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    So why bother to have a report function in game for toxic players, u don't think going round keep killing a person in pve gear just gathering or treasure hunting or fishing and doing pve dalies never done pvp in this game at all ever, and then in world chat saying they pay 400g to kill me and then doing it, so ur saying ur allowing serious toxic behaviour in ur game and do absolutely nothing about it, yes i do have screen shots, then the person from the same guild saying they keep reporting me in whispers and threatening me, I've done nothing to warrant such behaviour against myself, what because i said about underground bots for gathering. Maybe devs should look into that a bit further cause some1 got pretty upset about something i've noticed. Seems pretty suspect.

    Look i play this game to chill have fun be friendly i've been seriously ill got a heart condition, i mind my own business most of the time, if asking in game or questioning the game and behaviour of some players causes this sort of toxic behaviour u got serious problem if u do nothing about it.

    The rampage game mechanic shouldn't be in the western version as its being abused for totally toxic behaviour that amounts to bullying in game.

    And that's nice of you say i cant have a refund but you know full well my bank can and will charge back and i'll have a legal right to do so.

    I care strongly about yesterday's talk, that's why I reiterated what we meant with it :/

    Though I find your threat of a "niche existence" a bit strange, at the end of the day a game is meant to be enjoyed and if you find that this will not do that for you - by all means, do not feel forced to play it!

    We'll do our best to publish a great game with many features here but even then we will never appeal to everyone - and that's perfectly alright.

    Thats good because u will be glad to refund everything i spent on my account then, i certainly don't enjoy being in pve gear playing pve and being pk'd by some1 in pvp gear, when i haven't chosen to play pvp at all in game. I look forward to my full refund or my bank will charge back every penny.

    I would never of bought the game if i had known u allowed such a feature in the game.

    honestly i was really hoping this was a nice game with nice ppl, but in game the rotten apples are really destroying the barrel. :(

    I've been seriously ill over the last 2 years with heart issues from covid and POTS, was hoping the game was going to be chill and relaxed and friendly obviously it is not.

    I'm not flagged to pvp, i have done 0 pvp in game, i play to chill, craft, gather, go fishing and cosmetic and housing and for the most part i keep myself to myself, so i'm in changfu getting prestige and maybe gather if there is any most times not any more, i wait cause there's another player and so i wait for them like u do to help out cause its annoying if its a long respawn and i'm not greedy, oh no they start killing me whilst i stand there innocently, i didn't know rampage was even a thing in this game, so i'm in 212 pve gear and there in 235 pvp gear, how is that fair or fun, i mean really 0 skill not pvp and its pk which is totally toxic, if u cant fix that then i have right to a full return of game and purchases made cause its not a game mode i want to play.

    Yes i've put in a support ticket but i wont tolerate an in game bully system, which seems so out of place with how the game portrays itself.

    yes ur discord needs seeing to very unfriendly place.

    I've been playing quite a few months and i don't gather very often like i did at the start mainly cause the issue wit activity points, when i have needed to gather there just isn't anything much to gather, the new area realm of light just stripped bare and other areas, like yesterday weichuan, i've not gathered there for a long time, so go up to the shroom area where there's normally gathering behind mobs and practically nothing to gather, its very strange, like this morning changhe mountain i saw 2 items to gather on the whole map, maybe some1 could shed some light on this issue, to me that's a huge issue, cause linked to crafting and drops say gold mud and other things like making buffs.

    My assumption is underground bots i have been aware in certain other games how easily that can be done and how frustrating it is for the players. :|:/

    Is not selling CC against TOS, as for repeating on multiple toons well wat do u say groundhog day.

    yet again with this new patch limited hero events now to the 1 new area, we used to have 2 areas that gave a lil gold for the hero events, i just don't under stand the reasoning behind limiting such small amounts of gold in game, its totally frustrating and annoying, ye raids and dungeons if u got ppl to do them with u, gl wit that.

    The AH is the most smallest limited AH i've ever seen in a mmo, not much gold to be made there.

    really dislike the new area, the bloom gamma is to high i to have turn it down whilst in there and now turn it back for the rest of the game and its all 1 colour palette, the storm is horrid and blinding, not enjoyable at all. now i have to go there every day for cloud rise knight to get the measly bit of gold that's on offer there and nothing to gather its stripped bare :cursing::(X(;(:thumbdown::sleeping:?(:rolleyes::?:

    Yes there are friendly ppl in game but they're doing their own thing too, i did help 1 dude that wanted help was a new player too for 1 raid, they'd tried it before with others and i believed failed it, and the dude from the guild did help me with the ice raid which i was grateful for, but it shouldn't be so difficult, there should be rewards for all content. That ice raid i waited weeks to get it done meant i had been trying to get it done so how frustrating is that to have story bios locked like that. This game is not anywhere near as friendly as the game i've been playing the last 10 years getting legendary done can take months by the way ask random ppl to help do content no problem, here serious problem.

