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    Hey zusammen,

    es sind wieder ein paar Wochen ins Land gegangen und die Eisraben sind wieder auf der Suche nach mutigen Abenteurern, die mit uns die vielen Facetten des Spiels erkunden wollen. Wir bieten nach wie vor jedem, der entspannt vor allem den aktuellen PvE Content bestreiten will, gerne eine Heimat.

    Einzig Heiler müssen sich darauf einstellen, auch mal auf ihre Damage Spec zu wechseln, da wir derzeit sehr viele fleißige Wundflicker haben ;) Grundsätzlich ist aber jeder gerne gesehen, der zu uns passt.

    Einfach eine kurze Nachricht im Discord ( ) hinterlassen, dann wird sich recht fix jemand bei euch melden.

    Go to Max as fast as possible. I played through most of the story in the Beta and Toadwart is correct: The game really begins at max level.

    I really hate this kind of PvE players, who wants to force so badly the game to be 100% PvE, just cause they dont like PvP.
    Also must have a reason that you got only 20 Likes, instead of 100+.

    Anyways have a nice day!

    Its not like people arguing about this system are demanding that Solo has no pvp whatsoever. Nobody complains about Arena, Battlegrounds, Faction Wars, pp. I'd actually look forward to those. It just that one system that admittedly serves no real purpose, but still gets defended by a few people. And whenever someone like Isira comes up with a posting that isn't even offensive in the slightest, you can be sure that those in favor of the system are there to belittle those against Rampage without really contributing to the discussion in the slightest.


    Reaper has the fake group heal, spirit link totem, ability to pull player out of 1 shot mechanics, self rez to continue healing when both of the other healers will stay dead on the floor, and the ability to drop aggro after the tank dies and gets rezzed. It has the best game changing cooldowns of any of the three healers and the best instant "save targets ass" cds to boot.

    Bard has the ability to ice block other players, making them immune to any sort of damage for the duration while also healing them up for a set amount and also a cheat death mechanic that triggers on fatal damage, so the pull skill and the self rez are not really something that makes a difference between Bard or Reaper.

    Why are you going so hard into defensive mode here? Nobody said that Reaper is worse than a Bard. Nobody said that Bard is worse than Reaper either. They both have their pros and cons. Its kinda baffling how many people insist that there is only one true way to play a game nowadays. Especially when the content is not demanding top 1% gameplay, there is much more leeway for different builds, especially when you are not exactly speedrunning.


    It might be the optimal way to play by a small percentage, but especially on Release content that just does not matter. Not at all. And I am quite sure that the haste meta will not decide your success or failure in later content. Yes, it might be optimal by the numbers but you as a player have to play at a certain level to make full use of meta builds. Otherwise, at least in this game, numbers-wise sub par builds become viable as well. So point taken, it might be optimal numbers wise but I still digress that it is the only way to play a good bard. I would fully agree that there is only one way to play a class if we would be talking about other established MMOs out there, but on this one, meta hunting is not needed.

    Bard actually has not only those two. Harmony makes your basic heals also generate shields. On top of that, the Mastery does not only increase your shields but your overall healing as well. So no, you do not stat just for the shields but for overall as well. And besides, I'd rather stat for stronger emergency heals than for shorter overall CDs and faster healing. The stronger emergencies and overall bigger heals have a far bigger value in tight situations to me than being able to pump more basic heals in a shorter time frame. But well, its both playable.

    On a final note: Reaper has the fake heal and "spirit link". And yeah, a few other spells that could be considered something of an emergency spell. But in essence, when Reaper used those two there are no comparable tools left for him. Yes, the fake heal is strong on itself but the Reaper has by far not the sheer number of emergency tools the Bard has. Not saying that reaper is bad tho, its also a good healing class.

    Having two different healers in a raid makes much sense, yes. For example two Bards don't make a lot of sense, especially because the buff from the oven does not stack and you are missing out on the other utilities from other classes. But it not something you would need to enforce either.

    In my opinion, problems were to be expected. It wasn't a great experience not to the extend that I would demand a compensation. They fixed the problem relatively fast and after that the servers ran smoothly. They apologized on pretty much every channel available and even contemplated a wipe but made an educated decision against it. That is more transparency than most publishers/devs are capable of.

    To say that the event went smooth would be an understatement, but I didn't really was such a mess as some want the rest to believe.

