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    Playerdrop was going to happen no matter what. The initial hype has died out now the first raid is out. Soon the playerbase will stabilize and new communities will be formed.

    And I dunno dude, I'm playing on EU2, which is pretty much a low populated server. We are raiding with 20 man without an issue.

    There are some guides out there of course, check youtube and google if you need something specific. The Sword of Legends Online discord is also always helpful. But generally, we are basing our data on old Chinese guides.

    Stat prio is simply ilvl for now, but as a berserker Mastery if phantoms and Crit/Haste if you go charge build is what I'd say. Of course, also add the required accuracy cap as your first priority, or at least as high as possible with the current gearing step.