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    Update - Every daily is done in game, but 6 because they all have timers from 2h 55m to 9h 55m. This is the time of day I can play and I will miss out on these due to the time restriction. Yet again will not be able to do the weekend content. Please change this. I would love to see how many hours i put into this game, but really soon I will have to find a new game that doesn't restrict me on my gameplay.

    This basically. I'm losing motivation to log in. Shrug

    This really needs fixing ASAP. For people that have lives outside of gaming. Those who work and have families, or whatever. Isn't that what SoLo is known for? Casual gameplay, guaranteed loot once a week, no P2W etc?

    So please either _majorly_ relax the timers or remove them entirely. It does remind me of I hate to say, but a mobile MMO in this aspect. I hope this will be changed in the near future. Or I believe it will do more harm than good.

    It will be exhausting to upkeep consistantly, imo, and will drive off players.

    The game is good but the translations are absolute dumpster fire. The players could have done a better job with Google Translate themselves and submitted translations for the team to add in.

    Some cutscenes are also bugged and cut off when npcs are talking, and/or just randomly switches languages.

    During some quests, npcs call the player character the wrong gender.

    Yeah it's pretty terribad that these event costumes are temporary. I know, the CN versions only last for 30 days, etc...

    How about adding these separate bathing suits in the cash shop them, for permanent solutions? I like them better and personally think they're nicer than the other current ones we got added in todays maintenance.

    I agree. I understand why it's on social media (for more public eye access) but it also could have been done on Steam and also on the forums located here, imo.

    I just simply registered a Twitter account only for the contest. Shrug. ^^

    SOLO is definitely not known as the "next big thing" to most players afaik, but for the ones who are enjoying the game, it sure is. There was never any major hype or major marketing around it even to this day. Personally I think it's great and super refreshing. I enjoy the world, the graphics, character creation, movement, combat, etc.

    Lost Ark however -is- being marketed as the "next big thing". It's also known for already being p2w. Whereas SOLO is not and that is a huge positive. Also, Lost Ark is obviously going to be different than other most MMORPGs, even with the official website claiming it is an MMOARPG. So naturally, it would have more playability than most other MMORPGs. It's more similar to Diablo from what I understand, with more MMO elements.

    If Lost Ark is the type of game that you prefer, that's good for you. But it's not a fair comparison in the way you're doing it.

    As comparing SOLO to FFXIV, I'm glad SOLO is not like that game. It makes me drowsy when I've played it because it's so dull. Sure there's replayability, but it's all the same and mostly no challenge. The story is also incredibly mind numbing. The character creation is also terrible.

    As for Black Desert, I don't have much to say other than why would you want to be afk all day in order to progress?...

    To each his or her own, you know.