    I agree with everyone else here. The Bard is a good and solid healer. You will find a lot of arguments against other healer classes as well and you will find a lot of arguments against the bard, too. But the bard also has some great tools that no other class has. I don't know from where you got that Bard needs Haste/Sprint as his primary attribute. Especially with better gear, your mastery also creates bigger shields which can go up to ridiculous amounts as soon as you leave the entry gear level.

    btw. contrary to what was said above: Bard shields work also on low HP people. You have a strong single target shield with multiple charges, a very strong AoE raidwide shield and on top of that the ability to convert overhealing into shields when Harmony is up (I guess thats what GodPecha meant up there). In my opinion, no other class has more emergency heals/abilities which can save people from certain death than the bard.

    And most of those skills are instant as well. And on top that, you also have two abilities that enable you to move while casting, so you can also still pump heals when its important.

    Don't try to find the perfect healer that does everything good. It does not exist. Play the healer that suits your playstyle, get to know its weaknesses and strengths. Don't search for the better class, try to be the better player.

    Ne, er meint den Spell "Days End Flowers", der basierend auf der Spec der Spieler einen Buff gibt:


    Beim Barden fehlt aber der Kessel in der Aufzählung bei ihm noch und die Tatsache, dass du als Barde andere Spieler auch eisblocken kannst als Heiler, was den betroffenen Spieler für einige Sekunden komplett immun gegen Schaden macht und HP regeneriert. Außerdem hat der Barde einen "Cheat Death", d.h. wenn er tödlichen Schaden erleiden würde, wird er auch ein Eisblock und regeneriert HP. Cooldown dafür weiß ich nicht, wird aber auch automatisch ausgelöst.

    Alle drei Heiler können im aktuellen Content ihre Aufgabe gut erfüllen. Da sie sich aber alle drei deutlich in ihrer Spielweise unterscheiden solltest du definitiv den spielen, mit dem DU am besten klar kommst. Es gibt ein paar Min/Maxer die für bestimmte Encounter bestimmte Heiler bevorzugen, aber im Grunde brauchst du für keine Mechanik im Spiel zwingend eine bestimmte Klasse. Lass dich nicht in ein Pseudo-Meta zwingen. In anderen Spielen mag das sinnvoll sein, hier sind die Heilklassen so nah beieinander, dass es keinen Unterschied macht.

    Why would you discuss something for so long if you dont even know the reality. The game is not even out yet and ppl complaning about an ingame feature. I am in the end everybody hows fine with the system can leave the ppl cry, because this thread wont change anything :) <3

    Probably not. But for someone who thinks that this discussion is moot, you are very quick to jump back into this thread at any given moment and repeat yourself over and over again. I get it, your viewpoint is above everyone else. Giving an explanation on why you think that the system is beneficial to the game was probably too much to ask for anyways.

    While I also don't think that the system will get abused too much, it is still a risk. Taiwanese and Chinese gaming culture is fundamentally different than the one in Europe, though. However, as this thread will probably not change anything, the sea of carebear tears will surely will when it gets overused by certain parties. Because those that fall prey to this system are also the ones who are most likely to put a lot of money into the game.

    Would be cool if it was possible to have an actual discussion about the system as it is, but so far those in favor of it up only come up with constructive posts like "Dont play the game if you dont like the mechanics." , "Nobody forces you to play, you don't like, you don't play, it's that simple." , "Idk, that thread is absolutly brainless."

    I wonder if the same people could actually bring any effort to the table in order to explain why they think that the system is beneficial to the game overall since everyone else apparently discusses "this topic without any knowledge about it." If not, how about at least trying not to derail the thread further?

    I'd reckon that the game is not designed to excel or top the boards in every aspect that SOLO offers. You'd probably have to pick those that you are comfortable doing with and stick to those and tbh, the game rewards you just enough for doing the content that you like with stuff that is also usable in that given part of content.

    Of course you could argue that a casual player will lose out on potential caps while a hardcore player will strive to complete everything he can to be better at a certain part of the game - and all power to those who do. But it is in no way necessary like it is in other MMORPGs. While other games force you to do side activity x at maximum efficiency to be just good enough at your favourite activity y, the only thing you are losing on not doing "everything" is time. A hardcore player might complete his PvE set much faster than a casual player, but in the end, they all end up with the same stuff. Some just a bit later than others, given that both have the same knowledge and understanding of the game, that is.

    At least thats my perspective on the grand scheme of things.