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    TLDR: Adults, Relaxed Atmosphere, Dedicated Raid Team, Social Nights, Smaller Tightknit Community


    History / Rules / Policies viewable on discord. Jump in and say hi. Brief overview below.

    • We are here to play games with adults who want to set aside the real world and slaughter piles of pixels for a couple of hours a night.
    • We want people we can laugh and talk shit with, while respecting each other. No, we don’t want to hear about your political blogs or your religious endeavors.
    • But we are real people too. Did your pet pass away, or was your boss a real piece of shit today and want to vent a little? Yeah, we’ve all been there.
    • If you aren’t part of the dedicated raid team, no worries, you are still a valued member of the community. We value community over the game content.
    • However, as part of the raid team, we won’t tell you exactly what class to play, but we will ask that if you’re participating in end game group content (raids), you pick a role and build for it accordingly. While xXMtnDewGod420Xx’s wonky “meta” guides work for their guilds, there’s no guarantee it’ll work for ours.
    • So, don’t pick a DPS class and show up to a raid saying “I’m half DPS, half Heals while wearing tank gear because the guide says it works.” We do what we do. We do what works for us, not them.
    • Ultimately, we are here to have fun, burn down content, and see all that there is to see.