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    Hey guys, it's early in the launch of an MMO. I don't know if you've been through an MMO launch before, but they are almost universally rocky. There's just no way to anticipate or test for the reality of tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of players from all over the world all rushing to play your game.

    I know that it's frustrating, but try to be patient and understanding. SOLO is literally the first top-tier MMO to be released without blatant pay-to-win mechanics that actually has engaging gameplay in years. Everything these days is pay-to-win mobile gaming garbage.

    Let's not all abandon the project over launch day issues. MMOs are games that are supposed to be enjoyed for years, after all.

    Everyone else got the joke. You're the outlier here. You're standing alone on an island.

    It's okay to admit that you were wrong, man. The ability to admit that you made a mistake is a sign of strong character.

    Dude... the ability to identify satire isn't something that can be trained. Is English not your first language? Satire frequently doesn't translate well to people who aren't well-versed speakers of the language the satire is being presented in.

    Clearly the VAST majority of people identified the post as satire, so the author did a good job in the presentation.

    Well, the reasoning behind it is that you can't really call it compensation if everyone gets it. They may as well just call it a gift at that point.

    If you prefer the term gift, then call it a gift. But this isn't something you pick-and-choose at, because there is no good way to establish a cut-off. It needs to be all or nothing.

    And I vote for nothing, other than perhaps a free name change coupon.

    ...I'm sorry that I took the name Elegant from you. I didn't mean to cause you to write a giant wall of text about it.

    Thanks for the laugh, by the way. I was rather surprised at how seriously come people were taking name reservations.

    Disclaimer: I'm not a Community Manager or game admin. I'm just an IT nerd who has some troubleshooting steps for you if you cannot get into SOLO to reserve your name.

    • I'm using the Gameforge client, NOT Steam.
    • I'm running SOLO on a fully-updated Windows 10 Pro, Intel-based laptop.
    • My ISP is Comcast, I'm not using a proxy gateway and I'm using Comcast's DNS servers (for better or worse!).
    • I have access to a VPN, but I'm not using it to connect to SOLO.

    Step 1: Perform a RESTART of your computer. A shut down won't work because Windows 10 will cache your session for a faster startup. Many have reported that a simple restart directly into a launch of the client and game resolved their issue.

    Step 2: Run a local file repair: Click the down-arrow next to "Play" and then click "Repair". This process will take about 10 minutes on your average gaming computer.

    Step 3: Eliminate potential ISP issues. If you have a Cell Phone with a wireless hotspot or tethering option or a second internet connection that runs through a different provider (such as at work or a friend's place), run your computer's connection through it and try to log into SOLO. The goal is to try to connect to SOLO from a different ISP's network. If it works, then your ISP may be at fault. Don't forget to try a hard reboot of your ISP gateway (cable modem, fiber router, etc.) if this turns out to be the problem you may need to speak to your ISP. I recognize that this step is much easier if you play on a laptop, like I do.

    Step 4: Eliminate local network issues (some advanced suggestions here). Release/Renew your IP Address and flush your DNS resolver cache. If you are using a proxy gateway or a VPN consider going directly through your ISP for testing purposes. Also consider using different DNS servers than your ISP (Google or OpenDNS are good options). Explaining how to do all this is beyond the scope of this thread, but a quick Google search will provide you with easy-to-follow guides for all of this.

    Step 5: Perform a complete, clean download of both the Gameforge client and SOLO game data. You have to follow these steps in order:

    1. Use the Gameforge client to uninstall SOLO: click the down-arrow next to "Play" then click "Uninstall".
    2. Uninstall the Gameforge client from your computer using the Windows "Add or Remove Programs" utility (search for it from your taskbar).
    3. Delete all installation folders.
    4. Remove the Gameforge folder from your local profile (mine was at %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Gameforge4d).
    5. I don't recommend cleaning registry keys. It's risky and I didn't find anything critical stored there.
    6. Restart your computer.
    7. Re-download and re-install the Gameforge client.
    8. Use the Gameforge client to re-install SOLO.

