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    yeah it sux, and its the only costume thats like not a robe, its tiresome to see everyone looking the same, bikini is the first breath of fresh air, and they made it temporary. not good not good

    i wanna hide:

    -the upper shadow bar and and text within

    -exp bar

    -right bellow interface icons

    -chat/item-acquired-hide-icons (the thing that shows up when u hide those things)

    yh im a minimalist, those things are super annoying to me

    if i remember right Blade & Soul gave us Blade Dancer in an earlier patch than in asian versions aswell.

    playing the non desired class for me is like going hiking in sandals, i want my proper footwear before i go somewhere.

    i want the fox asap. i dont have motivation to play or gear any other ones. glad to see many ppl want fox, maybe we can make a difference