    Don't get me wrong i do really like the game, i love the cosmetics the housing its got alot on offer, the combats pretty standard basic for foxmage, i'd love more skills to choose from so a bit underwhelming. I feel the crafting/gathering/fishing is very limited and held back by activity points even the lil loot bags cost activity points its just a bit restrictive and miserable. Its very limited to how u can earn gold in game i find.

    So I'm in the latter category i just want to play for fun but forced to feel i have to do dungeons/raids, because we have story bio's locked behind those raids, that quite frankly the community doesn't want to do again, which is understandable i suppose, the game could allow u to take companions into to those to do them, but alas it doesn't, the companions are pretty useless too in general pve they last a few mins and leave with out announcing they've left u and i think an 8 mins cool down before u can use them again, i mean i crafted their armour but they still die if u take them extreme mode in the early game dungeons that again no1 runs.

    For me its frustrating, u can only run hard mode once a week, idk how ur suppose to learn the mechanics when u can only do something once a week, plus no1 wants to take u to learn because its their once a week run which i assume, which is understandable.

    Asking for hours in chat to do blood ruvia weekly is not my idea of fun to then watch other groups of ppl go into the instance and do it, that's extremely unwelcoming by an mmo community, no excuse for that sort of behaviour.

    That guild dude literally complains saying i was still 170 gs like that was important, i'm doing the slow way by crafting and huge cost, because i cant get to do the dungeons that drop gear, i don't want to be a burden in a group either, he literally states he helps new players then when advertising later for a dungeon/hard/extreme says kicks if bad, that's nice, my logic says come on who's trying to be bad, considering the lags u get in the dungeons, even i've noticed skill lag.

    We don't play games for mechanics, like asmond says they're for cars, i don't like dps meters, not keen on dungeons or pve raids i find them extremely boring normally same thing over and over again like skill rotations, i like pvp where u never know quite wats going to happen a human adversary is better than dungeon/raid bosses imho, plus i like running support classes. :saint:

    I don't find the combat of fox mage engaging its the most boring thing ever played, i think healing would be more fun maybe, its just 111 skill another skill, i feel under skilled with a lack of proper skills its just really limited and basic, who made that combat, there's not a lot of options, its got dps but not alot if u know wat i mean.

    I'm used to playing the piano in my mmo's

    Who wants to tank u cant even learn mechanics for basic dungeons cant do early raids, i waited weeks to get 1 raid done i've still not finished my story, why oh why cant i take the companions i got into all dungeons and especially those beginner raids and blood ruvia weeklies, i asked for hours in global chat, i had to watch whilst the clique groups did it whilst i stood in the area watching, noice.

    I run support classes like tank/healer but why would i, cant even get to the start, i had 1 guild that take beginners help me do 1 raid then later that day he was advertising for a dungeon on hard and said he would kick ppl if not good, what sort of attitude is that who wants to be bad, the game gets to be to punishing progression with enrage timers doesn't make it a friendly game cause u cant help new players, the content is not there hard dungeon once a week, no1 is allowed to grind that out to help new players.

    i'm crafting my gear very slowly hardly anyway to make gold, i as a new player cant get alot of wat content their is done, i cant even open some bio's for story cause they are locked behind raids no1 wants to do.

    We need this game unlocked a western version, why cant we grind dungeons??? it cant make the game any worst now can it, get rid of the activity points stopping gathering crafting and fishing even opening the lil trash's bags costs them.

    Its a nice lil game not huge its got protentional but not in its present carnation.

    Has performance issues even with 15 to 20 players, means in dungeons there must be skill lags, whos being bad now :P:evil::D:*8):saint:

    This is a steam review i agree with and explains it perfectly..... apart from the cosmetics the pricing is fine and its a choice, i love them /quote

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    0.0 hrs last two weeks / 841.5 hrs on record (840.0 hrs at review time)

    Posted: 9 Nov, 2021 @ 5:59am

    Updated: 10 Nov, 2021 @ 1:18pm

    I am the guild leader of one of the last standing OCE/SEA guilds in this game and also one of the highest DPS/Healing Bards.

    Publishers (GameForge) of this game are a let down, there is a disconnect of understanding between them and the players and also they do not appear to have an understanding of how to keep their own game alive and what is best for the game.

    BAD TRANSLATION - They did a poor job in translating the game, including skills and stats which leaves players confused on how to maximise/optimise each class, this is quite important due to end game raid content being extremely difficult (DPS checks, mechanic checks, enrage timers, etc). There is literally no guide or tutorial for so many things in this game that people have had to go and translate Chinese content (e.g. the card game, skill rotations, stat guides) and GAMEFORGE have not fixed or addressed any of it to this date.

    LACK OF CONTENT - The same content was released 4 times (4 different difficulty levels) from Launch until end of 2021, it was difficult to ask the players to re-do the same content over and over and over and over again, on 4 different difficulty modes with a weekly reset, leaving nothing much else to grind or to do during the week, any grinding you do doesn't really mean all that much because you could be doing TOP DPS and if 2 people in your party died then it's a wipe.