    Step 6: You've reached to the point of contacting SOLO customer support, unfortunately. I will do my best to answer questions, but please remember that I'm neither a Community Manager or game admin! I'm just a random internet stranger who is trying to be helpful. :saint:

    I have reserved my three desired names and also doing a complete reinstall now. This seems to be the best choice for the launch.

    I agree that this is the safest bet.

    I recommend cleaning out any cached data from your local user profile too. There are tools that can do this for you if you aren't comfortable doing it yourself.

    As far as I can see, there is nothing stored in the user profile. Only the Gameforge client has data stored there, but maybe I'm missing something. In the registry I have also taken out everything that looked like SOLO. :)

    Yes, that Gameforge local data is what I was referring to. Someone in another thread mentioned that he found what appeared to be cached login data in the game data folder itself, so it doesn't hurt to also expunge what is in local profile if you want a clean installation.

    I encounters basically no problems today, and was even able to log in during the first round. I know that it's hard to prove that any one action I took had any effect at all, and I could have just been lucky, but it seems that people who completed fresh installs had the best outcomes.

    I have reserved my three desired names and also doing a complete reinstall now. This seems to be the best choice for the launch.

    I agree that this is the safest bet.

    I recommend cleaning out any cached data from your local user profile too. There are tools that can do this for you if you aren't comfortable doing it yourself.

    Still no luck


    You may want to take some heavy measures, like an uninstall and re-install. Someone else noted they found cached login data from the beta in their local user profile folder.

    I cleaned everything out and did a fresh re-install yesterday, including reloading the Gameforge client, because I know that the beta to live transition can be spotty at best thanks to my experiences with other games. If you are still having login issues, it's worth a shot.

    I have deleted my username in "\Swords of Legends Online\settings". There were probably also some data stored about the server from the beta phase. Now I could log in. Or it was just a coincidence...

    That's really good information! I didn't update the beta client; I completely uninstalled everything and re-downloaded to a fresh folder yesterday. I even cleaned out the game data from my local profile to ensure I would get a clean install.

    I haven't run into any of the problems people have been encountering, so I tend to think that there could be client-side issues for those who are stuck.

    I'm pretty sure that it indeed was a server problem the first time around, but this time a lot of people are able to get in and out of the game with no issues, whereas hardly anyone could get in the first time (I was only able to get in for two minutes after a very lengthy login attempt the first time).

    You can't discount client-side issues, which is why I have been encouraging people to restart their devices and either repair or re-download their game data. Also, the problem could exist with your internet connection itself, either on your ISP's side, or your local DNS resolver cache, or possibly through a VPN if you use a VPN service.

    In general, if a lot of people are able to access a server that you aren't, you should start considering that the problem isn't with the service (Though it could be!) and start trying fixes on your own end.

    People can log in and out instantly at-will right now.

    If you are having problems, I don't think they are as a result of a server-side problem.

    You were just lucky

    We are trying to help. If restarting everything helps that luck, it's likely worth a shot.

    It worked for me on GF I restarted my pc and game forge, and I'm now in!!! Thank you Zephyrus!!

    I glad I was able to help! I hope you got your names.

    A friend actually reserved my name while I was creating my character and deleted it then I got it. Super happy!

    That's an awesome friend right there! I hope I'll see you in-game. I'll be playing a Reaper named Ravish or a Swordmaster named Elegant.

    Seems that people who got in once can go back and forth, from what i am hearing tons of names already taken, great job GF

    Okay, I understand that you are upset, but consider that the problem may be on your end since so many people are able to get in.

    Potential issues:

    1. Your install. You can run a repair (Gameforge client: click down-arrow next to "Play", click "Repair"), or you can uninstall and re-download the whole thing.

    2. Your ISP. You may be able to resolve this with a VPN.

    3. Cached DNS problems (Google "Flush DNS resolver cache).

    The problem does NOT seem to be with the servers right now.