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    I don't think we will be seeing many more options added on the basic character creation, as this is one of the main sources to make money on the cash shop for them.

    There is an incredible amount of customization on the cash shop for hairstyles, colors, and whatnot, as DeadLight already previewed.

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    Gratitude to Hera#7413 for helping me translate some of the stats in a proper manner. Gratitude to Adrien#9949 for the proper explanation of the attack concentration rate attribute.

    Basic Stats And Main Attributes

    morrhHF.pngThere are six basic attributes:

    • Vitality
    • Luck
    • Strength
    • Agility
    • Skill
    • Mind

    According to the different classes and specializations, the system will select one of the four - Strength, Agility, Skill, or Mind as the main attribute.

    The value of the main attribute will be converted into different attributes according to the type of specialization, meaning:

    • Damage specialization will transform the attribute into - Attack, Durability, and Critical
    • Healing specialization will transform the attribute into - Durability, Critical and Healing Effect
    • Defense specialization will transform the attribute into - Attack, Durability, Critical, Vitality (HP), and Hatred Effect (Aggro/Threat)


    Attack Attributes

    1. Physical/Magical Attack: Affects the basic damage of skills
    2. Physical/Magical Power: Increases the attack by x%
    3. Mastery of Specialization: Has an impact on specialization skills
    4. Critical Rate: Affects critical probability and damage
    5. Attack Concentration Rate (Hit): Affects the probability of landing an attack on the target - Hit.
    6. Haste: Reduces skill cooldown time, shortens the continuous damage interval
    7. Final Physical/Magical Attack: Physical/Magical attack x physical/magical power percentage
    8. Hatred Effect (Aggro/Threat): Increases the basic hatred effect of the skills
    9. Healing Effect: Increases the basic healing effect of the skills


    Defense Attributes

    1. Physical/Magical Defense Level: Reduces the physical/magical damage received by a percentage
    2. Additional damage reduction: Additional reduction of damage from non-players by x%
    3. Critical Resistance: Reduces the probability of being hit by a critical hit
    4. Foresight rate: The probability of seeing through the opponent's skills
    5. Foresight effect: Reduces the damage received by x% when seeing through
    6. Healing effect: Additional x% of vitality (life) will be increased when being healed


    Critical Hit Resistance - Generally, when monsters of the same level attack the player, the probability of a critical hit is about 8-20%, and the rate of critical hit resistance is to reduce the rate of being hit by a critical hit.

    Note that the foresight rate and hit rate are independent attributes. This is different from other MMO's, and the hit rate is only for the PvE setting. The skill probability of seeing-through monsters does not take effect in the PvP environment.

    Foresight Rate - Refers to the probability that the player sees through the target's skills when the target attacks the player, which can reduce the damage done to the player.

    Foresight Effect - Reduces the amount of damage done to the player. This attribute is only affected by the effect of foresight and has nothing to do with the attack concentration (hit).

    Attack concentration rate (hit) - PvE damage x%. When hovering over the stat you will get a breakdown of how much damage you deal to the monsters that are a specific level above your own. Mobs of the same level will receive the amount of damage shown on your character panel. An ideal case scenario would be at least 100% here.


    Specialization Attributes

    1. Defense Enhancement: When the player is in a defensive specialization, the physical/magical defense power is increased by x%
    2. Attack Enhancement: When the player is in a defensive specialization or healing specialization, the physical/magical attack power is increased by x%
    3. Hatred Enhancement (Aggro): When the player is in a defensive specialization, the hatred effect is increased by x%
    4. Healing Enhancement: When the player is in a healing specialization, the skill healing effect is increased by x%

    Generally speaking, the specialization attributes are useless for the damage specialization. They're only effective for defense and healing specs. The two attributes of defense enhancement and hatred enhancement are made to highlight the specialization characteristics of the tank from the fundamental design. When a player is in a defensive spec, he already has 3 times the hatred and more than 20% damage reduction.

    In the same way, the healing enhancement is able to strengthen the specialized characteristics of the healing spec. The attack enhancement is only to make up for the problem of the low attack attributes when being on the defensive/healing specs.


