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    Hahaha, iI will most definately be there and qatch you kill me over and over just to see you all disapear really quick in jail...

    I love the System as it is so far.... And am more then willingly be letting me killed without rampage on just to smile at my screen seeing you rott with all the penalties, disappear in prison and then a couple days later (sure after release) enjoy setting a bounty on your head with all the money I made just enyoing the game while you move rocks for no reason whatsoever....

    You are forgetting that there will be a wipe between CBT2 and release. Evil Qi penalties and jail time will disappear.

    Yes, you are right, ingame crime brings you ingame jail time and you are invited to call me a criminal ingame if I do that. Now why should it get you a ban though?

    "Premeditated PK" as a bannable offense? Are you even hearing what you are saying? This isn't real life, killing something isn't a crime in a *multiplayer* videogame.

    I'd like to see a change that allows me to control myself during berserker's "Wolf Journey" skill. The wolf can jump quite a lot higher than the normal character, however it cannot be steered as the normal character could while falling. This is really frustrating me as I like to spend time in this form.

    Regional pricing is required.

    It is a necessary condition for the health of the game ..

    otherwise, the number of players will be less.

    Most of the people wants to play an online game with fewer users.

    Those who think otherwise, play p2w game..

    A lot of unsubstantiated claims here. Why would the option to circumvent the purchasing process be a condition for the health of the game? What makes you think that most of the people want to play online games with fewer users?

    Yes please, people at each region has their own purchasing power. Imposing price that might been fine on your average US citizen might be too hard on other South American players.

    Lots of sellers would than buy cheap versions and earn on the difference by selling where prices are high...

    You can't do this with Steam. Gifting is disabled if you buy from cheaper region and attempt to give it to people at other region with higher price point. And people can't really just change their Steam country to whatever has the cheapest price, I believe now they also requires verification.

    It is pointless to list your experiences with steam rules, the exploit exists and it cannot be effectively moderated by steam of gameforge. Whether there will be regional pricing will factor in this fact.

    You have great build, might consider to change your GPU. I think I having smooth gameplay (didn't realize that box beside ping is FPS) using gtx 970 while testing on TW server even with 1 higher settings than you, but I haven't try in very crowd place, I might try testing it again after work.

    IMO that causing you problems:
    - GPU

    - Higher resolution (since you use 27")

    - maybe vsync is on (?) need someone to check again since I can't read mandarin

    also if you check steam minimum requirement for the game is at GTX 760 & recommended requirement for gpu is GTX980ti (I guess for high to ultra settings). Which mean this game really require you to have better gpu to get stable fps, and your gpu is only little bit higher from minimum requirement. correct me if I am wrong.

    GPU is weak, yes, but screen size is unrelated. His resolution is FHD, which should be okay for any game in 2021.

    I believe Araiguma was trying to suggest that it is senseless to introduce regional pricing since then rich people from rich countries will purchase the game via Turkish currency for half the price and Gameforge will lose money, possibly more than they would gain by having Turkish players join the game. Ultimately Gameforge is out to make money, not to publish a game for the masses.