40. Not the smooth 60 I'd like, but it's playable without issue. I look forward to the engine update.

    GPU: 1080TI
    CPU: Ryzen 9 3900
    Ram: 48gigs ddr4 3200

    I really enjoyed the classes I played, and am not surprised at all Spearmaster made it to the top of the max level list. It's a very simple and consistent class that makes it easy to learn and use.

    It could be primacy bias, a first option bias of sorts. People who wanted to try out all characters or max level all classes could start with the first option and not go all the way through with every other class because time.

    Or maybe King's Avatar drew some influence towards this result. I saw a few too many references in-game. One Autumn Leaf this, Ye Xui that. He's like Kirito of Chinese animation media, except a spear wielder instead of swords.

    Interesting. My first class was bard. It was pretty cool!

    I didn't play Spearmaster so I I'll trust you on it being the easiest but, for all the bad rep being given to Reaper, it's such a fun and versatile class to play. Great theme, skills and animations.

    I didn't play spellsword or berserk so I don't know about the easiest, but it was quite easy to learn and do very consistent dps. I never found myself doing alot lower dps for no reason, and it was easy to maintain a rotation. It allowed me to learn mechanics at a fairly quick speed as I for the most part got to ignore my hotbar. Being simple it makes it a great class to learn on, or maybe a raid lead might like the class due to minimal focus requirements. It just allows you to focus on alot more than your character since everything flows extremely smoothly, and it's hard to make a mistake. Sometimes the solution is to use something simple huorong_heart

    As for reaper I thought it was a super cool class. I've not seen it have a bad rep per say, but I have seen people mention it being high skill cap alot.

    Oh wow I expected summoner to be more pops. Not enough love for reaper either! Would be nice to see distribution of tank/dps/healer too...

    This would be hard to accurately estimate though as the majority of people will spend the vast majority of their time in DPS spec, plus some might change over just for faster que times. I am interested in the stat too however.

    The PK option in game involves a punishment system that will definitely turn off PKing in the Open World. You reach a negative KI level it could be 40 it could be the full 150 (I think that is the max, again I could be wrong however, whatever the max is I capped instantly.) Now, because I'm a little more of a structured PvPer I wanted to test this "system" and instead of moving to 40 I got all 150 negative Ki and got sent to prison. The negative Ki punishment system is RNG you could get a punishment from the first kill and max out the Ki like I did or you can get 40 or 50 from a kill and the next kill is the one that incarcerates you. In the end you get sent to prison and have to do repeatable quests to get out. One quest makes you carry rocks at an extremely slow hair pulling, teeth gritting, rage inducing speed. Upon completion of this quest it gives you a potion and that potion allows you to remove 4 negative Ki from your total. Now, there is another quest in there that makes you take a tome and listen to mantras and lectures. For each 3 minutes you are there it removes 1 point of negative Ki. You can actually AFK for this if you want but either way you cannot leave the prison until all your negative Ki is gone. Meaning if you get on the next day and still have negative Ki, you are still in the prison in-game. I did a combination of both the Rock Quest and the Tome Quest to get out and at max if I add up everything it was about 7 to 8 hours of my game time. In conclusion, i would only use the rampage function if it was it was me defending one of my friends as the penalty is too steep.

    I agree the penalty for anything other than that is definitely too steep. Overall this was well explained, thanks!