    Combat Attributes - Only on PvP Equipment

    1. Tenacity: Decreases damage incoming from players by x%, and direct hit damage by y%
    2. Hundred Slashes: Increases the damage of attacking players by x%, and the effect of healing players is increased by y%


    Look at those stats this way - In order not to allow PvP players to wear PvP equipment and efficiently perform well in PvE, the basic attack attributes of PvP equipment are lower than the PvE ones.

    Correspondingly, in order to highlight the role of PvP equipment in PvP environment (and not allow PvE players to wear PvE equipment to PK players efficiently), the Combat Attributes are designed.



    Look at this stat as something that is completely useless in boss fight drops, but is efficient in the open world. Meaning - Let's take the gathering as an example, in addition to the gathering of five types of items, there are also five types of auxiliary materials that you can gather.

    So luck represents the extra materials obtained, and it doesn't only increase the drop amount of the items, but also increases the drop rate of these items.


    Status Effect

    1. Root - Unable to move. Can perform basic attacks and skills
    2. Silence - Can move, can attack, but can not perform skills
    3. Continous health loss (the loss of health at regular intervals) - Affects the duration of the effect
    4. Charm (attacking of teammates) - Affects the duration of the effect


    Monster Status

    1. Incentive: 20% attack and 30% defense of all monsters within the red circle, can be superimposed
    2. Toughness: Increased physical resistance
    3. Solidity: Increased magical resistance
    4. Cunning: After a certain period of time, the current hatred (aggro) will be cleared, and one DPS or healer will be randomly attacked
    5. Corruption: A purple poison ring is released under the elite monster's feet, which explodes after 1-2 seconds. The person who is affected will receive a blood debuff. Healers can dispel it.
    6. Wraith: Releases a blue poisonous ball (floating very slowly) to the farthest player. If the ball hits the player, it turns into a blue poisonous circle. The poisonous circle will continue to cause large amounts of damage to the players.
    7. Recklessness: The lower the monster's HP, the higher the attack power
    8. Decay: Players hit by the damage will get a continuous debuff, causing reduced healing and HP loss
    9. Freeze: Applies a freezing effect to the target

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    Sword Skills


    In dungeons, after entering the boss fight, the team panel will generate the corresponding number of Sword Skill values according to the difficulty of the dungeon and the number of team members entering the battle.

    • Small Dungeon - 1 Sword Skill for 5-7 people, 2 Sword Skills for 8-10 people
    • Medium Dungeon - 2 Sword Skills for 10-15 people, 3 Sword Skills for 16-20 people
    • The number of Sword Skills will increase in the later difficulties

    The Sword Skill system is shared by the team, and team members can use the Sword Skills. Only the healing specialization and the damage specialization can use the Sword Heart Skills.

    Healing specialization skill - Consumes 1 Sword Skill and can revive 1 dead team member.

    DPS specialization skill - Consumes 1 Sword Skill, which provides a buff to the entire team, increasing all attributes by 10% for 30 seconds. Note that the effect can not be obtained again within 5 minutes.

    It might be a good idea to decide who will be using the skill prior to the fight, and have everyone else remove it from their bar. At least that's what we did in CN back then.


    Threat Monitoring And Hatred Value

    The hatred value represents the monster's desire to attack the player. The specific hatred value of the "currently selected target" monster will be displayed on the right icon in the threat monitoring list. When the hatred value is greater than 100 and is red, it means that the target hates the player and will launch an attack.

    The color of the icon in front of the threat monitoring list represents the hatred value. The closer the color is to the red, the higher the hatred value.

    • Green means low hatred value
    • Red means high hatred value


    Generally speaking, the tank should always keep the hatred value greater than around 110 to prevent a switch of hatred (transfer to damage dealers and healers).


    Target Orientation

    After selecting the target, a target ring will appear under it. The arrow part represents the "front", the solid line represents the "side", and the blank part represents the "back".

    Normally, the current tank should always stand in front of the target, with damage dealers and healers away from the front side of the target. Melee damage dealers generally need to stand on the side or back to damage, in order to avoid taking the damage and mechanics aimed at the current tank.



    Status Effect And Mechanics

    It's important to pay attention to the status effect of yourself and your target. Healing specializations should also pay attention to the status of team members in the party list. Many dungeon combat mechanics involve them, and they can be deadly if not addressed on time.


    During the battle, it's important to listen to the boss' voice lines as well. Some of them will have fixed language prompts before releasing special mechanics.

    There are two types of split/gather mechanics, representing pretty much what we've seen in other MMO's before. Those mechanics are either circular or straight lines.

    • Blue - Stack: Multiple characters being required to stand in the area in order to absorb damage together. If the number of shares is too low, the target character will die.


    • Red - Split: The mechanic usually happens on ranged characters. It's self-explanatory - Go away from the target with the red range.


    There are also the usual connect/disconnect mechanics, which pretty much represent having to get closer/further from a target, depending on the mechanic. For example, in the Cold Abyss (hopefully the name remains the same for the West), players need to maintain a distance of fewer than 20 meters.


    The connection is usually accompanied by an enhanced state, and depending on the situation (mechanic), you can choose to extend the distance between the connected targets or quickly them.


    Another mechanic is the inner/outer ring. Such mechanics usually require the player to get into close or far combat, depending on the situation.


    Overall common mechanics include:

    • Stack and split
    • Close and far movement
    • Inner and outer circle
    • Stop action (moving, using skills, auto-attacking all count)
    • Keep moving (keep moving in order to avoid a wipe)
    • Turn around (don't face the boss, don't be in range)
    • Counterattack (boss will return the damage to you, usually it's accompanied by a knockback)

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    Gratitude to Hera#7413 for the name translations of the mounts!

    WGET0cd.png Five-yin Anger Mask | Flying Mount | Movement speed increased by 80%

    "The hideous face of the five-yin tree infested by the air of resentment is no longer harmful after being purified, and it will only occasionally make a terrible laugh."


    xshdEj5.jpg Lucky/Auspicious Warrior | Ground Mount | Movement speed increased by 30%

    "The new generation of "King Kong Warriors" series of Yanjia's brand-new paint, the Dan color is brilliant, full of joy.

    This Yanjia can be used in the hall and in the kitchen. It has excellent performance and is easy to carry. It is a must-have product for all Yan teachers to travel at home."


    si52XtZ.jpg Palanquin of the bright Dreams with Gold | Flying Mount | Movement speed increased by 80%

    "Driving out of the illusory realm of the Western Regions picture book bears the firm belief of the Western Region painters: always cherish hope in the endless darkness, and believe that the golden light will shine on a long night and bring light to the world."


    5spaYpR.jpg Palanquin of the bright Dreams with Sky | Flying Mount | Movement speed increased by 80%

    "Driving out of the illusory realm of the Western Regions picture book, there are wind-blown wheels, a carriage with white flower buds, a glass lamp with dewdrops, and a flying horse in the form of a mouse, carrying the beautiful fantasy of a Western Region painter."


    vJ6Yu69.jpg White Lotus Fire Scroll | Flying Mount | Movement speed increased by 80%

    "Senior Miaofa painted to commemorate the seven fellows who fell during the Qin Ling Transformation. The pen wept blood, and the back of the paper was strong. After the painting was completed, seven white stalks grew out of the red lotus leaves, and everyone who saw it burst into tears."


    J3hbyak.jpg Bouncing Jade Rabbit | Flying Mount | Movement speed increased by 80%

    "The round, soft plush doll turned into a spirit, but for some reason, he firmly believed that he was a jade rabbit in the sky, trying hard to fan his ears to fly back to the moon palace."


    DuBlo0Q.jpg Thousand Miles Ark | Flying Mount | Movement speed increased by 80%

    "Wish to flutter your wings and ride the wind to open thousands of miles of roads."


    6np8qxl.jpg Mountain Hunting Beast | Flying Mount | Movement speed increased by 80%

    "The wolf demon, who lives deep in the mountains, has lofty ambitions in his chest, but never confines himself to the mountains and forests. In order to find a way to become stronger, he once climbed a thousand-foot lonely mountain to search for the fairy trails, and finally met the fairy fate."


    XOUr7io.jpg Crying Phoenix Fairy | Flying Mount | Movement speed increased by 80%

    "When the fairy traveled, the sound was clearer and clearer, and the white birds in the forest flew towards each other, and when they watched, they were actually descendants of the phoenix branch. Although his practice is shallow, he has already begun to possess the ancestral spirit."


    iVqRBTZ.jpg Millet | Flying Mount | Movement speed increased by 80%

    "The little chicken with a shallow cultivation base loves to eat snacks. When the golden wind blows the wheat wave, it will carry a small basket on its back to collect wheat ears and make rations."


    IpVj6nA.jpg Wings of Sandy Wind | Flying Mount | Movement speed increased by 80%

    "After the demon leader who was causing trouble in the wolf land was cleared, the residual demon power merged with the thin aura in the sand to form this pair of wind wings. When this thing is fanned, it can blow the demon wind, blinding the eyes and covering the sky."


    FEuAC1K.jpg Magpies Partition | Flying Mount | movement speed increased by 80%

    "The sunny breeze comes to congratulate, and the silk is drawn to lead the fate of the three generations; the magpies close together, and they meet and narrate the love of the dynasty."


    wtuQpLm.jpg Palanquin of Happiness | Flying Mount | Movement speed increased by 80%

    "Rui Ai has a good day, Deng Luan celebrates. Pray that we will grow old together, and we will depend on each other day by day."


    21kLxlB.jpg Jade Lotus Waving Scroll | Flying Mount | Movement speed increased by 80%

    "The immortal painted with a clever pen, the green swan leaves the green through the paper, the breeze moves frequently, and the sunny waves rise."


    Wc36ku0.jpg Golden Wing of the Soaring Sky | Flying Mount | Movement speed increased by 80%

    "After thousands of years of injustice, Zhen He asked the sky. In order to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the ancient sword, the Dragon Star Chamber of Commerce specially made this pair of wings in the shape of the old man."


    cFAb6dh.png Stepping Moon's Silver Wolf | Flying Mount | Movement speed increased by 80%

    "After hearing about the deeds of the immortal cultivators, the White Wolf tribe, who had a relatively shallow cultivation base, decided to go to the alliance of the Qinling tombs, practice the technique of flying for the immortal disciples to drive, and slowly improve their cultivation base."


    9yTfwOy.jpg Black Jake Fire Foal | Flying Mount | Movement speed increased by 80%

    "It coincided with a major celebration of the Dragon Star Chamber of Commerce. Suddenly heard a clear roar, I saw the Qilin descendant Mo Shou Yanju appearing in front of the Dragon Star Chamber of Commerce to offer Rui, it was exactly: Rui Cai Guanshu, Jia Lin Zhao Qiong Xuan's image; The room is full of glowing light, and the sun and flames show the celebration of Honghu."


    N1j22Hj.jpg Fire Lizard of the Red Sun | Non-flying Mount | Movement speed increased by 80%

    "I was practicing in the lava valley and was accidentally involved in the field of evil due to the chaos of Biyoujiu. I witnessed the heroic fighting of the big demon and gained a deeper understanding of manipulating the demon fire of his body, and his strength greatly increased."


    UPGqygR.png Red Coral Sculpt | Flying Mount | Movement speed increased by 80%

    "In order to pursue the ultimate control of spiritual power, a senior practiced using spiritual power to carve corals into the clouds of Chu Mountain. This is the finished product on the 79th."


    TybiCNp.png Shadow Fragrant Scroll | Flying Mount | Movement speed increased by 80%

    "Legend has it that the immortal passes through the Miaofa Palace, sees the clear plum blossoms under the moon, loves him, and draws his pen to draw souvenirs. Unexpectedly, when he leaves, the scroll falls into the cloud head, and a plum blossom is born from it. If the immortal feels something, he will leave without taking the painting and leave this scroll for those who are destined."


    mM2WjHi.png Five-Colored Fish | Flying Mount | Movement speed increased by 80%

    "The juvenile Wenray, who was born in Shenshui Township, was caught in the turbulence of space and fell into Buyunzhou. His pelvic fin was damaged. Fortunately, he was rescued by the kind-hearted cultivator and sent to the Dragon Star realm. Currently, he is looking for a person who can take care of it carefully."


    NRqEnr7.png Auspicious Bear | Non-flying Mount | Movement speed increased by 30%

    "The iron-eaters, armed with war epidemics, were sent to Buyunzhou by the Xiaolongren due to spatial changes that threatened the safety of life. They proclaimed the methods of war epidemics to the immortal disciples and passed warm wishes. Fighting the epidemic together, every "bear" turns auspicious."


    LzpcyqA.png Golden Rein | Non-Flying Mount | Movement speed increased by 80%

    "The heroic warrior, even if he was heavily armored, swept grass-like flying. He once bravely broke through the enemy's camp three times, and once led the whole army in the fog. It is because no one in the army knows the "Golden Le"."

    7CW6DUC.jpg Ice Qilin of the Silver Moon | Flying Mount | Movement speed increased by 80%

    "The alien beast with the spirit of ice and snow has a trace of Qilin blood, and every time it appears, there is a snowfall."


    gYaLSJx.png Formless Sculpt | Flying Mount | Movement speed increased by 80%

    "The yin and yang are combined, moving extreme and static, static extreme re-moving, Liang Yi return to Tai Chi, and return to Promise."


    ixm3TNh.png Chu's cloud Sculpt | Flying Mount | Movement speed increased by 80%

    "The jade ruyi formed by the interaction between the clouds of Chu Mountain and the immortal Zhi planted by the Dongyuan Gong, can ride on the wind for thousands of miles. Menghui has successfully occupied Xiandao in the [Cloud Law Society] season's battle for the sea and is eligible to use it."


    0DSj1lV.png Mythological Snow Tree | Flying Mount | Movement speed increased by 80%

    "Falling into the ordinary world because of the strange celestial phenomenon, the place where it fell was overflowing with cold, turning all trees into ice trees, and thousands of cliffs turned into jade mountains."


    jCtmoFT.png Rain-calling Blue Lizard | Non-flying Mount | Movement speed increased by 80%

    "People are afraid of its weird blue body, afraid of being highly toxic, but they don't dare to approach it, but in fact, its temperament is very docile, and it will be happy when it is drought, helping others pray to the sky for rain."


    P9FcGUY.png Black feathered Kingfisher | Flying Mount | Movement speed increased by 80%

    "Pear blossoms make up thousands of trees all night, and it was originally Wuyan who came with Cui."


    UBhn4LK.png Wheels of Fire and Wind | Flying Mount | Movement speed increased by 80%

    "Jinxia double-wheeled, making the sound of wind and fire, like a flying cloud switching on electricity, travels for thousands of miles, and takes turns in the west and east."


    rMoYqYN.png Palanquin of Golden Ferret | Non-flying Mount | Movement speed increased by 80%

    "After Huang Qi was beaten back to his original form, his subordinates were headless. Some of the brains bought gorgeous cars from turtle merchants, trying to carry the immortal cultivators in their eyes to gain protection.

    "So, which immortal long is more powerful?"

    "Um... the one who defeated the Seventh Lord?""


    ul4R30F.png Weaved Wings of Chords | Flying Mount | Movement speed increased by 80%

    "Qin Xinxian connects the exquisite feather feathers collected during his travels around the world, and uses the silk thread woven from thousands of heartstrings to form a pair of wings, spurred by spiritual power, and can fly into the sky. When the wings are waving, you can still hear a few chords."


    QqI0qdc.png Snow Frost Feather | Flying Mount | Movement speed increased by 80%

    "The immaculate and flawless white feather feathers are secretly gathered into wings by someone. You can fly in the wind when you wear it.

    In-depth research by scholars of the Natural History Society. Bai Ling is very likely to be faded by the Qifengyu people of the Jiuli survivors."


    OuYq88K.png Mask of the Golden Crow | Flying Mount | Movement speed increased by 80%

    "When this sword was first cast, it was more dazzling than the sun, hence the name "Golden Crow". A person who is good at swords tries to make a sword dance, and the sword suddenly shines, and when it is far superior to the first, the sword dancer laughed and said that the "golden crow" was not enough to describe the glory of this sword, and it should be called "masking the sun.""


    ZhOMYqT.png Shocking Cloud's Red Feather | Flying Mount | Movement speed increased by 80%

    "It was tempered thousands of times in the real fire, and when it came out of the furnace, there was the sound of fire and phoenix humming, and most of the sky was covered by the flames, hence the name. There have been many immortal cultivators who tried to control this sword, but they gave up because of the intolerable flames."


    Zhw8xWe.png Shadow Crane | Flying Mount | Movement speed increased by 80%

    "The sword worn by the predecessor, who is known for its double-strength swords and books, was cast in the shape of a crane by the pond. This sword hasn't appeared in the world for nearly a hundred years since the fall of its predecessor."


    1HUt19k.png Blade of Soaring Wind | Flying Mount | Movement speed increased by 80%

    "The sky is boundless, and a sword can soar. Ling Xu is windier, and Xianzi is fascinated."


    Yc7rT9Q.png Forgotten Ghost Owl Feather | Flying Mount | Movement speed increased by 80%

    "After the ghost owl was defeated, the dissipated power around him reunited the ghost owl feathers, forming a double-winged appearance."


    xWsx8gH.png Brave-Clawed Golden Dragon | Non-flying Mount | Movement speed increased by 80%

    "Mighty and strong, but not very smart. Ever since I heard that the ancestor had a prestigious name called "Five-Clawed Golden Dragon", even if he was completely green, he began to call himself a Golden Dragon."


    4JKS4VU.png Black-Painted Kite | Flying Mount | Movement speed increased by 80%

    "The spirit of the painting that jumped out of the picture scroll can no longer find the way home after playing outside for a few days. It can only become a mount for the immortal cultivator so that he can practice and visit the whereabouts of the picture scroll.

    "Looking for painting notice: a picture of a black carp wind kite, without inscriptions, no stamps, and no black carp kite. If you see it, please contact us as soon as possible, and we will pay a lot of money.""


    D5OxvYl.png Autumn Frost Koi | Flying Mount | Movement speed increased by 80%

    "The jade carp carved from Xihua stone by the famous master of Jian Zhuxie is decorated with golden scales and ice soul, which is smart and lovely. Shuangyi is a temporary play by the master, but it is quite interesting.

    "Grandpa, grandpa, can a fish with wings fly away?"

    "Hehe, silly boy, how can you—"

    "Ah! The fish flew away!""


    y5BL5EN.png Iris-Tailed Koi | Flying Mount | Movement speed increased by 80%

    "Originally an iris kite without spirit and knowledge, by chance, it landed on the top of the Pagoda of Ci'en Temple. It was influenced by chanting and incense, and it was transformed into spirit in the near future.

    Although it is a kite transforming spirits, it has always insisted that it is a koi in the release pond."


    YprhUzb.jpg Green Jade Fox | Non-flying Mount | Movement speed increased by 80%


    AZZhxMw.jpg Black Moon Fox | Non-flying Mount | Movement speed increased by 80%

    "The fox clan who relies on the power of Yuehua cultivates, with each level of cultivation level, an extra yellow marking grows on the body."


    4BU2Iwe.png Snow Fire Fox | Non-flying Mount | Movement speed increased by 80%

    "When he was a child, his fur was as red as fire, and when he was almost adult, he sought a place where the spiritual energy converged in the snow."


    efHS56o.png Spiritual Deer of Cloud and Snow | Flying Mount | Movement speed increased by 80%

    "Ling Cangcang slid into the Xia and returned home from the snow.

    In ancient times, there were knights who rode on a white deer holding Ganoderma lucidum. It is unrestrained and unrestrained, like a spring breeze and fragrant snow, wherever it passes, the mountains and rivers are radiant."


    Ue22jjn.png Ice Chord of the Moon | Flying Mount | Movement speed increased by 80%

    "A musician who was once famous in Chang'an has made a pipa song, tried it with countless pipas, and has never been able to show his liking. The musicians traveled all over the world and finally created this moon soul ice string, played it, and walked away from the world."


    gTSh5aR.png Branch of Xunmu | Flying Mount | Movement speed increased by 80%

    "According to legend, Xun Mu is thousands of miles long and is known as "the four poles of the yin and the Yuyuan under the cover", and it is full of spiritual power and can nourish the soul. The Chamber of Commerce's income is nothing more than a new shoot of Xunmu."


    All of this is from the Taiwanese Guide Forum. I know a lot of people don't want to bother with foreign guides, so I only put what I consider to be important here, with elaborations on systems that actually matter. Everything else will re-direct you to the corresponding page from the guide forum. You can use Chrome's google translate option to read if you're interested in the topic.

    1. PC Requirements

    2. Character Creation

    You can select from two modes of combat - Either traditional RPG mode or action combat mode. Can switch between the two via "Ctrl".

    3. Game UI Breakdown

    4. Combat Introduction


    5. Character Interface

    You have multiple gear pages, meaning you can have multiple sets equipped and change between them once out of combat. The character window shows your typical quest progression and stats such as haste, attack power, hit, etc. You also have a detailed stat window, which you can expand for an overview.


    6. Equipment Breakdown

    You have 15 equipment pieces in total:

    • 1 Weapon
    • 3 Profession Tokens
    • 5 Accessories - 1 Necklace, 2 Bracelets, 2 Rings
    • 6 Armors - Helmet, Top, Gloves, Pants, Shoes

    7. Enchanting Systems

    • Strengthen - It can only be done on weapons, profession tokens, and armors. It requires strengthening crystals and gold in order to be done. It basically goes like 1 to 2, 2 to 3, etc. and it strengthens specific stats (haste, defense, etc.) based on the item you're attempting to get it done on.


    • Rune Inlay - It can be done on profession tokens, necklaces, and rings. It's basically runes/gems, each of them providing a different stat, for example, haste or defense, depending on the color. They're also different levels.


    • Dragon Stone Inlay - It can be done on accessories. You first need to obtain the corresponding dragon item, and then you can put it on the item. It requires gold and a special crystal to be done. The effect varies depending on the dragon stone, an example would be the Heart Dragon Stone, which increases your own defense by 7% when using skills for 8 seconds, every 180 seconds.


    • Spell Inlay - It can be done on armors and weapons. You first need to obtain a scroll and then you can inlay it on the item, an example would be +12 Haste spell. Each spell is unique to a piece, meaning you can't put pants spell on gloves.

    06-2.jpg 06-1.jpg

    • Additionally, each item will be set to a specific spec. Meaning, when ever you're on a healing spec for example, and you get a DPS item, the item will warn you, saying it's not for the proper spec. That does not mean you can't save the item, because as I already mentioned, you can have multiple sets. Each item will also preview what you will get once you dismantle it.


    8. Collection

    You can acquire collection items by performing various activities, such as specific quests, monster drops, treasure hunting. Some collection rewards include being able to put them down on the skill shortcut and triggering special effects, such as summoning.

    Irrelevant RP Systems - Not going in-depth here, read on your own if you're interested.

    9. Life Skilling

    You can gather in the open world, and the types are:

    • Fishing - You need a fishing rod and bait, and you do it at specific water spots. The system itself is basically a mini-game, where you have to wait until the arrow hits a specific yellow area for you to catch the fish.
    • Cooking - It's done by learning recipes and then cooking dishes (buffs). For example, +30 attack power.
    • Manufacturing - Probably the most important one. It requires learning formulas (just like recipes for cooking) and then collecting the designated materials/money to craft. You can craft:

    - Weapons

    - Armors (Top, Gloves, Belt, Pants, Shoes)

    - Accessories (Necklace, Bracelets, Rings)

    - Spells

    - Items for cooking

    - Items for fishing

    - Stone inlays

    - Spell inlays

    10. Xingyun/Astronomy Introduction

    One of the most important systems in place, it's basically dedicating points to a specific path. The effects grants you various effects, like increased healing, for example. The points are obtained by clearing specific dungeons.


    Keep in mind this was put together in 10 minutes, so if something is wrong - Don't blame me, kthx.