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    The Game Disconnected me while i was fishing with my lvl 33 toon i had the fishing rod equipped and was running over water looking for more fishing polls all of a sudden i was disconnected from the game and the game crashed and bombed out, now i can not log in to the game with that specific toon, i am able to get into the game with a newly created character, and i have re-verified my integrity of my steam installation, for some reason unknown my character fails to load and the loading screen bombs out at `10% logged a call with support now i have to wait till some one moved my toon or unstucks it or something

    i did a validate on the steam game and i did another and this time it said i needs to download 1.8 gig file this is strange as the game was working and the first time i did validate there was nothing wrong but i am in the game now its working wierd