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    1. He also got some instand healings.

    2. The AoE heals of the summoner for example got a huge CD and the Okkultist doesnt got a AoE Heal. Everybody in the field sacrafieses some health for the player with the least amount of health.

    3. The Snake doesnt heal much, either the fairy. There are plenty of videos with the DMG Meter where you can see healing done too. These are nice to have yea but not nessary ( you can also for example change the snake from healing to something else, so not every snake heals)

    4. The bard can iceblock some one. No other class can do it. The shields arnt that high and the person needs to be full HP for the shield: Its just a thing at the beginning of the fight.

    5. The bard needs haste for the damage espect. You can also rune your gear. For thing point you really need to look at the healing effect numbers.

    6. Bard > everything. The bard is strong in many ways, but weak in others. Like every other healer / class. Play what you like. There is no meta.

    7. The bard got a really huge class spell. ( oven of life with the & HP buff. Look at this: No other class can do it. If you dont have a bard in the group ( bard is the less played class according to the beta stats) you miss 6% HP Buff of all the group members. (Thats much more HP that most of the healers heal in a short fight, you know? Flat HP > Healing)

    I'll link you all the class tutorials ma friend.




    good settings:

    - gl in esports - pecha -

    10/10, too many ppl here cry so bad. I mean yea it sucks, but like I said: Many of you want a deillusionell name. And in the end there are so many other options for the name, with a symbol for example. I mean if the name is more important to you then the actually game then you can ask for the refund. [REMOVED]

    Most of the people complaining about the problems are people with names like "Kirito" or "Haku"

    I mean comon. I get the frustration. But most of the player got unique names.

    Is the name, specially in a game where you can use multiple symbols, more important then the game itself?


    - kann sich selbst wiederbeleben

    - Hat emergency healings

    - kann prozentual dmg für jemanden tanken

    - hat viele "nimm was - gib was " heals

    - kann jemand zu sich ranziehen


    - die dicksten Gruppenheals

    - kann sich in ein eis block verwandeln

    - die dicksten gruppenheals

    - gruppenheals

    summoner heal ( kenn den path namen nicht)

    - healing überzeit

    - kann die stacks vom heal für emergency heals opfern

    - hat nen dicken backstep nach hinten um so der gefahr zu entkommen

    - kann eine kleine fee beschwören die über zeit auch healt

    - kann ein Buff machen, der je nach Path den die Mitspieler spielen boni gibt


    - jeder Healer hat seine Daseinsberechtigung und es liegt an dir, was du präferierst. Am ende nehme ich den besseren Spieler mit und nicht die bessere Klasse. Jeder Healer ist individuell und hat Stärken und Schwächen die der andere nicht hat. Somit bringt es nichts diese untereinander zu vergleichen, da es immer situationsabhängig ist.

    - gl in esports - pecha

    Why would you discuss something for so long if you dont even know the reality. The game is not even out yet and ppl complaning about an ingame feature. I am in the end everybody hows fine with the system can leave the ppl cry, because this thread wont change anything :) <3

    Idk, that thread is absolutly brainless. I am so sure, but its like such a endless discussion about a ingame function that nobody even tried yet. It works in china and in taiwan, but you guys need to discuss this topic without any knowledge about it.

    No it wont be like the chinese version, because we are behind there content. We will start with the basic game and a few adaptions. But we will get the first big update a couple weeks later after release. The update will contain the integration of guilds and the factionsystem, a battle pass and the first raid. (Thats just what we know, its impossible that there is more then this.)

    Dont worry, we will get a roadmap before game release.

    Dont get me wrong: I dont think thats such a big of a deal. I dont support whats going on in China etc., but I also dont think that a Game needs to be a plattform for political discussions.

    (And beside that: We never know the whole story. I am not sure if even the publisher wants the Censorship.)

    The gameplay looks fun, I heard pvp is pretty damn good, being able to fly on the sword and dash into the air 30 min into the game really felt cool, reminded me of B&S a bit, but you feel really free in this game.

    So you haven't even played the game, yet you're going to say it should be f2p and is not ready for release. Lovely. And you're wrong.

    Also game is targeted to be fully ported over to new engine Q1 2022. At least try to understand the minimum about a game you're going to make claims about.

    Did you even read the thread? tf you mean. He rejacked his opinion jesus