    PUNISHING PROGRESSION - No matter how good you are in this game you need an optimised/good static group in order to progress into the most difficult content, if 1-2 people die too early or miss a mechanic it means the entire party/raid wipes. There is no way for top/hardcore players to grind and carry the lower players, meaning this game is very limiting when it comes to trying to find a nice MMORPG to play with your friends/girlfriend who may not be an experienced player. Even if the lower skilled players spent time grinding this game, it would not help them progress with end game content, the elixirs and food do not make that much of a difference for survivability but rather just increase your total DPS by 5-10%. Enrage timers means that if a few people die, you have to wipe, there is no other choice. Without OCE/SEA servers it makes it even more difficult and punishing for progression.

    DIFFICULT PROGRESSION WITHOUT POPULATION/ACTIVE GUILD - The player base has become so low in this game that it would often take people 1-2 hours just to find a group for content (current to November 2021), even if you did find a group, content is so punishing that you would most likely fail, not due to your own skill but because of others.

    LIMITING CONTENT/CLASSES - This game already has 2 years worth of content out in China and TW servers, with this knowledge people are aware of the other classes and are waiting for them, this means that a lot of people find it completely useless to play this game at the moment because they will be investing their time for a class which they don't plan on playing long term. Lots of people have quit because they are just waiting on the new classes.

    The limiting content part is disappointing, there's so much more content accessible yet the publisher has decided to drip feed content and have repetitive (4x difficulties per raid) raids, the content has become so stale and it's boring to play, understandable if new content was under development but it is literally already available and in control of the developers.

    EXPENSIVE COSMETICS - Cosmetic clothing items in this game literally cost more than real life clothing, I'm not sure where GameForge was going with this but it portays them as money hungry and greedy, whereas the microtransations approach probably would have made them a lot more money.

    This game has SO MUCH potential if issues above are addressed correctly however the publisher just don't get it and the player base are aware of the lack of passion and care from Gameforge, if the games own publisher doesn't care, why would it's player base?

    The game = 9/10 (SO MUCH POTENTIAL)

    The publisher = 1/10 (Hasn't put in the effort and essentially killed the game)

    Three additional things (excluding everything I mentioned above) the publisher needs to do quickly if they want the game to survive:

    1) Release all 3 new classes

    2) Release 6 to 12 months more content

    3) Make the game free to play to increase server population

    I hope this game survives.

    So were trying to do the weekly blood ruvia boss, so i enter the instance, we didn't have enough ppl, so we went in out of that instance and low and behold i get a warning in bright yellow text stating i've been in the instance to many times ur apparently only allowed 4 instances before it starts consuming activity points, that's nice, u know where u can put those activity points where the sun don't :evil: shine :cursing: :thumbdown:  :rolleyes: X(

    They really should get rid of the activity points they are not necessary in anyway they're just a hindrance and actually feels like the player is punished for doing those activities, very detrimental towards a player that puts in effort in those activities, gathering is already limited, as is loot bags, fishing costs as well, so now i feel i cant do those things i do plenty of dallies but the activity points barely replenish. idk what they were thinking to actually do that to the player base its seriously not conducive to a good game. It may of been relevant at the beginning of the game but its not relevant now it has a serious negative impact on any new players, less they only play a couple of hours a week.

    They need to get rid of repair costs, i died in a raid by a boss mechanic that literally 1 shot me the repair cost was over 3g

    Very limited ways of making gold in game not relevant now that the games been out over a year.

    if the economy cant take those changes then there's something seriously wrong with the game.

    over flowing with cloudrise tokens and cant spend them on anything because everything cost alot of gold.

    Well i hit a brick wall 0 activity points left i do a lot of dallies, u get 1 activity point every 15 mins but use something or gather or fish or open a bag its 3 activity points, well i was left with my only option to log out cause even if i have an alt same account they share those activity points, what my question is how do others manage their activity points. X/;(:/:whistling:^^:saint:

    Well i'd say there isn't any loot, i couldn't believe it today i learn u can only do the hard/extreme mode of dungeons once a week. ye u can do normal once a day seems pretty limiting.

    i realised gathering is only once a week as well so u need to only gather enough for the daily ;(

    The biographies once u completed them u don't get anything doing them again.

    not sure how u earn gold in game to be quite frank, i spent the whole day playing and nothing to show for it. :/

    I did finish this bio, because i assumed u would only be given set amount so u had to take that picture but u don't there is more which count so if 1 bugs out totally, u can find another 1 that's not bugged, just if some1 else has issues that they know they can finish it, i found it because i like to do treasure maps as well so the bio quest was still open for me and there it was another 1 that i could take a picture of no trouble at all, who would of thought i was going to restart the whole bio. :rolleyes::S:whistling::thumbup:;):saint: