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    Well, I do feel for you in regards to not being able to reserve a name you would've liked. It can be frustrating, but I wouldn't let it get you down too much. 99% of us would've wanted our dream name for this game, but the influx of players during that time was totally unexpected. I wouldn't blame anybody working on this game though, it must've been as stressful for them as it was for us.

    I really wanted Wukong so bad, but then again it's a popular name so it's to be expected.

    I managed to get...






    Another one which I forgot, but it was a Chinese name. Looking forward to when the game finally launches now. huorong_cry

    I'm not sure if you have seen the recent post on the website, however they mentioned the criteria for names.

    Here’s a short overview of the rules for character names: Names must contain between 2 and 20 characters.

    Names may contain letters (A-Z uppercase and lowercase) and numbers (0-9).

    You can also use the following special characters: full stop, hyphen, underscore. The uppercase/lowercase letters A, E, I, O and U can be combined with the following diacritical marks: grave accents (`), acute accents (´), circumflexes (^) and umlauts (¨). Cedillas (ç/Ç) are also allowed. Note that no distinction is made between uppercase and lowercase letters, i.e. the name SOLO123 is considered to be identical to Solo123.

    Hope you manage to get the one you want! huorong_clap